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Subj: Generic Retin-A
Date: 10/2/2007
I am filling out a prescription for a generic version of retin-a tomorrow, and I was wondering if it also helps with blackheads and reducing sebum oil? Also I only have a mild acne around my chin, and blackheads, and somewhat large pores. How long do you suppose I will see changes in my skin improvement, and how long? One more thing is the generic as effective as the original retin-a? Thanks,


AskDocWeb: It can take 6 or 7 weeks for beneficial effects to appear. The generic is supposed to be the same quality product but readers here have reported better results with the name brand compared to the generic.

Subj: Retin-A cream
Date: 10/3/2007
Can I use retin-a cream on my chest?


AskDocWeb: No, using Retin-a on your chest is not recommended.

Subj: Skin tone
Date: 10/5/2007
I have been on Retin-A for that last week. The skin on and around my chin has become lighter. The lighter skin is divided on my face by an area of hyperpigmentation. Will Retin-A eventually even out my skin tone? I need help.


AskDocWeb: It could but the key word here is eventually because it does take time.

Subj: Miscarried at 8 weeks.
Date: 10/6/2007
I used Retin-A cream for a couple months and stopped taking it as soon as I got a positive pregnancy test. I miscarried at 8 weeks.


Subj: Retin-A on moles?
Date: 10/7/2007
I would like to use retin-a on my moles. They are not very pigmented, only 2 mm diameter and not malignant. Do you think that I can make them vanish by this way?


AskDocWeb: No. There was one report of using Retin-A on moles. They said it made them look bigger.

Subj: Prescription strength AHA?
Date: 10/10/2007
I have been using retina-a micro for about a year faithfully, but I have used for numerous years. I still have very oily skin in the T-zone. How is Avita compared to Retina-A micro? Also, I also was mixing AHA with the Retina-A at night before I ran out of the AHA and it worked fantastic. Where can I purchase prescription strength AHA? I re-located therefore, I am unable to purchase from prior physician.


AskDocWeb: Remember that the Internet spans the whole planet. For prescription strength AHA you need to check with your local dermatologist to find out what is available in your area.

AHA ((Alpha hydroxy acids) are naturally occurring fruit acids that stimulate the growth and turnover of skin cells. The most commonly used AHA is glycolic acid. AHAs work by thickening the deep layers of your skin, resulting in improved skin texture, complexion, smoothness, and appearance. The effects of AHAs are enhanced by concurrent use of retin-A. This is not recommended if you have sensitive skin or if you just started using Retin-A, but after your skin has gotten used to the Retin-A it may be okay.

Subj: Flaky skin
Date: 10/10/2007
I’ve been using retin-a for about a year and a half but I still get really flaky skin and I can’t really use wash clothes and scrubs because they are too harsh to remove the flakes! Is there something, anything I can use to get rid of them its really annoying! Please help,


AskDocWeb: See a dermatologist for a special moisturizer for your face that will work. For some, over the counter products never seem to be enough for this type of problem.

Subj: Rentin-A treatment for warts?
Date: 10/12/2007
My doctor prescribed me rentinol A .25% for flat warts. I’ve been reading everyone’s comments, but I don’t see any reference to using Retinol A for flat warts. They are darker than the rest of my skin pigment and the skin is slightly raised. I am wondering if after the warts diminish do I have to continue to use Retinol A to keep them away, OR once they are gone with proper skin care (sunscreen) will the remain gone? Thank you

AskDocWeb: Rentin-A is considered an experimental treatment for warts. In one small study (two groups of 25 subjects), 85% of the children treated with tretinoin cream were successfully cleared of warts, compared with only 32% of those treated with a placebo.

Subj: I feel like quitting!
Date: 10/14/2007
I’ve been using Retin a micro .04% for about 2 and a half weeks. My skin texture is TERRIBLE, and I feel that the scars I have are looking worse. My skin tone is also a mess. I feel like quitting! When will things get better?


AskDocWeb: You should begin to see improvement within the next week but it could be 6 or 7 weeks before consistent benefits appear.

Subj: Fine lines
Date: 10/16/2007
Hi! I ordered Renova from a company but they sent Retina – A – isn’t this more for acne as I only need it for fine lines?


AskDocWeb: You are correct, Retin-a does work for fine lines but it is prescribed for acne.

Subj: Systic acne
Date: 10/17/2007
My dermatologist prescribed Retin-a micro about three weeks ago for mild systic acne. After picking up the medication, I jumped online and read frightening testimonials of redness, peeling, additional acne, etc… basically it was going to get a lot worse before I noticed improvement. I have experienced the opposite results. Within two days my skin has a smoother texture, better color, and I haven’t had a pimple since. I use two great products from Skinceuticals and I think they have really helped. CE Ferulic and B5 Hydratin Gel. Amazing stuff.


Subj: Retin A is a great medication
Date: 10/19/2007
I have been using retin A and my skin has been peeling alot. I also have redness. Whenever a guy comes to talk to me they all think I like them because they think that I blush when they are around me. This is due to the redness of the retin A. Though my skin has been peeling, but new skin has been emerging out. My skin looks beautiful. The retin A is a great medication. It has made my skin like new. Something like a miracle in a bottle of gel. I wish the best who ever is on this medication. Don’t give up, keep with it and stick to it you will see results! God Bless.


Subj: Renova and retin-A
Date: 10/24/2007
I’m 22 and I have wrinkles (deep lines) on both sides of face on zygomatic area, and I also have acne. Can I use both Renova and retin-A at the same time?


AskDocWeb: No, just the Retin-A is used for acne.

Subj: Major redness, scaling and hives
Date: 10/24/2007
After being diagnosed with Hashimoto’s, my skin has become really sensitive. I use Retina-A .05%. After 1 use, my skin has developed major redness, scaling and hives. I used to be able to use it with no problem. I don’t know if having the generic brand makes a difference as I was using brand names.


AskDocWeb: What you used before may have been .025%. The .05% is twice as strong.

Subj: Going back on Retin-A Micro
Date: 10/25/2007
I’ve been using Retin-a micro .04% since December of 2006 and I recently stopped using it up until July of 2007 and now its October, so its been about 3 months since I stopped using it, and I’ve been getting acne again, so is it okay if I went back on retin-a micro?, because I still have enough retin-a micro with me. And if I started using retin-a micro again, will it make me brakeout the first few weeks again?


AskDocWeb: Since your skin has already gone through the conditioning phase of getting used to it you are much less likely to have any problems now. You may break out again but not as bad since it hasn’t been that long since you’ve been off of it.

Subj: Moisturizer with Retin-A
Date: 10/27/2007
I haven’t started using the retino-a yet but I would like to know if it would be okay to use the Skin Success fade cream (for oily skin) as a moisturizer with the retino-a cream and if I should be using it with the retina A at all. I will be using the “Retino-A ” 0.05% cream made by Johnson & Johnson just for your information and have been using the “Clean & Clear – sensitive foaming cleanser” also made by Johnson & Johnson, and I would like to know if this cleanser is ideal to use with the Retino A.


AskDocWeb: A dermatologist is the only one qualified to tell you what the ideal cleanser is for your skin type. While you could “get away with” using most moisturizers, what is ideal for oily skin is different from the ideal for dry skin. Please check with your doctor or dermatologist before combining Retin-A with any other product.

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