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Propecia Reviews

If you’ve used Propecia, please help others by adding your feedback. What would you tell your best friend about this product? Please remember that we do not give medical advice. That is for your local health care provider, who is familiar with your medical history.

Subj: ED and no libido
Date: 2/10/2010
been taking propecia for 4 months now. about 3 to 4 weeks ago I began noticing I couldn’t produce or maintain an erection. Even worse, I had no sexual desire whatsoever. I just stopped taking the 1 mg tablets two days ago now, so we’ll see what happens. It would honestly be better to be bald than experience this, especially considering I’m a senior in college. If you value your sexual life, stay away from this stuff.


Subj: Side effect of propecia
Date: 2/11/2010
I understand that side effect of propecia is reduce libido and impotency. And that exactly I wish for myself. I wants to be total impotent and neutrlised my erection. Please let me know how fast it works and how many pills I needed to obtain total impotency (permanetly) and total neutrlising erection. Expecting quick response.


AskDocWeb: Since less than 2% of those using Propecia experience any sexual side effects, it is unlikely that this drug would produce the results you desire. Please talk with your doctor about what you want to accomplish.

Subj: No mood for sex
Date: 2/12/2010
I took Propecia for about a week and I started to get less and less in the mood for sex so I stopped taking it its been a week now and im having the same problem. Right now i dont know how long it takes to get out of my system but im hoping that this doesnt become permanent. If anyone knows how long it takes to get out of my system or if it does become permanent please let me know. Thanks.


Subj: Watery semen
Date: 2/12/2010
My boyfriend has been on propecia for four years. We only started dating five months ago. His semen is watery and there is not much of it. I’m convinced this is caused by the propecia. I want children. You cannot get a woman pregnant with water, you need semen. How the blank is this not considered a negative impact on male fertility? I am so angry at merck I could scream. MEN – women want a man who can be a man – looks fade. IMO propecia sucks. The thought of watery semen is a major turn off.


Subj: Sexual side effects
Date: 2/18/2010
I took propecia, about 4 weeks in i noticed sexual side effects. After two weeks off I was fine.


Subj: Testicular pain
Date: 2/21/2010
Used Propecia for almost two months. Noticed testicular pain after a week that almost completely subsided within a few weeks. Then the shedding started. I stopped using it when I started getting inconsistent urine flow and my sex drive almost completely disappeared. Erection problems were subtle but slowly getting worse. Fortunately, the sex drive recovered very quickly once I stopped (within days) and the urine flow problems have almost completely diminished after a month. If you want to give this stuff a shot, be careful. I hope you have better luck than I did.


Subj: Starting and stopping Propecia
Date: 2/23/2010
Been off and on propecai a few times over the past couple years. Now I’m real thin on top so back on it and committed to sticking with it. Also added rogaine foam to daily routine. Will the fact that i have started and stoped a couple times limit the effects of the propecia?


AskDocWeb: There is no indication that this would alter the effectiveness beyond the initial adjustment period. If it has been 6 months or more since stopping, we wouldn’t expect any change in effectiveness.

Subj: Shedding phase?
Date: 2/24/2010
I’ve been taking propecia for probably about 3 months now. At the moment it doesn’t seem to be making any difference though I understand it might take more time. I feel like my condition is getting worse though. I just turned 19 a month ago and my hair seems to have been thinning more over the past few months. My question is, is there a shedding phase that I might be going through in which I lose more hair than usual, but then grow it back later? Another thing to mention is that I did take about a month-long break inbetween usage of propecia and I’m not sure how that would come into play with the shedding stage I may be in. Would it prolong it? When should I expect to really see some results? Thanks


AskDocWeb: Taking a month long break may be enough to start a period of shedding. Unfortunately there isn’t enough feedback from those who have done that to get an idea of how long the shedding might last. It takes several continuous months of use to see results.

Subj: Genes related to hair loss
Date: 3/2/2010
I’m 19 years old and have a receding hairline. My dad takes propecia for his hair loss. Is this gene traced through the father? If so should i start taking propecia?

AskDocWeb: The genes related to hair loss can be inherited from either parent, or from both. You may want to spend some time looking over the family photos to get an idea about when hair loss might show up. When did your father and grandfather start losing hair? If they didn’t start losing hair until age 39 then you may have 20 years before it becomes a problem.

Subj: Propecia and Rogaine
Date: 3/3/2010
My husband has been using Propecia and Rogaine since before I knew him – and we’ve been together for seven years. I’m 32 & he’s 36, and I got pregnant our first month trying. I think it effects everyone differently.


Subj: Propecia for women?
Date: 3/5/2010
I have a question. I’m a 60 yr old-blk female and my hair at the crown is falling out(has been since about 3 yrs ago). I’ve just started using Thymuskin. More importantly though Is Propecia o.k. for women to take. I’m desperate.

AskDocWeb: Sorry Pamela, Propecia has not been shown to be effective for postmenopausal women.

Subj: My experience with Finasteride
Date: 3/11/2010
For whatever it is worth, I would like to share my experience with using Finasteride. I am 36 years old, and have been using generic Proscar (cut in quarters as prescribed by my Dermatologist) for about 4 years now. I can’t say that I needed the drug badly, But I noticed a receeding hairline on myself and baldness is very obvious in my fahter and becoming noticeable in my older brother. So I am using the drug as a means of prevention. I can’t say that my hairline has grown back, but I’d like to believe it isn’t as bad as what it could’ve been. I have had no problems with getting or maintaining erections, and found myself to be just as sexually excited as I was before I was taking the medicine. In all honesty, maybe too sexually driven. I was always a bit worried about being able to have a kid while being on this medicine. So my wife and I finally decided to try and have a baby last month and litteraly on my first attempt, she became pregnant. I don’t keep the medicine in the house now for the obvious reasons and we are taking certain precautions when we have sex because I continue to take the medicine. I am saying this for hope to those that are taking it and just don’t know what can happen. For those that have taken it and had bad or even awful experiences, I am sorry for your grief. Losing hair sucks! When all you have left is hope and that gets taken away, you feel lost. I wish the best to all.


Subj: Stop taking propecia?
Date: 3/13/2010
If I stop taking propecia for 10 days should I worry?

AskDocWeb: We wouldn’t worry. It could take a month or two before starting to shed your benefits.

Date: 3/15/2010
I have been taking Propecia and I am very happy that my hair started growing, it improved a lot more, I noticed a big difference, I totally recommend this.


Subj: The bright side
Date: 3/25/2010
I started to take propecia 4 days ago and after reading the side effects i threw the pills away..I would prefer to be bold…look at the bright side people, some women like bold man.


Subj: Trying to get pregnant
Date: 3/27/2010
I’m just wondering i started taking Propecia a month ago is it safe to take being that my wife and i are trying to get pregnant, is there any dangers?

AskDocWeb: There is a possibility of a specific birth defect if pregnant women come into contact with the contents of the pill (finasteride), the dust of which can be absorbed through the skin. The manufacturer uses a protective coating on the pills to prevent any such contact but you may want to wash your hands after handling the pills. Tell your doctor if you experience decreased libido (1.8%), decreased volume of ejaculate (0.8%), or impotence (less than one percent).

Subj: Developed testicular cancer
Date: 3/28/2010
I began taking the brand name propecia back in 2006. Quickly after I saw a decrease in my sexual appetite and a decrease in the physical enjoyment of orgasms but my semen levels seemed about the same. Later I quite because of the high costs but a year later I began again and although the sexual side effects are present I think it is very effective at slowing hair loss and helping me regrow the hair. For the last two years I’ve been on the generic version of propecia and have received the same great results. However, 3 months ago I developed testicular cancer which spread even after surgery and since I’m a pretty healthy guy without a family history of cancer I’m starting to wonder if the Propecia could be behind it…


Subj: Sexual side effects
Date: 3/29/2010
I stopped using Propecia (finestride) 4 years ago. I was on it for 1 year and 1/2. Now, I am 28. I wish I would of never taken this piece of trash Drug. the whole “only 2% who take this drug will suffer sexual side effects” is a complete lie and a deceitful statement. There is a lot I could say but basically it all boils down to this. The FDA knows that this drug will harm those who take it and they don’t care. Want to know why? They are a criminal organization which is responsible for allowing crazy drugs like this one along with the many others which destroy men’s fertility and sexuality. The agenda is to depopulate us subtlety For those who are still considering taking this drug, RUN FOR THE HILLS. If your Doctor tells you to give it a try in a casual way like its no big deal, he is ignorant. You’ll regret it. I have nightmares every single night, without fail. They are vivid and clear. I also have sexual effects the same as any other guy on here has said. it is disconnected from my body.


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