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Propecia Reviews

If you’ve used Propecia, please help others by adding your feedback. What would you tell your best friend about this product? Please remember that we do not give medical advice. That is for your local health care provider, who is familiar with your medical history.

Subj: Changes in personality
Date: 9/30/2010
My boyfriend started taking propecia and his personality changed drastically. He became angry all the time.


Subj: Propecia
Date: 10/4/2010
My sons are using propecia and want to make sure it is safe. Thanks!


AskDocWeb: It is safe in terms of FDA approval or it would not be allowed on the market. However, when it comes to prescription drugs, safe is a relative term. And just because it is safe does not mean that it is harmless. Every drug comes with risks. You might want to read through some of the feedback from other Propecia users.

Subj: Weight loss
Date: 10/30/2010
After taking Propecia for 2years apart from decrease in libido I have noticed loss in weight especially my buttocks have shrunk and gone in.


Subj: Irreversible side effects?
Date: 11/11/2010
I use Finasteride 1 mg for 7 years now. I have no side effects. But, reading people’s complaints expecially on (other websites) really confuses me. Could you tell me straight is there a chance of irreversibility of side effects?


AskDocWeb: We do not yet know if all side effects are reversible or not. For most men adverse side effects from Propecia are reversible but there seems to be a growing number of men who report otherwise. This is the subject of a current study by Dr. Michael Irwig and colleagues at the George Washington University in Washington DC. They are looking at possible PERSISTENT sexual side effects related to the use of finasteride, the active ingredient in Propecia.

Subj: Immune to Propecia?
Date: 11/11/2010
If you took Propecia for 3 years and then stopped taking it. Drastic hair loss began to occur. If put back on the drug, can you maintain hair or are immune to the drug?


AskDocWeb: Stopping and starting the drug again does NOT make you immune to Propecia.

Subj: Severe depression
Date: 11/20/2010
I am 18 years old, and have started and stopped Propecia 3 times. Each time I started the product, I experienced a severe depression, and was unable to believe things that were true. I recently quite the drug (about 2 weeks ago) and though I am feeling some better, I still feel depressed.


Update December 2010: Merck has officially added depression to the list of possible side effects of Propecia.

Subj: No libido
Date: 11/23/2010
I did my HT 2 months back and started using finipecia daily and tugain5 after 20 days of HT as per the doctor advise, from the day 1 i started my medication except libido i had some feelings in my body like dullness some times head ache or heavy abdomen from the 40th day i started feeling no libido.


Subj: Male pattern baldness?
Date: 11/27/2010
I was wondering, if antidepresents like the one I took(zoloft) can cause male pattern baldness. Or does it start what was going to happen anyway? I was taking zoloft for about 3 weeks and noticed that my hair started falling out pretty quickly. I stopped taking the zoloft after seeing my hair falling out. Some of the hair seemed to have grown back and the rest never did and that was 5 years ago.
Now recently I looked at my hairline and it seems to have gotten a little lighter. I talked with my doctor about this and he put me on propecia. I have been on it for almost 2 months now. No side effects so far. Now, if that medication did cause the onset of male pattern it seems to be going very slowly. So if that’s the case, do I have just as much chance of stopping it from getting any worse while taking propecia or did that medication do something to where no matter what, those follicles will eventually stop working for good?


AskDocWeb: Those are good question unfortunately it appears that it may take a few years before enough is known about Zoloft and Propecia to answer them.

Subj: Little blonde hairs
Date: 11/30/2010
I am nineteen years old. My dad is bald and my moms dad is bald so it pretty clear to say that I will be bald as well. I started noticing receding hairline when I was 17 but did not care cause I did not think it would happen badly to me till I was in my 30s. Well when I was eighteen horrible receding hairline I didnt even really have a hairline, so I went to the dermatologist looked at my scalp and diagnosed me with androgenic alopecia (hereditary hairloss) and she prescribed me propecia.

The first three months of taking I saw nothing, then from 3 to 7 months was really bad the shedding phase came and I would take a shower and would count all the hairs it would be 40 to 50 which is so much I would be sitting down writing on a white paper and hair would just fall out and when I would rub my head ten twenty would just fall out.

Once I reached 8 months it slowly stopped to about ten to fifteen hairs and I just passed nine months it has definatly grown me a hairline at least and I can see alot of little blonde hairs growing in but it looks like my hair has gotten thinner since on it could that be from the shedding phase and all that fell out since on it will grow back or will it not? My overall grade of this drug is since there are only rly two fda approved drugs for this disease and rogaine is way to messy its ease of use is so easy, but it takes so long to work my anxiety is so high for this drug to work.


AskDocWeb: When the hair starts growing in again, it is normal for the new hairs to be thinner. If the product continues to work those hairs may become thicker over time. Good luck Ryan.

Subj: Marilyn’s post about taste has been moved here.

Subj: My hair grew back
Date: 12/3/2010
I have been taking finasteride for baldness for almost 2 and half years. My hair grew back and im more hornier than ever – I also work out at the gym and do not feel this has effected my training.


Subj: Transfer through skin contact?
Date: 12/3/2010
I started dating a man 8 months ago. He told me that he has been successfully using propecia for 6 years (he is 35) and has had no side effects. At night, I sleep with one side of my face on his chest and I have noticed that, on that side only, I break out and have a few dark hairs. I have never had skin or facial hair concerns in the past and I’m past the age to start getting them, I thought (34 yo). Is there a chance that the propecia is affecting my testosterone conversion too?


AskDocWeb: Wow, we have not head of that happening but it sounds like a good area for more research. We will let you know what we find out.

Subj: After 2 years of Propecia
Date: 12/4/2010
After 2 years of Propecia use I have noticed that I have lost weight and that my buttocks have shrunk. Although I my activity and diet has been the same in fact increased.


Subj: 100% Positive
Date: 12/4/2010
I have taken propecia for 15 years. I started when I noticed a receeding hairline and loss of hair on the top of my scalp. My family history is for early baldness on my mothers side. I have had no side effects other than at age 44 having a thick healthy head of hair. You may find it interesting that I am an identical twin, and my brother has not taken propecia. He has experienced significant hair loss. He is not bald, but the top of his head and crown are much, much thinner than mine.I am not a fan of the expense and look forward to getting the generic when it comes out. Barring any unknown conditions I may experience down the road, I call this drug a miracle drug. I am happy to praise it to all.


Subj: No morning erection
Date: 12/4/2010
I just turned 30 and have been using Propecia for a month and after 3 weeks I stopped having a morning erection. After reading many of the other posts, It seems I am experiencing a side effect. Should I stop taking it? I rather be bald then loose my sex drive. Thanks.


AskDocWeb: Continuing or not is your choice. If you decide to quit, be sure to let us know how long it takes to recover full sexual function.

Subj: Low semen
Date: 12/5/2010
Have taken propecia in the past was achieving very good results but did experience after a few months low semen and felt it was affecting my ability for a sustained erection, discontinued use, I am thinking of trying again taking propecia. What is the likelihood of experiencing the same side effects, or is it possible this time could be none? Thanks for any input.


AskDocWeb: We can’t give you an exact percentage but chances are high of getting the same side effects.

Subj: History of depression
Date: 12/5/2010
Should i take propecia even though I have had history of depression at the age of 18?


AskDocWeb: Depression isn’t listed as an “official” side effect of propecia, although several men have reported it as well as mood swings, irritability, and loss of anger control. We found a study from the Tabriz University of Medical Sciences, Tabriz, Iran involving 128 men with androgenetic alopecia, who were taking finasteride (1 mg/day). The conclusion of that study suggests that finasteride might induce depressive symptoms and that finasteride (Propecia) should be prescribed cautiously for patients with high risk of depression.

Update December 2010: Merck has officially added depression to the list of possible side effects of Propecia.

Subj: Proscar side effects
Date: 12/8/2010
I have used Proscar (.25g a day) for about 5 months and experienced light sensitivity, tinnitus, brain fog, unable to have a full erection and depression. The side effect that struck me the most was seeing my fat under my eyes dissolved. Now, I have sunken eyes and felt severely depressed. Is there any way the fat will grow back in?


AskDocWeb: You’d have to consult with an Opthamologist about whether changes to the eye are in fact reversible or not but it is doubtful. The atrophy of fat tissues is called lipodystrophy. The fat lost around the eyes sometimes relocates to the back of the neck or in other cases as fat layers around the lower abdomen and sides. It is most commonly seen in individuals with long term inflammations and in some viral infections.

Subj: Sex drive increase
Date: 12/20/2010
I have been taking propecia for three months and the main difference I have noticed is my sex drive has increases 10 x. I have had testicular pain for years due to an enlarged spermatic cord and for a while this was slightly worse but is manageable.


AskDocWeb: Really, ten times? If that is not an exaggeration then you may need medical treatment. Read more feedback.
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