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Subj: Limpness and lack of libido
Date: 8/2/2008
Frustrating to read that so many are experiencing long term “limpness and lack of libido”. I started taking propecia about 3.5 years ago and have taken it on (85%) and off (15%). Late last year I started to notice that I wasn’t as interested in sex or performing well in any sense. I used to be a masturbating fool. Everything started getting harder to do in life, thinking, working out, etc. The doctors didn’t seem to interested. I stopped taking propecia about a month ago and have no improvement. I went in for general bloodwork, nothing out of the ordinary. Went to a psych who tried giving me stimulents and antidepressants which just burned me out. Can’t drink alcohol or have any caffeine anymore, I’m just exhausted and depressed. Have an appointment with an endocrinologist for hormone analysis. I hope the effects aren’t long term but I’m scared after reading so many opinions. I think this drug needs additional evaluation. Definitely not messing with my hormone system again…the hair did grow back but my penis disappeared. It would be much less difficult telling the girl flying in to town next week that I was loosing my hair rather than not being able to give her what she really wants…


Subj: Low sperm count
Date: 8/4/2008
Hello, I have been reading almost all your posts and I have decided to tell my story and to make some questions. I am 32 and I’ve been taking Propecia for 5 years. The results have been really fantastic (stopping hair loss and irritation, having now thicker and good-looking hair – although no re-growth), with no remarkable or visible side effects (my libido is well up, normal sexual driving, etc.). I am definitely extremely happy with the results of Propecia and do not want to stop using it.

One year ago, my wife and I, decided to have a baby, and we have been trying without success over the last year. My wife had not problems to conceive so I decided to go to the urologist who asked me to make a sperm test (spermiogram) to evaluate the quality of my sperm. I made two tests and the sperm count was very low (5 mill & 6.5 mill per ml. vs. 20 mill. Per ml. of normal level). The urologist, as well as Merck maintains, told me that taking Propecia should not be the source of such problem (low sperm count) and directly address me to the infertility treatments options (which are not the best options for us). I know that the main concern related to pregnancy is that women must avoid contact with the pills. However, I am very concerned that Propecia could reduce (if not generally, at least in my body) the sperm count. At the same time, I would not want to stop taking Propecia if I am not absolutely sure that this is the source of the problem since its extremely positive effects on my hair. My questions are the following:

1) Based on the several feedbacks that you have received, do you really think that it is possible that Propecia could be related to low sperm count?

2) In such case, how long do you think that I should stop taking Propecia in order to recover the normal level or at least to know if it is actually the source of the problem? Do you have feedback of the days (on average) necessary to recover the normal levels or to eliminate such side effects (low sperm count)? I know that there are a lot of divergences among people here, but do you have at least a general idea based on such experiences? (I wish the side effect goes away before the hair loss increase again, which is my main concern)

3) Do you think that could help to take a sperm volume enhancer to increase my fertility instead of stop taking Propecia? What products are recommendable?

4) Do you think that if I go off Propecia, meanwhile, could be appropriate to replace it with Procerin? Is there any feedback from any or similar side effects related to low sperm count using Procerin? (I am Spanish and this product is not available here!) I know there are a lot of (not simple) questions, but I would appreciate very much if you would be so kind to answer them. I am very concerned about this problem. Thank you very much for your help!


AskDocWeb: As far as we know, the manufacturer (Merck) has not reported that Propecia has any affect on sperm count. In animal tests the affects on fertility and fecundity were reversible within 6 weeks of discontinuing treatment. It would be nice if that held true in human usage but as you can see from the feedback, several men report sexual side effects lasting well beyond that time. So far we have been unable to locate any data on average recovery times.

Subj: Nisim or Revita Shampoo
Date: 8/5/2008
I have been reading your reviess for propecia. Just wondering if there were any reviews for Nisim hair regrowth shampoo or Revita Shampoo? Thanks


AskDocWeb: The feedback on Nisim is here but nothing for Revita shampoo.

Subj: Women’s hair loss
Date: 8/5/2008
Hi, I want to know if propecia is useful in stopping women hair loss I’m 27 and had too much hair untill 24. I’ve lost my thick hair after using cyproterone acetate and ethinylestradiol 0.05 for about 4 months and after 1.5 year my hair is still thin. I will be very gratefull to you if it will be possible to regrow my hair and also if propecia is one of the good choices for women hair loss. Thank you, bye.


AskDocWeb: Sorry, Propecia is not indicated for use in women.

Subj: Taking Propecia and Procerin?
Date: 8/7/2008
If your are currently taking Propecia is it ok to take Procerin? Most of my hair the was falling out has re-grown or gotten thicker. My Dr. said that this might happen but Propecia would most likely help me keep the hair I got. I have a bald spot on the top of my head that is not filling in. Any ideas? Will taking Procerin with Propecia help? Will it hurt?


AskDocWeb: We recommend using only one hair loss product for a period of at least three months (preferably 6 months) before adding anything else. Doing that will give you a chance to discover any possible side effects and find out how well that hair loss product works. Once you are sure of that product, then you can add another or discontinue the first one. Any side effects that show up can be attributed to a single product with a fair degree of certainty.

Subj: Libido
Date: 8/10/2008
I’ve decided to have a hair transplant and the doctor suggested I take propecia prior to the surgery. As a possible side effect, I don’t mind a loss in libido, as I’m 54-years old. My question is will I still have the desire and be unable to perform or will I lose the desire completely?


AskDocWeb: Less than two percent of men experience sexual side effects. If you are one of the unlucky ones then that may include a loss of the ability to perform and/or the desire to some unknown degree.

Subj: Are these side effects reversible?
Date: 8/10/2008
I’m 26 years old. I’ve been using Finpecia (the GM version of Propecia) for 9 months now, and have managed to retain most of the hair that was there when I started. For some reason I decided to research on side effects on the net and found out that there were sex-related side effects. It was then that I realized that I, too, was feeling these side effects somewhat (no morning erections, loss of desire, etc). I immediately consulted my doctor again, and he assured me that clinical studies had found that only 14 men in 1000 had these side effects and 90% of them were over 60. Plus, all these side effects are reversible if one stops taking the medication. I’m now confused as its a catch-22 situation. I have a question – Are these side effects actually reversible? Have people reported of such reversals after stopping their dosage? How much time does it take for these to reverse?


AskDocWeb: Some men have reported that the sexual side effects are reversible and others are still waiting to recover. According to the manufacturer, the men who experienced this condition returned to normal after discontinuing Propecia. They did not, however, say how long that takes to happen.

Subj: Since taking propecia its much worse faster
Date: 8/13/2008
hi I’ve been taking propecia for 3 months and just started my fourth. I only had slight thinning on top but since taking propecia its got much worse much faster, is this normal? I’ve heard of people shedding but my hair never has fallen it just seems to fin out and die.


AskDocWeb: A few men have reported shedding so much so fast that it became alarming. However, those reports said that it occurred within the first couple of months. Have you consulted with a dermatologist about this?

Subj: Visible hairs regrowing back
Date: 8/14/2008
Hi! I have been using finesteride for about 8 months now. My hairline has stopped receeding and I have visible hairs regrowing back. However on the top of my head there is no sign of improvement. Is this normal? Will the top of my head catch up to my hairline in terms of thickness?


AskDocWeb: If you haven’t seen any improvement on the top of your head by now we think there is little chance of that happening.

Subj: Concerned about decreased semen
Date: 8/17/2008
My concern is that I am thinking about having kids & my boyfriend has been taking propecia for 10 yrs. Yes it helped his hair grow, but my concern is the decrease amount of semen. I am worried that I may not be able to have children. If he stops taking procpecia, will his sperm count increase?


AskDocWeb: If Propecia caused a decrease in sperm count then discontinuing it is likely to result in a sperm count increase.

Subj: I stopped 3 years ago
Date: 8/19/2008
Whatever you do, do not take this drug!!! The side effects are permanent. I stopped taking propecia 3 years ago and still have erectile disfunction. Nothing is more embarrassing than that.


Subj: Horrible and disturbing feeling
Date: 8/20/2008
Hi, I am 36 years of age and have been taking Propecia for about 12 months now and over the past couple of months I have noticed a sudden decrease in my sex drive and have had trouble getting an erection and/or maintaining an erection. Before this happened I had a very healthy and high sex drive. Sexually I now feel numb and empty and it is a horrible and disturbing feeling. I currently have no sex drive and that’s just not me! Very disturbing!

What is even more of a concern is that the maker (Manufacturer: Merck & Co) of this drug claim that from their studies less then 1.8% of Men will suffer from sexual/erection problems or impotence. I feel that this information is very wrong, inaccurate and out of date as this was from a 1998 case study. If the FDA do some more research they will see that this figure of 1.8% is not accurate or true anymore.

I have spent many weeks and collectively allot of hours reading forums, medical web sites, blogs and in addition to this have spoken to other consumers of this drug who are saying the same thing as I am saying here. And that is… There is a real problem with Propecia and the amount of Men that are reporting problems with things such as being unable to get an erection and a complete loss of sex drive. Some Men are saying that they never ever really fully recovered from this. Many Men have stated that even when they stopped taking Propecia that they were never able to ever get a hard errection like they once were able to before they started taking Propecia. This is a terrible, demoralising and embarrassing experience for any Man to have to go through and the Manufacturer (Merck & Co) should do allot more research on this and have allot more warning than what they currently have as the current 1.8% just doesn’t cut it for most users. Just go online and start reading the forums etc…

There are literally thousands of Men deeply worried about this and it scares me even more that there could be even more Men that are too ashamed to say anything. I would like to see the FDA to take this matter very seriously and investigate this problem further. Although this drug is FDA approved I feel more research and investigating should be done in relation to this problem. And if that means the drug goes off the market until it is improved and this problem is solved then so be it. I feel the FDA has a responsibility to it’s consumers to do this and this probelm with Propecia needs to be urgently investigated. The manufacturer Merck & Co should be held accountable for any long term health effects that may result from their drug causing such serious problems. Regards,


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