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If you’ve used Propecia, please help others by adding your feedback. What would you tell your best friend about this product? Please remember that we do not give medical advice. That is for your local health care provider, who is familiar with your medical history.

Subj: 53 year old man
Date: 1/8/2010
I am a 53 year old man. I have had hair transplant for 3 times. I started taking Propecia with my doctor’s recommendation right after my first transplant ~9 years ago. I still loose hair which could be normal as you mentioned in your replies to others. My side effects are breast tenderness and loss of semen quantity and quality. Semen is very liquidly and is comparable to what it uses to be before Propecia. Now, the question is: beside Viagra and other similar products is there any natural food that would help to increase the quantity and quality of semen? Your comment is greatly appreciated.


AskDocWeb: If you go the Semenax website and click on the ingredients tab, their list of 18 ingredients includes natural foods that increase both the quantity and quality of semen.

Subj: Lost my sex drive
Date: 1/10/2010
I started taking propecia in my early 20s and the product helped my grow my hair back. The problem was that I lost my sex drive completely and began to suffer some kind of bizarre emotional blunting where my moods felt very flat. I’ve been off propecia for about 18 months now and am still suffering. I’ve been to tons of urologists, endocrinologists, and neurologists and any other doctors that I thought could help me, but none have been able to. I fear that the impotence I developed may be permanent and I may be like this for the rest of my life. Before this happened to me I had big dreams of getting married and having a family and now I feel like my whole life and future is over. I have over the last 6 months, through the internet, met several people who are in the same boat I am in, some have been off propecia for many years and have not had the side effects cease. It’s a very sad situation. I would give up every hair on my head to be normal again.


Subj: Many side effects
Date: 1/11/2010
STAY AWAY! I started taking propecia around the age of 23. I took it for 5 years. Many of the side effects began immediately but I didn’t realize them until it was too late because the Doctors and product literature said they didn’t exist. ED, exhaustion, feminine appearance, sleep problems, stomach problems, loss of muscle mass and strength, loss of libido (it was overactive), etc. Stranger things started to happen also, like I stopped enjoying the sun, my skin no longer tanned, my eyes became dry and the focus muscles lost elasticity, and genitalia size fluctuated from normal to tiny. Now it’s stuck on tiny 80% of the time. And I became extremely sensitive to many foods especially caffeine, alcohol and sugar. AND 20 MONTHS AFTER DISCONTINUATION MY HAIR IS STILL NOT FALLING OUT AGAIN!!!! I keep hoping my hair will fall out and I’ll feel back to normal someday. Odd that a drug that is marketed to stop hairloss makes you want to lose it…


Subj: Side effect of eating sperm
Date: 1/12/2010
If I eat sperm of my husband regularly, what will be the side effect…


AskDocWeb: There are no side effects but there is a concern about possible STD infections. The risk of infection depends on what sexually transmitted disease the man may have, it’s method of transmission, and the areas of infection. By swallowing sperm an infection could be transmitted to the mouth and/or throat. This type of infection includes gonorrhea, chlamydia, herpes, syphilis, and human papillomavirus (HPV, the virus that causes genital warts). As long as your husband has no sexually transmitted disease, then it will not harm you.

Subj: Rash, gynocomastia and gained weight
Date: 1/14/2010
Guys, I took propecia for 4 to 6 weeks about 4 years ago. I was a model, and hence my vanity played me into taking propecia. The pharmacies who sell this, are making money, that’s all it is. This is a dangerous product n it has caused a rash on my face, gynocomastia and I have gained weight on my abdominals. I used to train, had less than 10% body fat. I find it hard to put on muscle and shed the fat I’ve gained on my stomach. I strongly suggest that whoever is interested in this product, should never buy it. We need to face facts, if your balding, it’s going to go one day anyways. I am talking from first hand experience.


Subj: Propecia with Procerin?
Date: 1/19/2010
I am a 26 yr old male. I started seeing thinning in the last 2 years on the frontal lobe of my head. I began taking all natural products to help me regain my hair and had some luck, but its just so expensive. I have been taking Procerin but not regularly until now, I need to buy more and wanted to know if I take it with Propecia for about three months then continue with the Procerin and stop the Propecia, will I lose any gains or will the DHT blocker in Procerin help to stop the loss. Thanks for any help you can provide.


AskDocWeb: So far there isn’t enough feedback from those doing that to know what would happen. It would be helpful if you share how well this works for you. There are other men who would like to try this.

Subj: Temporary impotence?
Date: 1/19/2010
I used proscar divided into 5 for about 2 years, at first sight it “improved” my sex drive. I was shocked. because before using it, I read many comments about propecia’s sexual side effects. Only side effect I noticed so far was “brain fogging”. I became more and more intense, that’s when I decided to lower the dosage. After 2 months, I lowered the dosage to 0.5 mg. My brain fog decreased since then. Continued with 0.5 mg for about 2 months on. Now I’m using proscar for over 4 months. I noticed impotance problems in last 2 weeks. My semen is watery. Not pearl white, and less than before. I have read some comments about this over internet, they say that this effect is temporary, and will disappear over time, is it true, or is there any evidence of this?


AskDocWeb: It appears that in most cases sexual side effects are temporary and disappear over time, most, but not all. The amount of time it takes for that to happen varies greatly from one man to the next.

Subj: Extensive shedding
Date: 1/26/2010
Started on fin 0.5mg on 27/10/09. Everything was fine – no sides and hair loss basically the same rate as when I started. Now only days before the 3 month mark – the stage when hair loss is meant to slow down in rate for most – I am noticing an extensive shed: 20+ hairs on my hands when showering and who knows how many the rest of the day. Wanting 2 know if this may be normal for some. I’m surprised as I was hoping for an improvement at this stage and iv gotten the opposite. Maybe its something to do with the half dose I’m taking for money and sides reasons OR is this normal and I’m worrying 2 much. cheers


AskDocWeb: Since there is no published data about the effects of taking a half dose, there is no way to know if your results are normal or not. The manufacturer recommends one milligram of finasteride daily to treat hair loss.

Subj: Weight gain?
Date: 1/29/2010
Does propecia or cialis cause weight gain?


AskDocWeb: According to the U.S. National Library of Medicine, neither medication lists weight gain as a side effect.

Subj: About to start a family
Date: 1/29/2010
Dear Sir, My son has been taking propecia for 5 years. He is about to start a family. We would like to know when do you go off of this medication before you start? Once you are pregnant can he go back on? How long before the hair starts falling? Is there anything he can take while he is off the medication to counter the falling out until he goes back on? This is a very important question for us as we dont want a problem with getting pregnant or any problem for the baby Thank you Sincerely,


AskDocWeb: Beyond the warnings about possible birth defects and sexual side effects from Propecia, it appears that the manufacturer doesn’t make any recommendations for those about to start a family. They do say that “Available data indicate that the level of PROPECIA in the semen of a man taking PROPECIA does not pose a risk to an unborn child. Accordingly, a man can take PROPECIA while conceiving a child with his partner, or have sexual intercourse with his partner if she is already pregnant.” When discontinued the effects of Propecia wear off within three months and hair loss resumes. All the benefits are lost in the 12 months after stopping.

Subj: Questions about Propecia
Date: 2/1/2010
1. Does propecia shrink the prostate? 2. does propecia have any effect on body hair, because I’ve been on propecia now for over 2 weeks, and I swear I can notice some thinning there? 3. How long does propecia take in working, because I’m still noticing some thinning? 4. Alot of people complaing about ED side effects, but wouldn, Wheatgrass, Bee pollen, biotin, vitamin b, arginine, ginseng treat the impotence?


AskDocWeb: There is no evidence that 1mg of Propecia daily has any effect on the prostate. For that you would have to take Proscar, which is five times stronger. According to the Propecia website you have to take Propecia for at least 3 months before you begin to notice a slowing of hair loss. There is no mention of any effect on body hair. While the supplements you list are often credited with a beneficial effect on ED, we know of no studies on how well they might work for ED caused by Propecia.

Please note that there are some health concerns about using Ginseng.

Subj: Initial period of shedding
Date: 2/3/2010
I have just started using Finpecia after experiencing substantial hairloss over the past year. I am 29 and have had extreme levels of stress which have caused major hairloss on a daily basis. I have only been taking Finpecia for a month now and have not seen any change in the amount which is falling out. Although I have read that it takes 3 months. I have heard though that in the inital stages of taking the pill you may lose alot of hair before it starts to normalise and grow back. Is this the case?


AskDocWeb: That initial period of shedding doesn’t happen to everyone but it is a common complaint with several hair loss products. For some, the shedding is severe enough to frighten the user into quitting the product. Read more feedback.
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