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If you’ve used Provillus, please help others by adding your feedback. What would you tell your best friend about this product? Please remember that we do not give medical advice. That is for your local health care provider, who is familiar with your medical history.

If I get the results I want…
If I use provillus for 1 year and i got the result that i want and i stop to take it (provillus) so i will loss again my hair


AskDocWeb: Yes, all effective products for hair loss must be used continuously in order to keep the benefits. If you stop using it then the hair that product produced will gradually fall out over the following few months. The same thing happens to those who stop using Minoxidil and Propecia.

No longer feel embarrassed
I have been taking Provillus for just over four months. My hair texture is fine and has been thinning for several years. It reached the point where it was very noticeable and embarrassing. I no longer am embarrassed as my fine, thinning hair no longer stands out. I also stopped dying my hair brunette, which seemed to spotlight the scalp through the thinning hair. I am now a blond with natural white hair growing in, and no longer feel embarrassed by my glowing white scalp showing through my thin hair. I still don’t have alot of hair as I did when I was younger, but it does not show as balding now.


AskDocWeb: Thanks for sharing your results Deb. There are a lot of women looking for this type of help.

Thickening of the hair
I am a 60 year old woman who noticed thining of my hair along the top center and front peak of my hair line. I originally took Provillus for six weeks (2 capsules per day) and during that time my hairdresser & myself noticed a thickening of the hair (not sure if the hair shaft was thicker or there was more hair growth). I did experience faster heart rate occationally and also seemed to have more mucus in my sinus. I developed sores inside my nose (similar to a cold sore which oozed a clear yellowish liquid). My hair was thicker but I decided to stop taking Provillus and within three weeks my thin hair had returned. I started Provillus again but only took 1 capsule each day. I did not have rapid heart beat but within two weeks the sores in my nose returned (only in the right nostrile)but my hair is thickening up again and I am continuing to use Provillus for the time being. (I also use Nioxin 3-step to shampoo my hair – and do colour my hair)


AskDocWeb: Please read the
Report on Nioxin
. There is a concern that the sodium laureth sulfate in some Nioxin products may be contaminated with 1,4-dioxane.

Is Provillus available in Mumbai?
Hi AskDocWeb, thanks for replied previous mail, I need one small information regarding Provillus, is it available in India, actually i stay in Mumbai, can you please provide the details of Provillus and how to use that…


AskDocWeb: We know that Provillus has a wholesales program for worldwide distribution but we don’t keep track of what stores carry it in each country. If you get the “complete solution” it has pills to take orally and a topical product that is applied to the scalp each day. Detailed instructions for use are included with your order.

New growth in hair line
I have been using provillus for a couple of years now. i am 58 year old male. It did slow loss and I have noticed new growth at my hair line so I’m ok with the results.


Losing more hair
hello there, im a women and i’ve been using provillus for over 2 weeks, i noticed that im losing even more hair, should i stop taking the pills,? btw, it’s just the pills without the solution, thank you,


AskDocWeb: That sounds like the initial period of shedding that has been reported with all effective products for hair loss. Typically it lasts less than two weeks and then it starts improving.

In the long run?
I’ve just started taking this I’m alway looking for new products on some product reviews people say when they stop a lot of hair falls out could it make your hair loss even worst in the long run?


AskDocWeb: There is a period of time after the product is discontinued where hair loss increases but that is temporary. It lasts only until you have lost all the hair that you would have lost if you had not used the product. After that the rate of hair loss returns to what it was before using the product.

Sensation on the left breast side
I used provillus for two months and found it very effective but once i stopped using it, hair fall started again. I am using it again now.its been a week only but i feel some sensation on the left breast side(the same condition mentioned in one of the reviews).i want to know should i stop using it?will it have serious side effects In long run?btw i am using privilus pills only.


AskDocWeb: Chest pain has been reported by a small percentage of those using saw palmetto, the active ingredient in Provillus. However a direct cause-effect relationship has not been established. We would discontinue use to be on the safe side. You may want to describe that sensation in more detail to your doctor to find out if it is something to be concerned about or not.

Iulka at 2 months
I’ve been using provillus for over 2 months, and im still losing hair but not as much as i used to, i realised my hair is stronger, but still thin.


AskDocWeb: Thanks Iulka, we appreciate your update.

One month
Its been a month i am using provillus for women pills but i feel hair fall is getting worst then before. Is it normal before taking any hair fall treatment? If yes then how long will it take to show some result?


AskDocWeb: A small percentage of users have reported going through a couple of weeks of increased hair loss during their first couple of months of treatment. In some cases this may be a result of paying more attention to their hair and noticing what before was overlooked. We would give it 3 or 4 months before evaluating results.

Stopping and starting again
When i first started using provillus my hair grew back within 3months of usage. I slowed down taking the product and my hair began falling out again, so i started To take it again and its been over a year and no results. why is that? also, i notice my scalp is more dry than normal or when i first started using it. is this the reason my hair is not growing?


AskDocWeb: We can only speculate but a dry scalp seems more likely to be a symptom than a cause. Did you change shampoo or conditioner during the past year, or have a major life changing event during that time?

2 pills/daily?
Hello from Greece! I just wanted to ask (as I cannot understand) if the dosage of 2 pills/daily means 2 pills at the same time or 1 pill in the morning and 1 more in the evening. Thank you!


AskDocWeb: It could be either one as it usually is just a matter of preference. However, some people experience minor indigestion taking two at once so for them taking one in the morning and one in the evening avoid that problem.

Date: 9/3/2013
Does provillus really make your penis big? 🙂 well, for me that’s a good benefits.

AskDocWeb: Provillus is a hair loss treatment for both men and women. As far as we know it has no effect on men’s genitalia.
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