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Subj: Amazing results
Date: 8/6/2007
Hi, years ago I used a benzoyl peroxide cream all over my face for acne every morning and night(very silly), I should have only applied it lightly. Since then it seems my skin has become fat? My skin doesn’t feel as tight as it used to be and it looks like I’ve lost alot of weight around my face as the amount of skin I now have is unbelievable. Is this due to losing my elasticity in my skin from the cream? I’ve been using aminogenesis for rosacea and acne and the results I’ve been getting are really amazing my skin looks very shiny and white instead of pink! Because my problem has got better, the pinkness and acne from aminogenesis’ products my doctor gave me retin A, hopefully to completely remove my problem for once. Would I be allowed to use aminogenesis with retin A? I’m pretty sure I’m not supposed to but aminogenesis is amino acids the building blocks of all living tissue. What’s the best thing for my skin to become tighter again?


AskDocWeb: Using the two together is not recommended, better to use just the Retin by itself followed by a moisturizer a half hour later.

Subj: No problems
Date: 8/9/2007
Hello, I’ve been using the 0.025% retin-a cream for about a week now and haven’t had any problems like flaking and redness. I’m wondering though if it would be okay in terms of the product’s effectiveness to put the stuff on right after I wash my face without waiting a half hour since I haven’t been having any bad skin reactions. I’ve done it a few times and didn’t see any difference between using right after or 30 minutes later.


AskDocWeb: Think about it for a moment. If you saturate your skin with water then you are probably wasting the cream because it can’t soak in to skin that is already saturated with liquid. I imagine that’s why you aren’t having any of the typical flaking or redness.

Subj: Redness of retin-A
Date: 8/14/2007
Is there any cream or moisturizer that can lessen the redness of retin-A application?


AskDocWeb: Sorry, there is no product to reduce that redness. Others have reported success with reducing the amount used each time or using it every other day.

Subj: Light spots
Date: 8/15/2007
I have been using Retin A for about 3 weeks now and I have noticed improvement with my acne and the scars are beginning to lighten but I am starting to get some light spots on some areas of my face. At first I wasn’t using sunscreen with the Retin A. Will these light spots ever go away?


AskDocWeb: They should balance out over time but it may take awhile.

Subj: Adult acne
Date: 8/15/2007
I have adult acne mainly on my chin. It’s better in the summer months and worse in the winter months. This summer the breakouts have lessened but I still have bumps under the skin that will eventually surface. My dermatologist just prescribed me Retin-A Micro and wants me to start it now. He also wants me to start an oral antibiotic in the fall. He told me to mix the Retin-A with Aveeno facial lotion to lessen the strength of it. Everything I’ve read on this site says don’t mix it with other lotions. Is that because it will simply lessen the strength and take longer to work? Or is it because it will make it absorb into the skin faster and possibly cause more burning/peeling? Thanks for your response.


AskDocWeb: It depends on what the lotion has in it. If it’s not an abrasive cleanser then it is less likely to cause a problem but it will dilute the Retin-A.

Subj: Experiencing chronic headaches
Date: 8/15/2007
I’ve been using retin-A microbe for a couple of months now. I’ve been experiencing mild but chronic headaches across my forehead for about 5 or 6 weeks now. I’ve never suffered from headaches before and nothing else has changed in my health, diet, lifestyle, or stress levels. I can’t help but think it’s a side effect from the topical. Oh, the only other thing I started about a two months ago is neutrogena’s helioplex sunblock.


AskDocWeb: You could try stopping one of the products and find out if the headaches subside. If the headache persist then you could try discontinuing the other one. It’s also possible that the headaches may have another cause.

Subj: Chemical peels and conception
Date: 8/17/2007
I have had 3 chemical peels in the last 5 to 6 months. All three chemical peels had highly concentrated levels of vitamin A in them. I had two vitamin A peels and one peel called the Jessner peel. I am extremely alarmed because my husband and I want to conceive a baby around Dec/Jan of this year. Would my child be in danger of birth defects from the retin A/ vitamin A peels? How long does Retin A stay in your blood stream? Is there anything I can do to flush my system of this chemical?


AskDocWeb: Remember that your body does use vitamin A for growth and repair of body tissue. It’s when you get too much that it becomes a problem, like the chemical peels. There are two kinds of vitamin A; the vitamin A your body makes from beta-carotene and pre-formed vitamin A. The beta-carotene found naturally in plants is converted into vitamin A by your body, as it is needed. This is far less toxic than the pre-formed vitamin A. That’s why women of child-bearing age are advised to choose foods that contain vitamin A in the form of beta-carotene rather than pre-formed vitamin A, whenever possible. The vitamin A in fruits and vegetables is in the form of beta-carotene, and high intakes of vitamin A from these sources is generally not a concern. An overdose of vitamin A does take a long time dissipate. It has a half-life in the body of about 286 days. That may sound bad but it doesn’t necessarily apply to you. The concern with Vitamin A seems to be limited to use of large doses around the time of conception or early in pregnancy.

Subj: Hydrating moisturizer?
Date: 8/18/2007
Is it okay to use a hydrating moisturizer during the night after having applied Retin-A to the face?


AskDocWeb: Yes, those who have had success with this say to allow 20 minutes to a half hour after applying the Retin-A before applying the moisturizer.

Subj: At first I hated it
Date: 8/23/2007
Retin A and Obagi. I’ve been using Retin A along with “Blender” at night, and “Clear” and sunblock in the morning for about two years. At first I hated it and the effect on my skin. I could use it once a week no more. Now I use it 4 or 5 X a week. At 48 years old I have virtually no wrinkles (I used to have them)except a few around my eyes (I don’t use this stuff on my eyes). My pores have minimized, and my old acne scars are almost unnoticeable. I don’t think my skin feels thinner and I haven’t noticed facial hair (I’ll check again :)) I’ve been told Retin A promotes Collagen production, so I think it would thicken and plump the skin rather than thin it out.


Subj: After 6 years, from a guy
Date: 8/23/2007
I’m a guy. I’m vain. Now let’s cut to the chase. I was about to undergo laser treatment for lines and crepeness around my eyes that even Botox could not fix. Then I received the $4000.00 estimate to go with laser! Money issues aside, I was also concerned about the risk of skin pigmentation loss from the treatment. Long story short; started cautiously using generic Retin-a and within a couple of months, after the somewhat annoying peeling and irritation lessened, I noticed amazing results that continue to hold up even after 6 years. I already had seborrheic dermatitis causing skin irritation but much of that, like the uneven, almost unclean looking skin tone that is one of it’s symptoms, has cleared up. I have not a line on my face because of this product and although I continue to use Botox (around my eyes only) I only go twice a year. The best thing about this miracle product is it is dirt cheap. I’m 50 years old.


Subj: Exterminate red Spots?
Date: 8/27/2007
Two years ago, I used Proactive and ended up with Sunburn. I did not get any treatment. My face was exposed to the sun until I couldn’t take it, I went to see a dermatologist and she gave me Doryx to use for 6 months. Then I stopped using it for 4 months. After that pimples started to go crazy including red spots. Then I went to see another dermatologist because red spots haven’t gone (over a year). He prescribed Retin A. I’ve been using it for 4 weeks with some improvements. However, I think my skin is kinda red + peeling skin. Can Retin A micro gel actually exterminate red Spots? If yes then how long? Thank You!

Red Spots!!!

AskDocWeb: The red spots should disappear although it could take up to three months.

Subj: Sunburn
Date: 8/27/2007
I have been using Retin-A consistently for about 8 weeks. I was in prolonged sun and was wearing SPF 30 sunscreen applied in the AM but was watching my son’s baseball game and didn’t realize that I had gotten a sunburn. My face has small consistent bumps and looks swollen. This had happened before and I thought it was a reaction to a medication or face cream I was using at the time. It took about 4 weeks to go away (I had stopped using the retin-a 6 months ago because of that and recently restarted it.) How can I speed up the healing process and how dangerous was my skin exposure. Using .01%


AskDocWeb: You can speed up healing process by avoiding further sun damage and irritation. It shouldn’t have caused any permanent damage to your skin, but if you continue to get too much sun it could.

Subj: Spider veins
Date: 8/28/2007
I stooped using retin A 10 years ago and I now have so many spider veins on the area that I used the cream my nose, face, chin and I am only 40. I wonder if it is a side effect of using it?


AskDocWeb: Retin-A has been reported to make existing spider veins worse. You might want to consult with a dermatologist.

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