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If you’ve used Renova, please help others by adding your feedback. What would you tell your best friend about this product? Please remember that we do not give medical advice. That is for your local health care provider, who is familiar with your medical history. You can use the form below to add your comments, feedback or Renova review.

Subj: Tiny broken veins
Date: 6/12/2005
I have been using Renova for three years and I did notice an improvement the first year, but now after three years of use, I have noticed tiny broken veins appearing close to the surface of my face. I was advised to discontinue and try glycollic treatment instead.


Date: 7/6/2005
Does Renova cause facial hair? There are tests at the moment where it is used with another treatment for baldness? Please could you tell me if it would cause facial hair, and also where can I buy Renova if it doesn’t cause facial hair?


AskDocWeb: Renova is used for fine lines and wrinkles. And it doesn’t cause facial hair. You can get a prescription for Renova from your doctor.

Subj: Renova and laser hair removal
Date: 7/6/2005
I have been using renova for 6 months, I have recently started having laser treatment to remove facial hair and noticed its not working, is this due to still using renova? If I stop it while having laser to remove facial hair can I start it after I have finished treatment and will this cause facial hair to grow back once it has been removed with laser. The laser I’m using at moment is energist ultra.


AskDocWeb: We are not familiar with that particular laser. Typically you would stop applying any med to your face while undergoing laser treatment. The Renova will not cause hair to return after treatment.

Subj: Skin discoloration
Date: 10/12/2004
I’ve been using Renova 0.05% for 7 weeks and have used around 10 grams thus far. I have had a lot of peeling right away, making me look like I am decomposing. I also seem to be orangier or darker overall lately. Also, I managed to tear or burn my skin waxing my face (DON’t DO THIS – TRUST THE WARNINGS!), so I am using only Polysporin on the area as per the pharmacist until it heals. I am trying to figure out whether the Renova is only now starting to change my colour, or if I had gotten caught in the sun a couple of times since starting it and I am now sun burnt/tanned (the sunscreen wears off apparently – who knew?) and this will go away.

The discoloration only appears on my whole face where I apply Renova. Otherwise, it works nicely on the wrinkles, etc. I am normally very fair skinned – I wonder if the moisturizers are making my colour go weird? I have heard that Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair can react weirdly in the sun… (I just started to use it in the morning to calm my skin before applying my SPF 15 moisturizer and SPF 60 sunscreen). Any thoughts or reactions like this?


AskDocWeb: Haven’t heard of anyone’s face turning brown from using Renova. You may want to see a dermatologist about this discoloration.

Subj: Renova and hair loss
Date: 10/15/2004
I have been using 0.25% Renova cream for about 2 years, and although I am happy with the results upon my face, I am worried about hair loss that I have been experiencing. Can continued use of the cream cause chronic hair loss?


AskDocWeb: While you are concerned about hair loss, others are concern about hair growth caused by Renova. We have seen no evidence that it causes either one.

Subj: Renova headaches?
Date: 11/24/2005
I have just recently started using Renova. I have been experiencing headaches. Could it be from the Renova?


AskDocWeb: It isn’t a listed side effect of Renova. Are you protecting yourself from the sun? Exposure to sunlight can cause headaches due to the sensitivity this drug causes.

Subj: Lines around eyes
Date: 12/11/2005
I saw the question about using Renova for fine lines right around the eye, but I’m not sure I’m clear on it. My Dr. gave me a script for it specifically because the lines around my eyes are getting somewhat MAPlike, and this is one trip I don’t want to take. Please tell me that the $100 I spent was not wasted. Can I use it around my eyes if I am careful to dab it just along the bone where it won’t go in my eye or do I really need this Avatone? So far I’ve been using the Renova for about 4 months but I am not being consistant because it seems the lines are deepening. I’m 47. Thank you,


AskDocWeb: You don’t need the Avatone. If you continue to use the Renova, your money is not wasted. You need to give it at least 6 months of daily use however, Renova is meant for fine lines and wrinkles. It may not work for the deeper lines.

Subj: Forehead breaking out
Date: 12/19/2005
I have used Renova for 29 years and it is wonderful. Lately, I have had breaking out on my forehead. I am 79. I wonder if this is the result of many years of use. The last time I saw my dermatologist, I asked if I should stop using it and she said I should keep using it. What is you opinion for prolonged use?


AskDocWeb: The breaking out of your forehead sounds like a problem unrelated to the Renova. If you keep your forehead oil free and use a good cleanser on that area, it should clear up.

Subj: Best plan for Retin-A usage
Date: 1/26/2006
Hi! I’m 44 and was a sun worshipper most of my life. Now, of course, it’s too late to turn back the clock but want to do the best with what I have left. I was prescribed Retin-A .02%. I realized that I have been using more than I should in a single application but am not sure if I should keep applying the product even though my skin is sensitive and burning after cleansing. Please help–I don’t want to halt the progress but also don’t want to give myself a chemical burn. I seemed to have experienced a burn from the Retin-A under my chin at the top of my neck. The skin became sensitive to the touch and after giving it a break in that area for a few days and just applying moisturizer it looked like plastic the way a healed burn from fire would look. Luckily it has healed but don’t want to deal with the same affect on my face if I push too hard. Please let me know what the best plan of action is. Thanks for a helpful website!


AskDocWeb: From your description, the burning sensation after cleansing would seem to indicate discontinuing use of Renova but talk to your doctor to be sure. Damage done by the sun is irreversible for such sensitive skin. Use the best moisturizer you can find. You shouldn’t have to suffer with red, burning, and damaged skin caused by the Renova due to your sensitive skin.

Subj: Renova side effects
Date: 2/13/2005
I have been using Renova for 4 days. I am very fair complexed with a beautiful complexion. I am beginning to get dry, about to be 50. I want some good products for the rest of my life for my skin. Dermatologist put me on Cetaphil for cleanser, Renova, then will start with M.D. Forte. After 4 days, I am burning slightly, scaly-like, tingly, rough – is this normal? Should I still use the product? he says use every night for a month. Do I moisturize and with what? I am at a loss? I don’t really like this guy – horrible bedside manner – HELP!


AskDocWeb: Sounds like your doctor has a horrible bedside manor. Some doctors were geeks in high school and never got around to perfecting their bedside manner. Remember you can always change doctors.

It sounds like you are going through a stage of peeling that is normal when you first start using Renova. An elderly lady wrote us that she had been using it for many years with great results so just be patient. Using a moisturizer is a good idea. If your skin becomes very red and burns, then your skin may be just too sensitive to use Renova.

Subj: Renova dry mouth?
Date: 3/4/2006
I have been using a sample (from the dermatologist) of the .05 Renova for under-eye wrinkles for a couple of weeks. Is there any way this product could be causing me to have an extremely dry mouth?


AskDocWeb: It shouldn’t, but it can interact with other products. Use caution when using Renova with the following:

  • topical agents with strong drying effects
  • high concentration of alcohol
  • astringents
  • strong spices
  • lime
  • permanent wave solutions
  • electrolhysis
  • waxes
  • medicated soaps
  • abrasive soaps
  • cleansers

Subj: Renova and liver counts
Date: 3/10/2006
Have you ever had a case where Renova was linked to higher liver counts? We are searching for what would have caused a change in mine. Thank you for any information.


AskDocWeb: The Physician’s Desk Reference mentions a 91-week dermal study in which a dose-related incidence of liver tumors in male mice was observed at doses 10 and 20 times the maximum human dose. The biological significance of these findings is not clear but there may be a link between the two.

Subj: Fragrance
Date: 3/20/2006
Is there a difference in the effectiveness and/or the fragrance of the generic brands of Renova (tretinion + emollient)?


AskDocWeb: Yes, there may be a difference in the fragrance (different manufacturers) but the difference in effectiveness is minor.

Subj: Still peeling after 3 weeks of use
Date: 4/8/2006
I have been using Renova .05% every other night for about 3 weeks now. My skin is peeling so badly, I look awful but I don’t want to stop using it. I don’t have any burning or redness, just peeling. How long will this side effect last?


AskDocWeb: It sounds like you may be overdoing it by using too much. Try reducing the amount applied and see if that helps.

Date: 4/13/2006
I apply Renova at night. Can I follow it with a moisturizer? I go to bed feeling very dry….


AskDocWeb: Many people don’t like the feeling of dry skin, especially when going to bed. It’s difficult to go to sleep with a tight feeling on your face. Applying a light cream seems to work well as long as you allow the Renova to completely dry, about 20 minutes.

Date: 4/19/2006
I just started using Renova a few days ago as a “wrinkle cream”. I am now breaking out, which I don’t normally have a problem with. Should I discontinue the Renova?


AskDocWeb: Most patients report some peeling, dry skin, burning, stinging and redness. These usually occur early in the treatment and are only temporary, that is unless you are over doing it. If any of these become a problem contact your doctor.

Subj: Renova is recommended
Date: 5/1/2006
The doctor recommended renova because I had a lot of black heads when I was younger. Within a half a year it cleared up my skin well. Great product and I highly recommend! it and have been using it on and off for a decade. Its less harsh than plain retin-a.


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