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Subj: Success on regrowing hair?
Date: 10/9/2008
Hiya, I’m considering usein propecia I’m 23 I have little hairloss on the temple areas my hair is really thick all over but I wanna grow back the temple area is this possible? I have a laser comb but I find it a joke or more of a con. I think some drugs on the market are a con as well like provillus its a herbal drug. Does this drug have any success on regrowing hair? And also what drugs are on the market that are cheaper than propecia but have the same affect if not better? Thank you,


AskDocWeb: According to the manufacturer Propecia results in hair regrowth in over 65% of men. Currently there is no stronger drug on the market to treat hair loss.

Subj: Redness similar to sun burn
Date: 10/12/2008
I have been taking propecia for 4 months, and have taken rogaine for 15 yrs. I noticed shortly after taking propecia a redness similar to a mild sun burn. Is this a noted side effect? I have a family hx of rosacia.


AskDocWeb: That is not listed as a side effect of Propecia.

Subj: Testicular pain
Date: 10/13/2008
I’ve been using Propecia consistently since April. I had started in March, taking a pill every morning, but after a few weeks, I found that I was having testicular pain. I stopped using it, but tried again a few weeks later once I felt like it was out of my system. Then I started taking it before bed which varies between 10pm and 4am. I had no pain so I continued. Anyway, now I am entering my 7th month. I have not noticed any positive results so far. So, here are my 4 questions:

1. Is it any less effective to take Propecia late at night than it is taking it in the morning?

2. If it is better to take it in the morning, what is the best way for me to make that transition?

3. The most critical question. I have noticed recently that I am experiencing a considerable amount of shedding. I feel like I have less hair. I am a little freaked out and am trying to determine if this temporary and ultimately a good sign of things to come or is it a bad thing?

4. If it is bad and I quit the pill, will I get my lost hair back?


AskDocWeb: It doesn’t seem to make any difference what time of day the pill is taken. The shedding phase that sometimes occurs and goes away typically happens during the first couple of months of use. Since your shedding is taking place after using it seven months, that may be something different. There is no data to show what happens when shedding starts after such a long period of time. You seem to be caught between a rock and a hard place. We doubt if you will be pleased with the results of continuing or discontinuing because you are not likely to get that lost hair back.

Subj: No results after 7 years of Propecia
Date: 10/14/2008
I have been taking propecia for approximately 7 years. I’m one of the unlucky ones in that I’ve had no regrowth and my hair has continued to thin gradually thin. Should I continue taking it or is there the risk that whatever hair I have left will fall out rapidly once I stop? I have also had some pain in my left breast which was diagnosed as fibroglandular tissue. Could that be a side effect of propecia? Thanks,


AskDocWeb: That is amazing, 7 years of no results and you are still taking it? It sounds like you may be afraid that stopping would cause rapid hair loss. The only hair you would loose is what the Propecia kept from falling out. It is not known to cause additional hair loss. Although less than 1% of Propecia users experience it, breast enlargement is one of the possible side effects.

Subj: Question about propecia
Date: 10/17/2008
Hi, I just have a question about propecia. My hair has been thinning for about a year and a half. Tried rogaine and the saw palmetto thing with no results. I’m 30 and the thought of losing everything is depressing. The hair on top is so thin I got the whole horseshoe look. I was wondering if I still have a chance with propecia if the hairs are small but visible? Any suggestions would help. Thanks,


AskDocWeb: Of course there is no guarantee but yes, as long as you have some hair left there is still a chance.

Subj: Sexual side effects starting to become a problem
Date: 10/17/2008
I started using propecia about 3 months ago and have slowly started seeing symptoms where I do not get erections during the day/night and find it hard to maintain an erection during sex/masturbation. I was only slightly balding to begin with and after an initial shedding at the end of the first month my hair is looking good. I really want to stay on the drug however the side effects are starting to become a problem, not being able to keep erect with my new partner of 3 weeks. I quit taking the drug for one day and noticed my penis was larger and I became erect without stimulation during the day. Question 1: I would like to know if there are any drugs that can reduce these unwanted sexaul side effects as I love the results on my hair. Question 2: Due to me only being on the drug 3 months, is it likely that these side effects will go away with time. If this is the case I would probably try viagra until it goes away but do not want to risk any long-term damage.


AskDocWeb: To our knowledge there is no drug that will reduce the sexual side effects. Viagra may be used to cope with some of them but it has its own list of possible side effects. We have been unable to find enough data to answer the question about possible long-term damage. The manufacturer does list sexual side effects as something that may go away with continued use but that is not certain.

Subj: Proscar
Date: 10/18/2008
I been taking proscar for two years. Its the same thing as propecia…the same drug, different name. Seems like my baldness has slowed down, or even stopped. I had two hair transplants, and I plan to take this med for the rest of my life. I dont have girlfriends, hardly have sex my whole life. So since I dont have the sex, I will have the hare.


AskDocWeb: Proscar may have the same active ingredient (finasteride) as Propecia but the dosage is different. Proscar has five times as much finasteride in it.

Subj: Two pills in one day?
Date: 10/20/2008
I take 1 MG of Propecia a day. The other day I think I may have taken a second pill only after 12 hours from the previous pill. Should I be concerned? I have only done this once.

AskDocWeb: We didn’t find any reports of problems caused by an overdose but if you have any difficulty breathing, swelling of your lips, tongue, or face, seek immediate medical attention.

Subj: Blackheads and whiteheads
Date: 10/21/2008
I’m 31. I’ve been taking propecia for 2.5 yrs. Stopped my hair falling out for first year or so (maybe made it thicker) but no real regrowth. Then I learned you could split them to save money. Actually have serious regrowth off of half pill, or maybe it just took all that time to work. Anyways my problem is the blackheads, and whiteheads, worse than highschool. Clears up when I forget to take propecia for couple days. I dont want to stop taking it and lose my hair. So how much less than half a 1mg pill can I take? One third mg, a quarter mg? I’ve got my hair but what good is it with acne. Please help.

AskDocWeb: Unfortunately there is nothing to counteract the side effects other than reducing the dosage. If you get good results on the reduced dosage that’s great. The lower the dosage the less chance of side effects.

Subj: Erection problems
Date: 10/23/2008
Hi, I’m 22 and been taking propecia for 2.5 years, I’ve experienced low ejaculation volume, but until now, I’m worried because of erection problems, I can get it up, but I have never had to try so much. I dont know if its on my mind or its propecia. I’m also taking vitamins and creatine to grow muscle. I dont know if it can be related too. I’m scared and dont know what to do. Should I stop taking it? Do this problems show up only on the first year or more, of taking propecia? Has anyone recovered from this effects?


AskDocWeb: Although side effects are more likely to show up at the beginning of treatment they can occur anytime you are on a drug. One man reported sexual side effects developed in his sixth year of taking Propecia. He was happy with the results up until then. It appears that most men recover from this side effect but a few men report long-term problems lasting more than a year. In one case the sexual side effects were still present three and a half years later.

Subj: Benefits of taking .5 mg?
Date: 10/25/2008
I have been taking Propecia for 3 months and two weeks and began to feel the side effects about 6 weeks in. Weak erections, loss of libido, numbness and reduced penis size. I stopped taking the drug for 2 days and my penis size, and libido returned and I was getting morning erections. Since this I have been experimenting with differing doses, biting between 1/2 and 3/4 each morning. It appears that when I take 1/2 the side effects are reduced to a level that can be managed. I really want to keep my hair and do not want to give up propecia completly even though I experience the sides. My question is this, what are the benefits of taking .5 mg or Propecia (if any) or am I wasting my money and libido?


AskDocWeb: Of course the reduced dosage is not going to have the same effect but it will have some effect. You will have to decide if the effect it has is enough to justify continued use.

Subj: Thinking about Propecia
Date: 10/30/2008
I’m thinking about taking this Propecia product. Say I take it for 3 years and notice no more hair loss and some possible hair regrowth. If I stop taking the product, what are the chances my hair starts to fall out? Also, what are the chances that within the first three months of taking this product my hair starts to fall out?

Hair Loss?

AskDocWeb: According to the manufacturer, if you stop taking Propecia you will loose all the hair that Propecia was preventing you from loosing. That sounds like a 100% chance. They do not provide statistics on what percentage of men experience a period of shedding when beginning treatment. Read more feedback.
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