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Prozac Feedback

This forum is for those who have used Prozac. If you’ve used Prozac, please help others by adding your feedback. What would you tell your best friend about this product? Please remember that we do not give medical advice. That is for your local health care provider, who is familiar with your medical history.

Feeling really down
Date: 12/1/2010
I have been taking prozac for just over a month.. Mainly because of my severe mood swings and depression with PMS?used to happen 2 weeks before I started my period…I have also been trying to quit drinking as I tend to enjoy it a little too much. 1st few weeks were ok, then got better… and I felt lifted… but then I started my period and generally that’s the easy part.. 2 weeks of freedom… but this is the first time I am feeling really down… miserable… and needy… and the other night I drank after a month… and decided to burn a cigarette into my arm… I dont know why I am feeling so down right now… am seeing my doc on Friday…. dont know what to do to stop myself feeling so awfull.. I feel dirty and filthy inside for some reason.. and I really dont know why…


AskDocWeb: What helps a lot of people to get past “feeling down” is thinking about the future, making plans, goals, things you can look forward to and work towards. Shifting your thinking from bad things that have happened in the past to good things you want in your future can make a major difference in how you feel. Imagine that, vividly.

De-motivated and lazy
Date: 12/10/2010
I took prozac (fluoxintine) several years ago because of OCD and anger. But stopped taking it after about a year. It really helped with both my problems but I felt very demotivated and lazy. I felt I couldn’t get anything done, This is my perception, I never had negative comments from my boss. Well recently, due to anger, I started again with 20 mg. and feel much more calm, but very lazy, typically I exercise daily, but just prefer to sit and watch TV. I wish there was an alternative to balance my life.


Prozac is a bliss killer
Date: 10/9/2011
Here’s the way I see it, Prozac is a true bliss killer. It cost my relationship 8 years ago when after taking it for a few years it made me believe I didn’t love my wife who at the time was my best friend. She left me after getting prozac herself. My colleagues and I have an opinion after hearing about others. It destroys passion,decreases happiness, hides love and also gets rid of sadness, which through certain doses equals your bliss. It does this by making you believe that a mello, everything will be fine attitude. I believe only the happiest and most loving couples have bliss. Anyway I never really wanted another serious relationship, cant hardly love without passion. After starting to feel numb and hearing it might be the prozac, I quit. Talk about withdrawls, dont let em fool you.

After a week or two I started hurting deep inside and missing my wife. She had been married since but left him a month later, told her bout quitting, she had to go to a rehab center for five weeks. There were literally heroine addicts thinking she had it bad. She missed me immediately and we are closer than ever. The thing is the closer a couple is the more you dont understand why your not happy any more. For instance so called soulmates probably have higher happy and passion levels which equals more bliss. Since prozac levels and kills these emotions you think you’re miserable and angry that you have no passion.

U Know

Creeping fatigue
Date: 12/7/2011
I love being energetic and working and playing hard. I had alot of vacation time saved up and I was starting to get way to angry and serious at work while feeling a sense of depression but I could still muster up strength always even in the weakest of times to make things happen and get stuff done. I took leave to catch up on important family stuff while getting myself in order as I can’t be out of control at work. I was also given Prozac in which initially seemed to help me. Normally I can detect changes in my body very fast. But Prozac crept on me slowly where I hardly noticed the fatigue and dismissed them as other natural causes.

I kept my normal routines over the next few weeks to tough it out for my family, but I was gradually losing focus, intensity and libido and suddenly the weight of it became obvious that something was wrong with me. I didn’t know what it was though. Because prozac seemed successful in the first week I assumed it was good for me and didn’t even consider it as poison of sorts till I was desperate and tried everything to fix myself. I was at the point of barely being able to do simple tasks like read and basically feeling useless and thinking how good can I possibly be to my family and loved ones now. They thought I for some reason just became crazy lazy because outwardly it didn’t seem to effect me that much as I’m pretty athletic and have to be strong and focused at work for long hours.

For some reason I caught myself getting ready to take my usual morning dose and thought maybe I should break this routine in the hopes that I would gradually feel better, thinking it may take a week or two. To my surprise, within one day my mind & body came back to what seemed to be super focus and strength all at once and I was back into my efficient zone by day 3 and feeling like a Super Hero as it literally was like taking a two ton weight off of my mind, body and spirit. I guess my body was screaming at me to get rid of the stuff by that point but I had hardly any energy to keep my ideas for remedies in my head long enough and motivation was the hardest thing in the world to do. It was ridiculous to me because I’m typically an egotistical type gung ho soldier who doesn’t like to ever show a lack of energy and I didn’t gradually get weaker like most do when they stop being active for awhile. It felt as if it happened very hard all of the sudden, which of course I kept trying to find good reasons for that I could work out. Inside of me I really did know the solution was probably so simple like they usually are and for some reason I couldn’t see it. Stuff that are so strong that they will not allow you to sleep wouldn’t work at me by that point. At least I had enough presence of mind to know I had better try something. What a learning experience.

I finally knew how people with low energy felt and my compassion has grown. My heart goes out to all you guys who posted and have been the victims of Prozac. I couldn’t even get motivated with strong coffee and stimulants in my system while on that Poison. I call it poison because what kind of stuff is so powerful that it can weaken you to the point retardation while you internally scream and fight with all your might while searching out and taking more & more potent stimulants to help. I kick myself for taking 3 months to figure out the decline of my abilities. Someone told me I was old and I started to believe them, but I thought I’m only 35, it’s gotta be something else.

My whole family was shocked when I rocked back into our gym, worked overnight as soon as I decided to not take any prozac at all without any recuperation time. I didn’t even have any withdrawal symptoms. I just became normal again. Whew. I like helping people period, but I really like feeling needed, and started feeling I’m not much use to anyone at all. It was such a blow to my ego to have my wife see me like this and her not know that I was really trying. I was by myself looking in all the wrong places for something that worked. I looked like a half hearted wuss which was different for me as I’m supposed to be a fit athlete and yet I was moving like an old man and was considering getting a cane to make my walks easier. I thought I was gonna pass out sometimes as I tried with all my might to do simple household chores. I’m not taking anything that the corrupt medical system says is okay for your mind anymore.

Now a whole new group of victims have come to my attention and I hope they are as fortunate as me and not have had to completely lose the joys of freedom and their families. I almost lost them though as people were quick to give up on me as the signs weren’t really that obvious and when I came back and was of able to express myself and communicate, they all understood and felt bad for not trusting me. I don’t blame them though because I know it looked. It is one sneaky drug which forces the patient almost to run out of ideas and be left entirely in the corrupt hands of the medical community in which point they have the legal authority to do whatever they want with you once they’ve figured out a way to create a convincing reason.

Sorry for the long windedness. But this happened so recently that I’m still thrilled to be back to normal with good health, strength and energy. I found out how my close buds were getting ready to bail on me. I’m telling ya that drug is tough to detect and the signs can be hard to find as our minds are always coming up with reasons for things. Apparrently my personality also starting to become more distant as when we pieced my interactions and conversations together after looking more closely into it, We found I rarely accepted information as it was being communicated and all always received it and read it as something else and would respond in kind, not always nice either. When I stopped taking Prozac, it was very much like being resurrected from the Dead in time to prove to everyone how much alive you really are and how important they are to you even if they weren’t able to help.

I could go on and on but hearing and reading similar stories after my Rise from the grave, my heart wanted to connect and share the truth of my similar experience of this Prozac that may seem helpful but truly imprisons you till the point where you accept whatever madness that befalls you while not being able to do anything like protest, scream or nothing. I should have just natural remedied myself through other means without corrupt psych meds. I kick myself as I should have know better than to seek a cure from people who don’t make the big satisfactory profits unless you become dependant on them. I’m pretty resilient to most stuff. Like I said, I’m required to stay focused and energetic almost all the time where I thrive at work. And that stuff could have crippled me. Writing this just makes the realization more obvious to me and on a good note I guess I learned to be a more thankful person for every moment we have.


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