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Subj: Fordyce’s condition
Date: 2/23/2010
I have heard of this product Retin A. I have what you call fordyce’s condition. It’s where little white bumps show up around your mouth and lips. Do you think Retin A will help? Is it safe to use on your lips?


AskDocWeb: Sorry John, the instructions say to keep it away from your mouth.

Subj: Long-term use of Retin A
Date: 2/25/2010
I was wondering if Retin A 0.05% is safe to continue to use every night as part of one’s daily skincare regimen?…for say 20 years+? Or should it be used only a couple of times a week for maintenance after using it initially every day for 3 months.


AskDocWeb: There are quite a few posts from women who have used Retin-A for many years because they were pleased with the results. Several posts here mention using it for 10 years, 15 years and yes, more than 20 years. Most women report using a maintenance schedule of several times a week after their initial treatment period.

Subj: Effectiveness for fine lines
Date: 2/26/2010
I have used Retin A .1 % for about six years on my hands, face and neck about 3 to 4 times a week (odd days). Will the effectiveness for fine lines lessen if I use the .05% Retin A? It is a matter of cost and money (no health insurance). The lower strength is much cheaper.


AskDocWeb: When it comes to long-term use, there doesn’t seem to be any data on the difference between the two. If you try that be sure to let others here know how well that works for you.

Subj: Used Retin-A for years
Date: 3/1/2010
I’ve used Retin-A for years and it has made a big difference. I started out using Retin-A for acne-years later it has made a huge difference! I’m 42 and a friend of my 18yr old son seen a photo of me and his brother, she asked him if it was his younger brother and sister! When he told her that it was his 42yr old mom, she said no way!


Subj: SPF
Date: 3/1/2010
I been using retin a for’s working for me my question is i use a spf 15 duiring the day is that enough for me when I am driving cuz the sun hits a little bit on my left side!

AskDocWeb: SPF 15 is good enough on a cloudy day but if the sun is shining directly on skin the higher the SPF the better. Remember that SPF means Sun Protection Factor. The higher the number the longer you can stay in the sun without damage to the skin.

Subj: Great results permanent?
Date: 3/3/2010
Hi I have been using Retin-A for about a year now. I had acne scarring,(shallow pits). The pits are basically no longer visible due to the use of Retin-A. My question is, if I stop using Retin-A, will my skin go back to looking like it used to, or is the great results that I have now permanent? Thank you,

AskDocWeb: The results can last for several months but are not likely to be permanent. That’s why many follow up with a maintenance routine of 4 or 5 days in a row, once a month.

Subj: Retin-a with Zineryt?
Date: 3/4/2010
hey i was wondering if its ok to use retin a and zineryt together

AskDocWeb: There is actually a product on the market called Aknemycin Plus that combines Retin-A (both 0.025 and 0.1%) with erythromycin (Zineryt). To find out if this would be okay for you, ask your dermatologist.

Subj: Bumpy first week
Date: 3/6/2010
Hi there fellow retin- a users. I found your comments to be very helpful in my bumpy first week of using the product. I’m starting to see my forehead and chin crust up, got a little scared and stopped the medication. I’m wondering if I should continue the product for a couple more weeks to see if that is just my skin getting adjusted to this foreign substance. Can anyone shed some light?


Subj: Skin turned green
Date: 3/7/2010
Using this cream my fingers turned green.


Subj: Best cream
Date: 3/8/2010
I have used Retin A 0.1% for 15 years and it is the best cream I have ever used. I have real good skin. In summer be sure to use a good sun screen and not to long in the sun. I use face wipes to clean my face. I use Loreal face cream in day time.


Subj: Anxiety, depression and insomnia
Date: 3/10/2010
I just googled Retin-a depression and found out that several people has experienced severe depression and anxiety after using Retin-a cream for awhile. I have been using this product for over a year and about 5 months ago I experienced anxiety and depression and insomnia. Since then I’ve been on antidepressants and different sedatives. My doctor just increased my antidepressant again because the lower dose didn’t seem to work. I’m so glad I found this website. Although this side effect will not affect everyone I believe there are enough people experiencing this and it should be reported to the FDA so the manufacturer can add it to the list of side effects. I will definitely stop using retin-a and tell everyone I know who’s using it. It’s not worth it. There are different treatments out there. If you are experiencing the same symptoms please comment on this website and report it to the FDA. Thanks!


Subj: Horrific nightmares
Date: 3/11/2010
I have had over the years 2 courses of roacutane followed by retin a 1% and dermabrasion. I still have very mild acne (into my 50’s) but after finally working out the cause of my sometimes horrific nightmares, it is definately retin a. But even knowing this it still works miracles and is worth the sleepless nights.


Subj: Use AHA with Retin A?
Date: 3/13/2010
Hi I was just wondering if you can use AHA in conjuction with Retin A, I have tried to research this and there seems to be conflicting opinions, any information would be great.

AskDocWeb: The package insert that comes with Retin-A says not to use it with any other exfoliates, and AHA (Alpha-Hydroxy Acid) is an exfoliate. Depending on your skin type, you doctor may okay the use of AHA with Retin-A but don’t try it on your own.

Subj: Affect of smoking?
Date: 3/15/2010
I was wondering, I don’t smoke cigarettes, but I smoke. I’m using retin a gel at 0.01 level. Does it affect your face dramatically if you smoke?

AskDocWeb: According to the Mayo Clinic, smoking reduces the flow of blood in the outermost layers of skin, which can accelerates the aging process and can result in more skin wrinkling. The restricted blood flow reduces the amount of oxygen and important nutrients your skin needs to maintain its strength and elasticity.

Subj: Link to osteoporosis?
Date: 3/17/2010
Does anyone know if there is a definitive association between Retin-A 0.1% use and osteoporosis? I’ve used Retin-A for 22 years now, originally for Acne treatment when I was younger, and now for wrinkle treatment. I look great, but I was diagnosed with osteoporosis when I was 46, and now at 52, it has been determined that 6 years of use of Fosamax has done little to improve my hip/leg bone density. My doctor doesn’t know if there is a relationship, nor does he know what test to run to determine if there is a correlation. Any suggestions would be appreciated.


Subj: The best since I was sixteen
Date: 3/19/2010
Have been using Retin A Cream and Gel since before Christmas, when I had a huge breakout. It’s taken all this time to clear it up. Along the way I have had some pretty big breakouts. Now all is the best it ever was since I was sixteen. There has been a lot of redness and skin flaking as well. Interestingly my crow’s feet around my eyes are almost gone as well as some of my acne scars. I wonder how it will go long term and if I stop using it?


Subj: 18 years of experience with Retin-A
Date: 3/20/2010
I’ve been using retin-a for about 18 yrs. I’m a RN & 41 y/o & highly recommend retin-a! I refer to it as “the escavator” because it’s a very effective acne/skin rejuvenation medication. But you have to think “balance” to use retin-a properly. Everyone has a skin type (oily, dry, combination, acne prone, sensitive, etc) & the rule “less is more” applies w/ retin-a. With regular retin-a, you have to wait 20 mins after washing your face before applying; however, w/ retin-a micro, you do not have to wait. Applying a night cream over your entire face at bedtime after applying retin-a helps maintain balance & keep your skin from becoming “angry.”

Retin-a should only be applied @ bedtime. During the day, sunscreen is essential (spf of @ least 20 for office days when you’re not going to be in the sun much & 30+, or better yet, spf of 55 for those days you know you’ll be in the sun to a greater extent-hats are a great addition too!). Retin-a creates poliferated skin rejuvenation, which exposes you to more sun damage, so it’s imperative to use sunscreen & no sun-bathing! It’s so worth it!
My skin is in good shape b/c of retin-a & helpful serums, like hyluranic acid & alpha hydroxy along w/ some C & polipeptides & at-home glycolic peels every now & then. I layer my serums & creams after applying retin-a, & oftentimes I may reapply retin-a over my serums/cream to ensure acne control in prone areas. If I see a pimple beginning to develop, I spot on a small dab of retin-a (can even be done over make-up if you’re going out for the night) & it always works like a charm as an escavator clearing it out! It helps reduce pore size & can address crepe eyelids & crows feet. It can also help w/ rosacea if you use it cautiously & by applying to sections of your face rather than your entire face.

Interestingly, Retin-A also helps resolve some insect bites…as I said, it’s like applying mini pac-men escavators to clear it up! The benefits of retin-a or both short-te rm (acne, pore size & longterm (wrinkles). Remember, it proliferates skin rejuvenation (increased sluffing of dead skin cells, which reduces blockage & stimulates collagen & elastin to an extent) so it increases exposer/damage from UV rays, making you more prone to “age spots”; yet this can be avoided by using a good spf cream & wearing hats & being “sun smart.” You should still enjoy fun in the sun though! It does wonderful things to your spirit!


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