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If you’ve used Propecia, please help others by adding your feedback. What would you tell your best friend about this product? Please remember that we do not give medical advice. That is for your local health care provider, who is familiar with your medical history.

Subj: Cutting up proscar?
Date: 6/20/2009
I have been taking propecia for several years and it seems to have slowed or stopped hair loss. Sometimes I when I run out, I wait a couple of weeks to resume. I haven’t noticed any change. Is there a grace period that you can wait without any major effect? Also, is there any issue with cutting up proscar 5mg tablets into 1mg doses?


AskDocWeb: Yes there is a serious issue, a real danger in doing that. Cutting the pill exposes the contents, which may get on your skin. The active ingredient can be absorbed through the skin. If a pregnant woman comes into contact with the active ingredient, it may cause a specific kind of birth defect. Do you really want to take the chance of being the cause of a baby being born deformed just because you wanted to save a little money?

Subj: Nearly impossible to get side effects?
Date: 6/25/2009
I’ve been on proscar 1/4…after 3 days I was experiencing pain in my testicles I quit right after that….its now been 3 days since I quit and I still have pains….how long till pain subsides? Why is the pain happening? Why did my doctor and Merck tell me it’s only a 2% chance and nearly impossible to get side effects to me its a bunch of bull****?


AskDocWeb: When it happens to you it does raise questions about the reported statistics. In a study conducted in Turkey, patients received 5 mg a day of Propecia. In that study, Propecia caused erectile dysfunction in 22% of patients by month 3 and 33% of patients by month 6. (Reported by Science Direct, April 1998)

Subj: Propecia for older women?
Date: 6/27/2009
Noticed there isn’t much on this site regarding older women. I’m 58 had total hysterectmy 25 years ago. On estraderm patch for all those yrs, also on metformin. Grandmother and aunt had very thin hair as they aged. What are the stats on Propecia helping this age bracket of post menapausal women. My hair is Very thin on top of head, and my concern is reading that “shedding” occurs, wondering if I would be hurting more than helping by using propecia. Would like to hear from some older women with experience in this area and if propecia helped. What is your opinion if this drug would be beneficial for me?


AskDocWeb: We found only one study where older women were treated with Propecia. In that study 137 postmenopausal women showed no benefit from using Propecia but, that is not conclusive proof that it would not help. A couple of women have written that they are getting good results with it. Anyone else?

Subj: Shedding process of propecia
Date: 6/30/2009
I have been advised by my doctor to stop propecia as my sperm count is very weak. Its been 2 years since I started on propecia and this is my 2nd day without taking it. I remember the shedding process of propecia was pretty devastating then later it got a bit beter but never to the state that it was before I took it. I think the only gains I got from propecia was stopping hair loss after the shedding process. I got a question which I hope you can help me on, since I’ve stopped taking propecia will my hair get worse? What should I be expecting now since I’ve stopped? I really don’t want to start seeing gaps in my hair because of this.


AskDocWeb: After discontinuing Propecia you can expect your hair loss to increase over a period of months until you have lost all of the hair that you would have lost if you had never taken the drug. After that your hair loss resumes at your normal rate of loss.

Subj: Sperm count has seriously lowered
Date: 7/2/2009
My husband and I are having the same issues as Lynda and her husband. My husband has been taking Propecia for over 2 years and we are having trouble having a child. All has checked out he’s healthy and so am I. However his sperm count has seriously lowered, enough that having a child is hard. More tests and studies need to be researched for men who have been on this med for a long period of time. There’s not enough information. People need to be aware before hand, especially if they’re looking to become fathers.


Subj: It’s been six months
Date: 7/6/2009
I took Propecia for 1 week and a half. Its been six months since I stopped. I now have a testosterone level that is below the range for a normal man. I have ED, anxiety, depression and other serious side effects from this drug. My question is with so many people posting their long term side effects, how come the FDA and doctors have not investigated these cases or at least acknowledge that they are possible. Thanks.


AskDocWeb: A growing number of people seem to be asking those questions but so far we have seen no response from the FDA.

Subj: Miscarriage
Date: 7/7/2009
I have had 3 misscariages and I’m pretty sure it the propecia that my husband takes is the reason behind it.


Subj: Will I be barren?
Date: 7/8/2009
I want to ask you if I used the propecia for a long time. I will be barren inanimate on male in the future or not. On the other thing, people will get the cancer in the future or not.


AskDocWeb: According to the manufacturer, a small number of men (1.8%) experience some sexual side effects. 1.3% reported erectile dysfunction. We found no connection to cancer with this product.

Subj: Propecia shedding
Date: 7/8/2009
On propecia for maybe 8 months now. No side effects and never saw any shedding until about 3 weeks ago where I’ve noticed a significant amount. I know shedding is normal but is this just a late start for the product to be working whereas it seems like initial shedding happens to others after a shorter amount of time?


AskDocWeb: With other hair loss products the shedding phase seems to be confined to the first few weeks but that does not appear to be the case with Propecia. We have collected enough data to give you a rough idea of when shedding started for others taking Propecia. The following table shows when shedding started for the 32 reports received by

 Reports of Shedding  When it started 
1 1 week
2 2 weeks
3 3 weeks
4 1 month
5 2 months
1 2.5 months
2 4 months
3 5 months
3 6 months
2 7 months
2 8 months
1 9 months
1 10 months
2 1 year

Unfortunately there is not enough reports of how long the shedding lasts to add that to the table.

Subj: I can’t go bald!
Date: 7/9/2009
Ok..I’ve been taking propecia for almost 6 months now..Almost!! prob more like 5. My Mom is balding!! But she started taking rogain, and it worked for her..The rogain for men even!!. When I was 23 I noticed it starting at my crown and then at 24 started taking rogain for 6 months. Once then, I stopped! It seemed to not be working, or working very little, so I stopped frustrated with the results! Then nine months later now to this day my hair looks horrible. It has thinned majorly. IDK if it’s from stopping the rogain or from natural results. Anyways, I started taking propecia 5 months ago, and am hoping for a mericale. I see no results yet. It has affected my confidence, which could be responsible for the sexual side affects. IDK!!. But I will stick with propecia for a year., I hope to see good!! results!! I can’t go bald…If so, I will be single forever 🙁 lol


Subj: Sexual side effects
Date: 7/9/2009
I have been on propecia for 3 days I quit due to sexual side effects by the 2nd week everything was better then in the 3rd week it started getting bad again…did I take it long enough for it to do serious damage to my system? What’s going on??


AskDocWeb: It seems unlikely that just 3 pills would do any damage, serious damage seems even more unlikely. You may want to talk to the doctor that prescribed the Propecia to find out what is going on.

Subj: My life falling apart because of propecia
Date: 7/9/2009
Balding at the age of 34, I met with a person from a hair club sorta like a wig but you could tell it was fake also about $200.00 per month and increased as the balding space increased.. I had mentioned to the sales person that I was considering a hair transplant then taking propecia, she immediately told me I should not and seen many marriages brake apart because of the side effects…I thought she was just a good sales person. Currently, I am on my third year after my hair transplant and taking propecia and my anniversary is next month my life if falling apart because of propecia…What more can I say… P.S. Rogaine is a waste of money as well but it won’t ruin your marriage..


AskDocWeb: What is Propecia doing to you that is affecting your marriage?

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