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Propecia Reviews

If you’ve used Propecia, please help others by sharing your experience with side effects. What would you tell your best friend about this product? Please remember that we do not give medical advice. That is for your local health care provider, who is familiar with your medical history.

How long should I wait
I am a 30 year old woman who has taken proscar once daily to reduce my hair loss for 2 years. How long should I wait after discontinuing it’s use before trying to conceive a child?


AskDocWeb: Now that is scary! Since that drug is typically not prescribed to women of childbearing age, you are in unknown territory. The active ingredient in Proscar is Finasteride. Although some doctors do prescribe Finasteride off-label to postmenopausal patients, it is generally avoided for women of childbearing age because it can cause birth defects. According to Dr. Amy McMichael (Winston-Salem dermatologist), the 5 mg dose in Proscar is usually effective in women and slows hair loss in 75 percent of her postmenopausal patients. Currently Proscar does not have FDA approval for use in women. Please discuss this with your doctor.

Is finpecia really work to regrow hair. And how much side effects have. Please reply me. I am using ranbaxy amexidil 5.


AskDocWeb: Finpecia is India’s version of Propecia. It is much stronger than what you are using but along with that increase in effectiveness comes the increased risk of side effects. There is also a warning that it can cause birth defects if it comes in contact with a woman who is pregnant. The active ingredient in Finpecia is finasteride, which can be absorbed through the skin.

The active ingredient in Ranbaxy Amexidil is minoxidil.

Plans for a baby
I am a finpecia 1mg taker from past 6yrs i haven’t got any side effect till yet. I am married now, from past 4 months me and wife plans for a baby but there is no effect. Every month she is getting her regular periods which make me feel bad. Please suggest is becoming a father will be my dream only.


AskDocWeb: There are reports of low sperm count from some men using Propecia. Have you consulted with a fertility doctor? They can check your sperm count and motility to see if there is any problem there.

Leg pain because of Propecia?
I have been taking propecia for 9 months and three months ago I started having lower leg pains? I am not sure if it is because of Propecia or not? The doctor has checked my potassium and magnesim, everything was ok. He then sent me to a muscle doctor and they did an MRI on my back everything on that was ok… Any suggestions would be great. My primary doctor has no idea but the pain is real. It is 4 out of 10 on pain and sometimes as high as a 8 in the mornings. Thanks in advance…


AskDocWeb: Leg pain is not listed as one of the officially recognized side effects of Propecia however, we have seen several reports of pain in the legs described as:

  • “a kind of light sciatica”
  • “cramps and numbness in my legs”
  • “mild pain at the top of my thigh (right side)”
  • “pain shooting from the top of my thigh all the way down to my ankle”
  • “strident ache along the sciatic nerve”

This leg pain has been reported to last between 20 to 30 minutes per occurrence and become stronger while drinking alcohol. Unfortunately this is one of the side effects that has been reported to persist after discontinuing the drug.

Note for Sneha:Since Amexidil 5% is a brand name for minoxidil your post was moved to the Minoxidil forum.

Stomach upset(loose stools)
I have been taking finasteride for 2months, should I continue using the drug or stop it? But still I want to use it to regrow my hair. Is there any other alternative or should take any thing else combined with finasteride?


AskDocWeb: Finasteride is the strongest drug on the market for growing hair. Unfortunately, for some men it does produce side effects. All the alternatives have less effect on hair growth so don’t get your hopes up. Topical minoxidil is one alternative but applying it twice a day takes a lot of time. Many men take an herbal alternative (in pill form) such as Provillus. You could also use a shampoo designed to fight hair loss such as Nisim Biofactors.

Is it safe?
I am 17 years old and i have been falling hair since when i was 15 yrs old. my docter advised me to take hair 4u solution 2% and finasteride 1mg. i want to know that is it safe to take finasteride 1mg and minoxidil 2% below 18 years of age. Is it safe to use? Has it any side effects to me?


AskDocWeb: The answer to the question of safety varies from one individual to the next. That has to be evaluated by the doctor who prescribes finasteride. It is definitely NOT safe for women who might conceive a child while on the drug. Even for men there are possible side effects so read some of the feedback from those who have used this medication before you decide if it is for you or not.

Hair is coming out by the brush full
I have been taking Propcia for 15 plus years it was working great until a few months ago and now it has reversed my hair is coming out by the brush full, I’m 73 and can’t beleive this is happening now. The only change is I started taking Uloric for U-acid was little high, stop the Uloric a few weeks ago hair is still coming out, no other changes in my diet, fill great but sad about the hair lost. ANY SUGGESTIONS PLEASE!


AskDocWeb: It is a good idea to allow for the possibility of internal changes, especially at 73. To check for that you would need to get a complete medical physical.

Dry throat problem
It works great but i’m facing dry throat problem. I’m on finax(Dr. Reddy product) 1mg since 11month. Is it due to finasteride?? I dnt want to discontinue it. Is der any recomndation?


AskDocWeb: A few people have reported dry mouth with the use of Propecia but it isn’t listed on the data sheet for this drug. The are several possible reasons for a dry throat; excessive use of your voice, low humidity, wind and weather. Breathing through the mouth is a common cause of a dry throat. Of course you could be dehydrated and just need to drink more water but if your throat is persistently dry then discuss this with your doctor as it may indicate the presence of disease. Read more feedback.
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