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If you’ve used Propecia, please help others by adding your feedback. What would you tell your best friend about this product? Please remember that we do not give medical advice. That is for your local health care provider, who is familiar with your medical history.

Subj: Huge shedding but it stops
Date: 8/24/2008
Hi, I am Amit from India. I’m taking finasteride 1mg from last 4 month and it is showing incredible results without having any side effect. My hair shedding is completely stops, and my hair density and hair texture is improving. I can feel my hairs much thicker ever than before. In 1st two month of treatment I feel huge shedding. But it stops in the third month. So it is sure that finasteride really works.


Subj: Taking Propecia for 10 years
Date: 9/3/2008
I have been using Propecia since it became commercial available in 97/98, shortly after being diagnosed with male pattern baldness. I have a full head of hair now — without the drug I am sure I would be bald, or nearly so by now. So I whole-heartedly recommend at least trying it if you want to do something about your hair-loss. Recently however I went to see a new doctor who was concerned that I have been taking the drug for 10 years and immediately ordered blood tests for liver and thyroid damage. What sort of damage can propecia do to the liver over time? Also, in the last couple years I have noticed a decline in my libido, but I assumed that is a result of getting older (I’m 32). Is it possible for propecia to suddenly have sexual side effects after 8+ years of use? Also, when will it go generic? They keep jacking up the price!


AskDocWeb: You seem to be about 20 years too early in your loss of libido because of getting older. And yes, it is possible to have sexual side effects show up anytime. The generics for Propecia are likely to show up in the later part of 2013 when the patent expires.

Subj: 8 years
Date: 9/6/2008
I take it for about 8 years and never felt any sexual problems. In Brazil they have 2 other kinds, which is the same properties of the propecia but it cost 1/3 of the stupid price the American market charges for it. The names are Prohair and Finasterida. A friend of mine had the testiculos pain with one of the kind – don’t recal now which – but it went away.


Subj: Mood changes with Propecia
Date: 9/9/2008
I am 27, noticed hairloss around 2 years ago, been on Regaine 5% and I have started on Propceia as of 2 days ago!! Firstly, I have seen dramatic results on Regaine 5%, and most importantly I have seen basically 100% re-growth on my front reeceding hairline, its amazing, the front of my hair is now basically 95% even, I am not saying it will work for everyone! Noticed some recent mood changes since I have been taking Propecia, I have only be on this for 3 days, is that possible or is my mind playing games with me? Thanks,


AskDocWeb: That is not listed as a side effect but there have been a few reports of men becoming moody, angry, irritable, and irrational.

Subj: Sexual side effect
Date: 9/16/2008
I been using propecia for 5 years…never had a been in a long sexual relation ship until know…I can maintain an erection through masterbation but I could not maitain an erection to have sex with my girlfriend…doctors said I have low testosterone…I have depression, can sleep, and with anxiety…How long do I have to wait to see the sexual side effect to go away?


AskDocWeb: According to the manufacturer all side effects disappear within a year in those who discontinue Propecia however, one ex-user reported here that it took them a year and a half to return to normal function.

Subj: Give me a break
Date: 9/16/2008
Upon reading and answering so many reviews and assertions on propecia, can you seriously recommend it to people? Heart attacks, cancer, permanent damage to people’s sex drives?? None the less I am considering it to stop my shedding and perhaps regrow a bit of hair. Is this seriously a safe drug despite their “studies” and proclamations? (2% of men get negative side effects, give me a break)


AskDocWeb: Seriously, we do NOT recommend it to anyone. Our purpose here is to share information about side effects.

Subj: Was propecia the cause
Date: 9/17/2008
I started taking propecia after my 9th professional boxing match. I had one tablet a day of the drug for two years after that 9th fight not having another fight during that time. My fight record at the time was 7 wins 2 losses (both losses on points with 5kos). I had 32 ametuer fights winning 22 and losing 10. I never got stopped as an ametuer or professional until after my 10th professional fight. I had four more professional fights after my 10th fight and got stopped in all of them. I always was strong and had a good punch restance all my career until taking propecia. I know propecia effects a mans testostetrhone. Was propecia the cause of my punch restance and strentgh going so weak?


AskDocWeb: Several body builders have also questioned the possibility that Propecia might effect their strength but so far no connection has been proven.

Subj: My sex drive went all together
Date: 9/17/2008
I was a professional boxer for seven and a half years on and off. I had never been stopped ametur or professional and could punch hard knocking out lots of my competitors. I started taking propecia and from the day I took it I got stopped every fight after. It made me very weak and my sex drive went all together as well.


Subj: Can Prohair(finasteride) help?
Date: 9/20/2008
Am a 22 years old with excessive hair loss and boldness, my hair started to fall at the age of 17 now I have big spot on the crown, there is no propecia in my country the doctor adviced me to us Prohair(finasteride), now it’s my 2nd month of using it, but still no results shown, how long should I wait to see at least small results?


AskDocWeb: The manufacturer in the USA says that it may take up to a year to see results. In our opinion if you haven’t seen results by six months then you are not likely to see any.

Subj: Find a product that WORKS
Date: 9/24/2008
Hello to all, I have used Propecia before but discontinued it because of increasing inability to maintain an erection. Now I’m starting to notice hair loss in my temples and my crown. I do not want to loose hair as I’m only 24 years old. I have been using Provillus for 3 months but nothing has happened. I was thinking of going back on Propecia and if I start to feel the side effects again, I though to keep on the drug and see if the side effects disappear like advertised…I’m inclined to take this drug again because of the convenience of just taking a pill. However, I rather skip it and avoid permanent side effects and find a product that WORKS!! What do you guys recommend for hair loss and regrowth, especially in the temples since Provillus says that it does not regrow hair in that area. BTW, I’m planning on letting my hair grow, up to the point of being able to put in a pony tail. Would you guys advise this? Thanks in advance.


AskDocWeb: We have no advise about pony tails, that’s up to your personal preference. Currently Propecia is the strongest product on the market to fight hair loss but you know about the side effects. The only product that doesn’t have side effects is the Nisim Biofactors hair loss shampoo. We’re still looking for a “perfect product” that does the job without side effects.

Subj: Side effects
Date: 10/1/2008
Please help. I’m still waiting for the side effects of the medicine to go away. It’s been three months since I quit. Things were “okay” while on the medicine, but when I quit it all went downhill. Will things return to normal? please help.


AskDocWeb: You’ll have to be more specific about what “things” you want to return to normal. What side effects do you have, and what went downhill?

Subj: Hair thinning out
Date: 10/3/2008
I have been taking Valtrex for 3 years, for the last 6 months my hair has been thinning out. I’ll stop taking the Valtrex as my Significant Other agrees hair is more important than our worries of him coming down with the virus. Our concern is that the hair loss maybe permanent, is it? Do I need to speak to a MD about Propecia? After this I dread introducing another pill into my life.


AskDocWeb: We don’t have enough data to know if the hair loss will be permanent or not. When it comes to hair loss, a dermatologist would be a better choice to consult than a MD.

Subj: My wit is not the same
Date: 10/6/2008
I took Propecia for 7 weeks from mid May 2008 until early July 2008, stopped for 2 weeks, and then one more week, for a total of 8 weeks. The reason for that last week was to verify that my side effects were from Propecia and not from the only other supplement I was taking at the time, saw palmetto, which I took for those first 7 weeks but not for the 8th. My side effects are definitely correlated to Propecia use. No sexual side effects or physica whatsoever, but rather mental. For example, when I speak I often trip over words and feel uncomfortable talking and talking smoothly with people. My wit is not the same. Usually, I’d jump into conversations with a quick one liner but now I’m “scared” to do that in fear I’ll fumble over the joke and what not. This is not made up mind you – there’s something up with the way the 5AR enzyme affected both my testosterone and progesterone and perhaps others. I’ve been off now for 9 weeks, but I only feel like 40 percent better, which sucks.


Please note that there are some health concerns with using saw palmetto.
Subj: Sexual side effects
Date: 10/8/2008
I’m 27 and I have been takeing proecia for 3 years now and I just start to get the side effects of it about 6 months ago. My erections are not as hard like they use to bee and I can’t stay hard. I was having sex and I count climaxes and I know if I stop takeing proecia that I will lose all my hair that its been keeping. Is there any vitamins that I can take to stop this side effect? I know that dhea works but I think taking that will defeat the purpose of taking proecia and I will lose my hair by taking dhea so is there anything else that I can do? Please let me know/ thanks,


AskDocWeb: Sorry Tony, there are no vitamins that will stop the sexual side effects. Read more feedback.
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