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Subj: Loyal to retin-a
Date: 7/25/2009
I have been using retin-a since 1991, I’m 35 years old now but I look like in my early 20’s..I don’t want to brag but retin-a does work, I initially used it for acne but overtime, I found out that it’s good for photoaging…I’m so happy I have been loyal to retin-a.


Subj: Middle eastern climate
Date: 7/26/2009
Hi !, I have a dark Indain complexion (am 32 years of age) with occasional breakouts and white heads under on my chin. Few years ago my doctor in India had prescribed me Retino A cream but the doctor in Dubai where I currently stay and from with whom I am also undergoing laser treatment for facial hair asked me to discontinue using the same for reason that the middle eastern climate is very dry and the bright sunlinght would cause further harm to my skin. Reading very great reviews about the effects of Retino A ceram I am very much tempted to start using the same as I intend to have a smooth skin. Would you be able to advise me if I should use a similar cream and of what strenght if possible? Thanks,


AskDocWeb: No, we do not give medical advice. This website is limited to sharing information about side effects.

Subj: The key to success with Retin-A
Date: 7/28/2009
I have used Retin-A on two different occasions. The first time I used Retin-A it caused so much irritation (peeling, redness, etc.) I had to stop it. Two months ago my dermatologist convinced me that Retin-A CREAM was different than the gel I had used before and she was right. Other than a little peeling in the very beginning, it has done wonders for my skin! My skin has cleared up, the redness from acne is gone, and my wrinkles are less. I think the key to success with Retin-A is using it correctly. Use only once a day, a pea size amount, and only after allowing the skin to dry for 20-30 minutes after washing. Use NO other acne products on the skin while using Retin-A, don’t exfoliate the skin or use harsh cleansers. Do use sunscreen. I like Olay SPF 15 for sensitive skin.


Subj: Expired product
Date: 7/31/2009
Hello, I purchased a product called Dr. Varon’s Skin Bleaching System through ebay, July 17, 2009 but when I received it, it had an expiration date of 10/08. It contains 2% hydroquinone as it’s active ingredient. Would there be danger in using it and if so what would be the danger?


AskDocWeb: We can’t recommend using any product that is past its expiration date. That is one of the problems when buying a perishable product from an auction website, always pay attention to the expiration date.

Subj: Superficial acne scars
Date: 7/31/2009
Which one is stronger of the two – Retin A .025% cream or Retin Micro .04%? I have been using Retin A .025% cream for 10 days and have not encountered any redness, flakiness, itching or peeling? I am using this for superficial acne scars which are wrinkled skin but not dents or pits. Is it necessary for the skin to peel for Retin A to be effective for scars? Or, Even without peeling can it reduce scars? Should I switch to stronger percentage for more scar removal efficiency?


AskDocWeb: When the instructions say that a worsening of the condition may occur during the early weeks of therapy, that does not mean that it happens to everyone. Getting rid of scars is slow process. The Retin A .025% cream is still working but you have to be patent because the instructions also say that it may take more than 6 or 7 weeks of treatment before consistent beneficial effects appear. If the Retin-A .025% cream doesn’t give you the results you want after giving it a chance to work, the stronger .04% solution may still be an option for later.

Subj: Cream or gel?
Date: 8/5/2009
Is the gel form of retin a stronger than the cream? Supposedly the alcohol base makes it work better?


AskDocWeb: Both the gel and the cream are available in different strength formulas. Reviews have been mixed with some preferring the cream and others prefer the gel.

Subj: HPV virus
Date: 8/8/2009
I have used retin A for many years and have had good results until very recently. This problem was kept under control by it’s use, but I have been through major immune system assaults, and just recently found that I have the HPV virus through my yearly pap. I do not have cervical warts, just that it is in my system. I’m pretty sure I have facial warts now, only from checking out the info available online, which is very limited. They are spreading, and there is no imformation on how to prevent this on the web. I’ve looked.

The retina A cream I had been using had long since expired, but I’ve continued to use it and my skin is horribly red and irritated and the warts are not being controlled. I need to know if using the expired product can cause this, or if it simply stops working, or what are the affects from using it long after expiration. I’m beginning to feel like a horrible monster, and what I did learn is that it’s very contagious. Please send me some specifics on how to handle this. I’m becoming very depressed.

I’m a full time college student, trying to get an associate degree in Medical assisting, in an accelerated college taking 2 years. If this is very contagious, how can I proceed in this field, and how will this affect my ever having a personal relationship again? I’m not in one, and I’m 61 years old, a breast cancer survivor of almost 5 years, taking Arimidex for almost the same amount of time. I know that warts are generally thought to appear when the immune system is down, and I’ve also had numerous allergies most of my life on antigen shots regularly to control my environmental allergies. I have many enough to have been told I should be in a glass bubble, with a chuckle. Going through breast cancer surgery, aggressive chemo, and radiation, doesn’t help, and during treatment the allergy shots would have been useless, so they were stopped during that time, and resumed after treatment. I would appreciate the answers to my questions, and need to know if I’m more contagious to myself than others and just how this will affect my life. Please respond. Desperately awaiting help,


AskDocWeb: HPV (Human Papillomavirus) is typically transmitted by direct contact. The best way to deal with HPV is to prevent it. Extra precautions need to be taken when developing a new personal relationship. Get to know your sex partner and if you notice any odd-looking bumps around the genitals, encourage them to seek medical care. Condoms help prevent transmission of the virus and are recommended. Women may need a Pap smear and pelvic exam more than once a year so discuss your follow-up schedule with your doctor.

Subj: Retin A assists prematurely aging skin
Date: 8/9/2009
I’ve been using Retin A, on and off, since I was a teenager 35 years ago. I still had problems with pimples in my late 20s when they discovered Retin A also assists prematurely aging skin, so I continued it well after I stopped getting blemishes. I am 50 now and I always get compliments about my skin. It is in very good condition for a 30 year old in this country (Australia) and I look much younger than my age. I don’t know if this is because of long term use of Retin-A but I think it might be. It does clear, refine and firm my skin in the short-term.


Subj: Flakiness and redness
Date: 8/10/2009
I’m 27 and have used Retino A several times occasionaly on prescription from the dermatologist in the past where it did help me to get rid of the scars…but I never used it continously…always used other topical medicines like erythromycin etc on my pimples occasionaly which also helped. Recently I’m again using retino a since last 3-4 weeks on my mild acne and acne scars which after showing improvement in the first week, started aggravating now but not drastically! Skin is getting flaky and red, burns slightly, which are the usual side effects of this medicine, I use 0.25% all over my face and open pores after washng my face with Neutrogena deep pore cleanser and simultaneously use 0.5% on the acne and scars.

My question is that I’m getting married in 40 days and want to get some facials done to improve the overall texture of my skin and of couse get rid of this redness and flakyness on my wedding day…please advise when should I temporarily discontinue using retino a to get rid of the side effect of this medication at least on my wedding, plan to continue it again if my acne reappear…plz advise. Will discontinuing it 20 days before my wedding make sure that my skin will get rid of the flakyness and redness and will have the fresh skin over? ***My acne is not chronic…but now I have more of red scars than acne.


AskDocWeb: In order to get an accurate assessment of how long it might take for the redness to clear up you would have to be evaluated by a dermatologist. Remember the purpose of this website is the discussion of side effects.

Subj: Second attempt at using Retin A
Date: 8/11/2009
I have been using .1% for a few weeks. This is my second attempt at using retin a, the first time a derm did not tell me how to use it properly and I was in agony with bags under my eyes etc. This time I was advised to use this .1% cream, mixed vary sparingly with moisturizer every few nights and work my way up to what my skin can tolerate. I’ve been using it for several weeks and I am noticing that my skin is tighter, softer, more exfoliated, and the frownies look better. I am vary careful about only putting it about 1/4 away from my eyes and mouth, but I do have upper lip lines so I am carfully putting it on those, being very careful not to get it on my upper lip. SO far I am happy with results.

A few days ago I think I went overboard and mixed a little too much into my moisturizer and my skin peeled a little and my eyes got a little puffy and I looked icky, but I eased off and didn’t use it for a few days. I am 42 and I want to improve my skin and use something that will overtime make my skin nicer, I hope this will work for me. I just have one question about the lip lines, will this work do you think for lip lines? I read above that renova is better for lip lines? Is that my perscription only? If no, where do I get it and which brand is good?

I use cetaphil face wash and am happy with it. Since my skin is sensitive I will most likely always mix the retin a with a moisturizer to dilute it. I know you don’t necessarily recommend that, but it works for me. Can you recommend a good, cheap, moisturizer for that purpose? Can you also recommend a good facial sunscreen for the daytime that is inexpensive? Thanks,

Kristie in Northern Calif

AskDocWeb: There are several reports of dramatic improvement in lip lines by those using Retin-A. As for a good, cheap, moisturizer or sunscreen, we would rather hear recommendations from readers who have first hand experience with them.

Subj: Skin cancer
Date: 8/12/2009
I’m using Retin-A on my face for skin cancer and it hasn’t been burning or stinging my face. Can you tell me if it’s working? I’m using the Retin-A 0.05%.


AskDocWeb: Retin-A has shown promise in treating precancerous lesions but we have no data on its use in treating skin cancer.

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