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If you’ve used Provillus, please help others by adding your feedback. What would you tell your best friend about this product? Please remember that we do not give medical advice. That is for your local health care provider, who is familiar with your medical history.

Subj: Breast growth?
Date: 5/14/2009
My father and grandfather both experienced significant hair loss. I am 20 years old and have noticed that I’m shedding much more hair in the shower but I cant notice a receding hairline or thinning etc. yet. Would you recommend the use of provillus primarily as a prevention to the hair loss that will most probably be passed down on to me through my family. I read that saw palmetto can lead to breast growth. How likely is this and can it be reversed when usage is stopped? Many thanks


AskDocWeb: There seems to be a growing number of men who are taking Provillus as a preventative measure and we see nothing wrong with that. On the question of breast growth, if you are a female and your breasts are not growing because your body produces too much testosterone then saw palmetto may be helpful for breast growth. It is the estrogen that is responsible for breast growth and too much testosterone can counteract the estrogen. You have noticed that saw palmetto is in many breast enhancement pills. Men have between 1/7th and 1/9th the amount of estrogen as women. If you are a typical male with a normal estrogen level then this is not a concern.

Subj: Side effects?
Date: 5/25/2009
Does provillus cause any propecia side effects like anxiety, depression?


AskDocWeb: No, according to the manufacturer, Provillus does not have any known side effects.

Subj: Provillus and a Saw Palmetto
Date: 5/31/2009
Would it be ok to take Provillus and a Saw Palmetto extract supplement at the same time?


AskDocWeb: Saw Palmetto is the main ingredient in Provillus. The only problem that has been reported from taking additional Saw Palmetto was an upset stomach.

Subj: Weird dandruff and itch
Date: 6/14/2009
My hair is falling even more using provillus plus is giving me heavy dandruff on the front. 24 year old female using provillus for a half month. Is this normal or what? What can I do with this weird dandruff and itch. Help me what shampoo to use.


AskDocWeb: All of the products for hair loss have been reported to cause an initial period of shedding for some people. It is not clear if this is really shedding or just because a lot more attention is being paid to the hair loss. Either way, it has been reported to last from 4 to 6 weeks and there isn’t much you can do about it. On the other hand, you can do something about your dandruff and itch. The shampoo we recommend for those with hair loss is Nisim Biofactors.

Subj: Provillus supplement
Date: 6/26/2009
I just got a 6 month supply of Provillus and did not realize there was a topical solution. I will not use the minoxidil because it can cause rashes and even man boobs. What I would like to know is: Can the supplement help grow hair with out applying Minoxidil?


AskDocWeb: Yes, that is their claim and a growing number of posts by users support that claim.

Subj: One year now
Date: 7/1/2009
This product surely works. I’ve been using it for a year now. I wanted to know if it can be substituted with saw palmetto. There’s one downside though. I’ve heard saw palmetto soft gels(liquid extract) can cause side effects like propecia because of their high concentration. One user was complaining of tripping over words with it although he had a similar experience with propecia 15 days before that. So what do you recommend?


AskDocWeb: If you stick with the Provillus then you don’t have to worry about that.

Subj: So it does work
Date: 7/8/2009
I’ve been taking Provillus for about 8 months now. I notice that it works in cycles. First I lost a little bit more hair than normal, but then in their place I could feel little sprouts all over my scalp. They grew out and my hair was thicker, not by a lot but noticeable. I’m at the end of my second cycle now (I’m assuming) since I noticed a lot of hair loss for a while, but now I feel the sprouts coming up again, so it does work. I have a lot of dandruff, I’m not certain if that is due to the provillus or if I just have a lot of dandruff in the first place.


Subj: Difference between propecia and provillus
Date: 7/11/2009
I have been on propecia and monoxidil for more than a year and I’ve noticed that it has worked for me so far. However, I hear so much that propecia causes irreversible problems due to its side effects and therefore, I wanna try provillus since it’s natural. Can you explain the difference between propecia and provillus. Which product blocks the most dht?, which product has less severe side effects? Which is more effective?


AskDocWeb: The biggest difference is that Propecia is classified as a drug and Provillus is a supplement. Because of the established dangers involved with the use of Propecia it is limited by law to prescription use only. Provillus has no such restriction and you don’t need a prescription to buy Provillus. Propecia appears to block more DHT but it also has more reported side effects. Propecia is not recommended for use by women because of the danger of birth defects while Provillus may be used by both men and women.

Subj: What is the point?
Date: 7/17/2009
Hi, I wanna know what is the point for us to take the treatment? We know that once we stop use the product, the problem will continue. So that mean we have to take it forever or several years till we get old? Also, this product work for all kind of hair loss like bald (crown), temple, the front? My forehead is forming the M shape now. I know the hair line is getting thin now. Help pls


AskDocWeb: In most cases the idea is delay hair loss as long as possible. You do want to have hair, right? We are collecting consumer reviews here so that you don’t have to rely just on company ads. You tell us if it works and if so, how well and in what areas. If you find something else that works, a lot of other men would also like to know about it.

Subj: Shedding with Provillus and Propecia
Date: 7/17/2009
Hello, I know that you’ve recommended not to use provillus and propecia together for men. Is that the same for women as well? I’ve also been using this product for about a month and I’m noticing more shedding that usual. Is that normal?


AskDocWeb: We do not recommend Propecia because of the possible sexual side effects it has on men, up to 33% according to an article in Science Direct (April 1998). Propecia is not recommended for use by women because of the possibility of causing a specific birth defect. Since there is no data available on the use of Propecia by women who can no longer have a child, there is no recommendation one way or another. Going through a period of increased shedding has been reported with all hair loss products, mostly within the first three months.

Subj: I want to try Provillus
Date: 7/20/2009
I hear about a few weeks about Provillus and I want to try. I want to ask you about side efects. (pregnancy, sexual). Sorry for my English.


AskDocWeb: Both men and women have been reporting on their results with Provillus for over 2 years now and only one man reported sexual side effects and he admitted to having sexual side effects previously from taking Propecia. There is no evidence that it has any affect on pregnancy.

Subj: Provillus for men
Date: 7/22/2009
I am a 19 year old female experiencing hair loss. I just ordered the Provillus treatment, but they sent me Provillus for men instead of for women. I thought I’d use it anyway, since I asked my dermatologist and she said it would be okay, as long as I use it once a day and not get any of the liquid on my face. Will using Provillus for men, being a woman, help regrow my hair, as well as stop it from falling out?


AskDocWeb: There is no evidence that the stronger solution that men use is any more effective for women than it is for men. There is a good chance that it will help but give it a few months and let us know what you think.

Subj: Tremendous results with no side affects
Date: 7/24/2009
I am a 60 year old woman who suffered hair loss for about five years. I used Provillus for 6 months and had tremendous results with no side affects. When I did stop taking it (loss of job) it took about two months before my hair started to fall out again. I can’t wait to start taking it again!


Subj: It works for me
Date: 7/24/2009
I have used Provillus for nearly 2 years now. I had hair that was very patchy just above my left temple area, and I could see too much of my scalp in places on the top of my head. I decided to try this product for women & my hairdresser has even noticed the difference. Granted I guess I’ll always have thin hair, but there’s no more “basically bald” spot near my forehead. It took some time, so I had to be patient. Within a few months I had less hair in the sink. Toward a year I saw more hair on my scalp. I’m nearing 40, so I don’t wish to stop using this product. It works for me.


Subj: Provillus supplement
Date: 7/25/2009
I would like to take provillus supplement not the topical solution…Will supplement stops my hair loss and regrow my lost hair…Please advice.


AskDocWeb: That is the question we hope to answer by collecting consumer reviews here. We want at least a hundred comments about results before making any kind of recommendation.

Subj: Keeping the regrowth
Date: 8/2/2009
If I stop taking Provillus. Will the new hair growth eventually fall out completely? Do I have to keep taking the product to keep the regrowth?


AskDocWeb: Yes, that is the way it works with hair loss products. It is the same with Propecia and Minoxidil. You have to keep using them in order to keep the new hair.

Subj: Zulvera herbal shampoo
Date: 8/3/2009
I am using zulvera herbal shampoo and I want to know that can I also take provillus capsule twice a day.


AskDocWeb: There are no reports of any problems with using any shampoo with Provillus.

Subj: Beta Blockers
Date: 8/13/2009
Beta Blockers decrease the heart rate, reduce palpitations and can also decrease peripheral blood circulation affecting blood flow to the scalp resulting in hair loss. Therefore, isn’t it possible that Beta Blockers might interfere with or inhibit the potential benefits of Provillus?


AskDocWeb: Yes, it may come as a surprise to some but hair loss is one of the rare side effects of beta-blockers. For some unknown reason the beta-blockers disturb the natural growth cycle of hair and the follicles go into a continuous shedding process. Although it can be disturbing, hair loss caused by beta-blockers is reversible if you go off the drug. Read the next page of feedback.
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