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If you’ve used Propecia, please help others by adding your feedback. What would you tell your best friend about this product? Please remember that we do not give medical advice. That is for your local health care provider, who is familiar with your medical history.

Subj: Pill splitting?
Date: 8/31/2010
Hi I take Proscar for my hairloss. I cut it into quarters. Is it ok for me to a quarter each for first four days and miss a day, than start the same cycle again? So this way I get 5 mg every five days, instead of a 6 mg every 5 days. Thanks.

AskDocWeb: Splitting pills is still somewhat controversial. Of course the drug companies would rather have you paying full price but splitting the pills as you are can make a substantial difference in cost. There is a danger involved in splitting Proscar. Women should NOT handle crushed or broken tablets if pregnant or possibly pregnant. The drug may cause a male fetus to be born with abnormalities of its sex organs. Broken tablets loose some of their protective outer coating, which allows absorption of finasteride through the skin. Pill splitting should be embarked upon only after a discussion between physician and patient about the risks involved.

Subj: Anal pain, testicular pain and man boobs
Date: 9/2/2010
Look, plain and simple this drug is no joke, I don’t work for anybody in relation to this post.. I’m just your normal everyday person with crap salary. I’ve been taking Propecia since I was 22 I didn’t start having problems until I switched to the generic version of Propecia which is cut into 4 pieces to equal the same dosage. I started suffering with anal pain which resulted in a lot of things being put up there with nothing for results, then progressed to testicular pain which resulted to me being in the hospital with some old lady doing this weird slimy scan on my testicles with that machine they use on pregnant ladies then progressed to digestion issues where everything was unbalanced and inflamed with certain dietary changes gas like crazy! like explosions of airy farts… Then progressed to moobs lol aka man boobs and seriously I’m 5,11 and 140 pounds there shouldn’t be much room for man boobs. I’m skinny and 26 years old so really?

Other side effects since I have been on and off the drug, blurry vision, problems thinking sort of foggy brain function, lack of interest, sex? totally gone unless I find some random stripper which can erect even the oldest man and also a slu of random psychological problems. As for everyone wondering if theres other issues medically with me.. No nothing had all the blood tests, cancer screening, hormone tests, allergy test, viral tests everything 100% perfect and healthy. And one more thing I don’t eat fast food or sodas…. water and vegetables and fresh meats with fruits and stuff like that is what I eat!. THIS DRUG CAN SERIOUSLY MESS WITH YOUR EVERYDAY LIFE!

My Recommendation if your young and having hair loss use this drug to get you to that age where you don’t care anymore and then stop forever.


Subj: Sexual side effects have ceased
Date: 9/8/2010
Initially the sexual side effects of generic propecia were considerably drastic. I had to stop my dosage for a month or so and went on a EOD dosage and there were no side effects. After going EOD for a month I started taking regular dosage and all side effects it seems have ceased except for pimples on my forehead(a paradox perhaps?). Also it seems to have increased my sex drive. Its too early too assess results but apparently I am in my initial shedding stage and it does seem to be working.

AskDocWeb: Please note that in the USA, there is no such thing as generic Propecia, although it appears that other countries may be manufacturing it in violation of patent law. The patent on Propecia/Finasteride expires on November 5, 2013.

Subj: Degeneration of the vitreous humour?
Date: 9/8/2010
I’ve been on Propecia since my early twenties. I never noticed any side effects. All seemed to work perfect. However, 10 years later, out of the blue, vitreous syneresis (floaters) developed in both my eyes. Supposedly, vitreous humour does not regenerate after eye growth is complete at very early age, or any regeneration is too slow to be seen. It is not even irrigated by blood vessels, but scientists find some hyalocytes in the peripheral zones of the eye, which have a macrophage function along with regulation of collagen. I’ve seen one or two more complaints linking floaters with Finasteride, but they are so rare that one might think of coincidence. Eye floaters are also reported to occur a little more in women than in men. So, the question is: Are there chances that Finasteride (alone or with other drugs), being a steroid, may have some long term role in accelerating the degeneration of the vitreous humour?

AskDocWeb: We have not seen anything that would suggest a connection between Propecia and degeneration of the vitreous humour. Steroid eye drops are usually the main treatment used to reduce inflammation in uveitis. That’s the iris, the ring-like muscle behind the iris, and the layer of tissue between the retina and the sclera. Although steroid eye drops usually work well, in some cases side effects may occur such as ulcers on the cornea of the eye, which can be very painful and affect your vision. Long term use of steroid eye drops can lead to cataracts or glaucoma. Steroids are also administered by mouth and by injections for inflammations of the eye.

Vitreous humour is the clear jelly like substance that fills the space between the lens on the front of the eye and the retina on the back of the eyeball.

Subj: Long-term harm from Propecia?
Date: 9/10/2010
I have been taking propecia for 5 years now. I am 24. I started to take it when I noticed thinning and since taking it the thinning has stopped completely. I have not noticed any of the potential side effects. However, being on it for 5 years I am thinking should I be thinking about stopping? Is it going to cause me harm?

AskDocWeb: It is important to note that after one year of using Propecia the PSA levels are typically reduced by half. PSA stands for prostate-specific antigen, a protein produced by the cells in the prostate gland. The PSA blood test is commonly used to check for signs of prostate cancer and other related prostate problems. Men with prostate cancer often have elevated PSA levels because cancer cells make excessive amounts of this protein. Higher PSA levels may indicate the presence of cancer cells in the prostate. Although it is possible to have prostate cancer without having elevated PSA levels, the PSA test enables doctors to make an early diagnosis of the disease, which allows them to begin treatment as early as possible. Since the long-term use of Propecia reduces the PSA levels, it is important to tell your doctor that you are taking it so that PSA levels can be more accurately determined.

Subj: I’m supposed to get married
Date: 9/16/2010
Hi, I’m 29 year old. I am having hair loss problem which is heridatory. I am on the following medicine for last 2 months MON/THU only- autoxyl forte and amicol TUE/FRI only- astyfer XT/Z and eracod WED/SAT only- astymin z forte and finpecia Mintop 2% daily twice. I’m not married and I am afraid if any of these medicin can do harm to me. As of now I am ok and I just want to continue for next 6 months. My doctor say there is zero chance of any side effect because single medicine is taken twice only. But I do not believe him completely. I’m supposed to get married in next 6 months so if there is any chance of side effect I will discontinue it. though medicine is showing some benefit but loss of hair is still too much. please give a candid opinion. I’m very much concerned.

AskDocWeb: Since you doubt your doctor you might want to get a second opinion from a dermatologist that specializes in hair loss. It seems that whenever a medication is strong enough to produce a measurable effect, there is also a possibility of side effects.

Subj: Pain in my testicles
Date: 9/19/2010
Within 3-4 days of using Propecia I started feeling pain in my testicles and noticed their enlargement. I ignored the feeling for another 2 days at which point I finally stopped using it. The testicular pain stopped two weeks later, but my libido has significantly decreased since then and I have experienced several cases of erectile dysfunction, which never happened to me before. I used this product over two years ago for less than a week and I am still suffering the consequences… This product is not worth trying, it will change your life for the worse!


Subj: Success in half year!
Date: 9/24/2010
I have success in half year! And it is realy work


Re: Post Finasteride syndrome
Date: 9/24/2010
I have been using Propecia without any noticeable syndromes. If I stop today, am I succeptible to irreversible effects such as newly developed Post Finasteride syndromes? Appreciate your help!

AskDocWeb: Apparently this syndrome only applies to those who have side effects while taking Propecia. Post Finasteride Syndrome is theoretically defined as a clinical condition of permanent sexual, mental and physical side effects which do not resolve after quitting the drug. This is often accompanied by an acquired form of secondary hypogonadism and post-drug loss of androgenic action, which remains resistant to treatments aimed at restoring testosterone to pre-drug levels. To date there has been no clinical research into this serious adverse drug reaction.

Subj: Achieve comparable effect
Date: 9/26/2010
I do not take the pill everyday. I think you could achieve comparable effect by taking the pills about 70 to 80% of time.


Subj: Decreased testosterone?
Date: 9/26/2010
My main concern is not about the sexual function as this side effect is rare. There are some changes related to decreased testesterone, such as loss of muscle mass and gain of fat tissue. I wonder if these possibe side effects were measured in the clincial trials.

AskDocWeb: To our knowledge the effects of decreased testosterone were not considered in the clinical trials for Propecia. That was probably because the mean circulating levels of testosterone were found to increase by about 15% in the men taking Propecia compared to the baseline.

Subj: Finpecia
Date: 9/28/2010
age – 20yrs I am taking finpecia since last month. Which kind of side effects will I have to face?

AskDocWeb: The side effects of finpecia are the same as those listed for Propecia. Read more feedback.
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