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If you’ve used Propecia, please help others by sharing your experience with side effects. What would you tell your best friend about this product? Please remember that we do not give medical advice. That is for your local health care provider, who is familiar with your medical history.

Lip swelling from Propecia?
Date: 8/14/2014
I used propecia for about a month around 15 years ago, but quickly stopped when I noticed pronounced lip swelling. I have not taken propecia since, but my lips have remained swollen.

My brother had an identical experience, though he started later and took if for longer, and his lip swelling is more pronounced. Very interested to know whether there is any way to reduce or eliminate this swelling, which is presumably some sort of allergic reaction to finasteride.


AskDocWeb: For most allergic reactions, the initial symptoms begin to go away a few hours after the allergen is removed from your system and are completely gone after 1-2 days. If symptoms persist more than a few days then it may be a side effect rather than an allergic reaction. In either case you would need to have your situation evaluated by your healthcare provider.

Propecia exposure
Date: 9/22/2014
Hi, I am interested in starting Propecia but have a three month old son. The warning label indicates that “exposure” to a male infant could cause genital deformities. I would like to understand better what “exposure” means. I understand rubbing a broken capsule all over him would be bad. But would taking the pill, then having intercourse with my wife who is breastfeeding him, be considered exposure? What about somewhere in between? trying to get a better sense of the risk in a non-broken tablet scenario.


AskDocWeb: To our knowledge the caution about genital deformities in male children from exposure to Propecia is limited to pre-born males – those still developing in the womb. For some reason, even after all these years on the market, it is still not known if Propecia is found in breast milk. It is almost always better to error on the side of caution.

How long does it take?
Date: 9/24/2014
how long does finpecia takes for the result?


AskDocWeb: The manufacturer says that it can take up to a year to see results.

Side effects of Propecia
Date: 10/19/2014
I have been advised to take Finasteride tab 1mg for 3 month bcoz of hairfall, on searching about the side effect over internet found that it cause lower sperm count and etc i want to know whether these side effect are permanent in nature, or till the time u take it, would 3 month medication would be enough to make these side effect permanent?


AskDocWeb: To our knowledge that is still an unknown. There is a wide variation in when side effects show up. According to the manufacturer, for most men who have side effects they go away when the drug is discontinued. However, there are enough men who have persistent side effects to initiate a class action lawsuit.

Lost the baby
Date: 10/31/2014
My husband is taking this medication, we have a son who is healthy. He was born before my husband started taking this. We got pregnant while he was on this drug and lost the baby. It also took much longer for us to get pregnant this time. The only thing that has changed in our life is this. Could it be this?


AskDocWeb: So sorry to hear about your loss Jen. This is a controversial subject that we are reluctant to comment on. Please read about sperm DNA damage.


The significant reduction in DFI (DNA fragmentation index) within 3 months of finasteride cessation and continued improvement suggests a causal link between finasteride and sperm DNA damage. We hypothesize that low-dose finasteride may exert a negative influence on sperm DNA integrity, resulting in increased pregnancy losses. We suggest that in infertile men using finasteride, sperm DFI should be measured in addition to semen parameters, and a trial of discontinuation of finasteride may be warranted.

Watery semen, loss of libido
Date: 12/6/2014
After taking 1mg finpecia daily for 11 months with good results, I stopped 5 months ago because of the side effects (watery semen, loss of libido etc). Over the past month or so I have been experiencing heavy hair fall and wondering whether it will stop or not? If not, should i consider going back on the drug and give it another shot? The side effects from using it earlier went away after stopping the drug. Thanks


AskDocWeb: That is a personal decision. You have to weigh the pros and cons and decide for yourself if the side effects are worth putting up with or not.

Sexual side effects
Date: 1/27/2015
I have used Propecia for many years, and it seems to have helped me keep the hair I have, and at times grow new. Sexual side effects were not noticed the first several years, but now are may be compounded with my age and normal ‘Decline’… does evidence exist that by stopping taking it these side-effects in some cases go away? (I know there is all the info. on Post-Finasteride Syndrome). If so, I will make the trade to regain good function.


AskDocWeb: According to the Propecia warning label, the side effects go away after Propecia is discontinued. However, that is in dispute. Studies suggest that somewhere between 4% and 50% of men who have sexual side effects after discontinuing Propecia regain normal function. (Source)

Propecia in Canada
Date: 3/27/2015
do I need a script in Canada for propecia? Are their any others that come to mind that are good for men?


AskDocWeb: Call your local pharmacy and they will know but we suspect it would be a prescription drug in your country too.

Long term use of Propecia?
Date: 3/29/2015
Hi i am 25 years male using finpecia for 8 months hair fall is reduced no regrowth . My question How long can i use finpecia ? Is it work for 20 years If i use 20 years of finpecia after my age will become 45 years my hair count is increased or decreased or no change or bald .atleast there is a chance finpecia will work for 20 years? Plz answer


AskDocWeb: To our knowledge there are no clinical studies to indicate how long this drug might be used effectively.
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