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If you’ve used Retin-A, please help others by adding your feedback. What would you tell your best friend about this product? Please remember that we do not give medical advice. That is for your local health care provider, who is familiar with your medical history. You can use the form below to add your comments, feedback or Retin-a review.

Subj: Advice for Retin-A users
Date: 8/17/2004
I have been using Retin-A daily, for almost a year, to try to reduce the appearance of wrinkles (smile line, forehead, and around eyes), and have seen no noticeable reduction of wrinkles. My best advice for you is to minimize exposure to the sun, or wear a hat outdoors, maybe sunblock too. Good Luck.


Subj: Oral Retin – A?
Date: 8/13/2004
I have recently started using Retina – A cream. The problem I’m having is when I wash my face the cream comes ‘out’ of my skin and runs into my mouth as a diluted liquid. Will this harm me at all. Thanks


AskDocWeb: I doubt if it will make you sick but, well, try to keep your mouth shut when you wash your face.

Subj: Retin A around eyes
Date: 8/20/2004
Hello, my dermatologist told me to use the retin A on my whole face and around eyes for the wrinkles but I see you don’t recommend this, correct?


AskDocWeb: We recommend following both your doctor’s advice and the manufacturer’s instructions. Ask your dermatologist how close to your eyes you can safely use this product.

Subj: Wart like growth
Date: 8/23/2004
I’m using a sample of Retin-A on a single wart looking growth in the genital area to reduce and hopefully eliminate it. Has it been used for that before?? Is this advisable?? Is it effective? I used it before for a short time, it reduced the intruder, but it came back bigger. Thanks,


AskDocWeb: We suggest you have a dermatologist look at this growth to make sure it is not cancerous. Treating yourself without knowing what you are dealing with is a bad idea.

Subj: Retin-a and darkening skin
Date: 9/7/2004
I used Retin-a about 5 years ago for almost a year and it cleared my skin up completely, however, for some reason I stopped using it and of course my acne came back. I have started back using it for almost a week and it has darkened my skin very much. I don’t remember this happing the first time. It has really affected my appearance. Should I continue to use it and if so, how long will this discoloration last?


AskDocWeb: According to the manufacturer, this darkening of the skin is both common and temporary, but they don’t say how long it lasts.

Subj: Wonderful results with Retin-A
Date: 9/9/2004
I have been using Retin-A over seven year, with wonderful results. I use it for treatment of acne in addition to other products and at 34 my skin is in the best condition it has ever been. If used as directed the results are great, it is not a short term fix.


Subj: Long term use of Retin-a
Date: 9/19/2004
I have been using Retin-A Micro for over a year now, but no longer have acne problems. Should I continue using it? Are there any risks I need to be aware of? I was also told that Retin-A is good for the skin and prevents aging.


AskDocWeb: You should be aware that this medication is not to be used if you are pregnant. As for long-term use, several women have reported using Retin-a for over 10 years to keep their skin looking young. One is still using it after 26 years. Another woman says that she has used Retin-a since it was invented, and she was 70 years old in 2004. Some discontinue use for up to three months and then start again.

Consider using a sunblock on those areas where you use Retin-a because it makes your skin photosensitive. If not, you may develop brownish spots called hyperpigmentation. In very rare cases, patients may develop adverse effects to Retin-a, even if the drug seemed effective in the early stages. If you notice a change for the worse, stop using it and talk to a dermatologist.

Subj: Very positive results
Date: 9/20/2004
I really don’t think you want to print anything positive about retin a. I have used it 15 years. The results are very positive for me. I have an identical twin. I am 55. She is the one who got me started using it. I get comments all the time how I do not have any wrinkles. She quit using it because she likes to tan. She has a lot more wrinkles than I do. Retin a will help even out the skin spots. I endured the flaking and peeling. Now I use it 3 time a week to keep the results. I alternate an abrasive scrub on mornings I don’t use it. Retin a is great. People need to be well versed on how to use it. I read an article a Dr. wrote about 15 years ago. I follow his directions. Most of what is printed is negative on Retin A.


AskDocWeb: Sometimes there are several negative (or positive) posts in a row but, I assure you that we do print both sides.

Subj: Using a moisturizer with retin-a?
Date: 9/21/2004
I have been in Retin-A “maintenance” for several years. At this stage of my life, I find I need a night & day moisturizer and question if retin-a can be used in conjunction with a nighttime moisturizer or will this reduce the effectiveness?


AskDocWeb: Long time users recommend using a moisturizer, although they do say to let the Retin-A dry (20 minutes) before applying it.

Subj: Helpful tips for using Retin A
Date: 9/29/2004
I have just started using Regin A .5%, and I can see remarkable improvements in my skin. I am 43 years old, and also an aesthetician. I did use Regin A when it was first approved by the FDA in the 80’s. My skin reacted terribly to it, as I was not told how to use it properly.
It is most important to let your skin dry for at least 30 minutes after using a mild skin cleanser (not soap).
And after applying a moisturizer with humectants in it, even if you have acne.
Next, in the morning, always, always use sunscreen and moisturizer.
Also, avoid using abrasive cleansers and anything with perfume on your skin.
Make sure the sunscreen you use doesn’t irritate the skin.
It really keeps the pores unclogged and I notice a healthy glow to my skin. Use all of these precautions, and the results are positive.


Subj: Skin looks worse
Date: 9/30/2004
I have been using retin a for about 3 months. The skin under, and around my eyes look terrible. I look 20 years older. Very flaky, and the wrinkles and creases look much worse…please tell me this is temporary. I assumed that the dead skin slouging, and flaking was normal, but now it feels tight, and like I said looks worse????


AskDocWeb: Sounds like you may be using too much or not using a moisturizer. Please read the post above about helpful tips.

Subj: Getting irritated eyelids
Date: 10/4/2004
I keep on trying Retin-A Micro & every time I try it, I use it for about a week & my eyelids get so irritated (swollen, red, itchy) that I have to stop the medicine. I would put it on every night on my whole face but I’ve never heard of anyone’s eyes being affected like this. Why would they get so irritated when I don’t put the medicine on my eyes??


AskDocWeb: You may have another case of “applying too much” cream. Try using a little less.

Subj: Using other products with Retin-A
Date: 10/26/2004
I have been able to get a straight answer about using Retin-A with other skin “treatment” products. Yeah, I know, they may be faith-based, but isn’t the power of the mind a wonderful thing? Anyway, I want to know if you can use these other products with Retin-A. If so, do you apply them under or over the Retin-A?


AskDocWeb: Without knowing what products you are referring to, we can only offer is a generality; Wait at least twenty minutes between applying Retin-A and using another product.

Subj: Tridesilon or Desowen cream
Date: 10/29/2004
Do you have any feedback on a topical cortico-steroid called Tridesilon or Desowen cream? It seems to have given me a skin condition far worse than what I used it to treat — permanent dry flaky skin wherever it was applied. I was wondering if other people had the same problem. Thanks,


AskDocWeb: We have no feedback yet but, now that you have asked, maybe someone will comment.

Subj: Laugh lines
Date: 11/14/2004
I have used Retin A for four years. I am 36 years old. My skin does look good and I am pleased with the Retin A. I do have laugh lines that just seem to be more stubborn than I had anticipated. Would you recommend that I continue to apply the Retin A on my laugh lines or is there something else that would be better? I don’t have any other wrinkles to speak of but am very self-conscience of the laugh lines. Any advice?


AskDocWeb: It sounds like you are doing fairly well with the Retin A. The only effective alternative we can think of is expensive. You have to ask yourself if the laugh lines are important enough for you to consider plastic surgery. If anyone has done this, we would like to hear from you. How long did it take, recovery time, cost, etc., would be interesting reading.

Subj: Retin-A and the Obagi Skin Care System
Date: 11/25/2004
I’ve used Retin-A along with the Obagi Skin Care System for 3+ years now, and initially the results were great; however, now (keeping in mind that I only use it once a week, and have decided to now discontinue using the products) I’ve noticed that my skin has softened up dramatically, almost like it’s thinned out some and has lost it’s firmness. I have to agree with Susan, who spoke earlier on the message board about excess hair growth and thinning of the skin caused by retin-a (perhaps combined with the other products in Obagi skin care system), as I’ve noticed on my face increased hair growth and my cheeks appear to be hollowed, like I’ve lost fat in those areas. Doctor’s also seem not to know what I talk about, but I know that my face has changed as a result of using the Obagi skin care system and retin-a, and I’d like advice on how I can thicken up my skin again. I just recently turned 26 in the month of September, so I know that age is not a factor in this. Thank you.


Date: 11/29/2004
I was wondering if you ever get frustrated by the overwhelming number of people who do not READ THE LABELS on their medication. You have much more patience than me!


AskDocWeb: Some people have to read the same thing several times before it sticks. And for some, reading is not their preferred way to learn new things.

Subj: Bad acne
Date: 11/30/2004
About 2 years ago, I had started suffering from acne. I started to use ro accutane, which worsened my acne, although I was aware that it would take a couple of months to start seeing improvement, thus I had taken it for about 4 months and the acne seemed to worsen, I was advise by my dermatologist to stop and so I did. I was then put on doxycycline tablets for a couple of months which improved my face and cleared up most of the acne… my acne has appeared again. After visiting my doctor he prescribed me with retin-a and doxycycline tablets to stop infection. I have been using it for several days but the acne seems to be getting worse and worse, I know its suppose to take time, but I don’t want to have to suffer like I did with ro accutane as it didn’t work for me. Do you think I should stop using it or continue with maybe a higher dose? What should I do? I don’t want to make it worse then it already is.


AskDocWeb: This is really something you should work out with your dermatologist. And remember, if you are not happy with the results you are getting, it is appropriate to seek a second opinion or even change to a different dermatologist.

Subj: Wonderful benefits from Retin-a
Date: 12/14/2004
I would like to share the wonderful benefits that I’ve received from the usage of retin-a. As a result of suffering from severe acne, dealing with extreme pigmentation was my worst nightmare. The dark spots that remained on my face and neck after breakouts, were devastating. After short term use of retin-a, noticeable improvements were achieved. My skin now has a softer more vibrant texture. The pigmentation that I once had, has almost totally disappeared. My advice to anyone inquiring about this product….it is a must try!!! The results are unlike any other product I’ve ever tried!!! No joke!!!


Subj: Men’s use of Retin-a
Date: 12/14/2004
I was wondering, I am male using Retin-a topical cream along with an antibiotic called minocycline for my acne. Since I am a male is there a chance of my wife’s baby having birth defects? Do I need to cycle off both medications. Pls. let me know. I noticed above the use of retin-a applies to women. Thanks,


AskDocWeb: You can relax, Joe. We’ve not come across any reference to birth defects caused by the use of Retin-a by men. And unless you run into problems, you don’t need to cycle off of this medication.

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