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If you’ve used Retin-A, please help others by adding your feedback. What would you tell your best friend about this product? Please remember that we do not give medical advice. That is for your local health care provider, who is familiar with your medical history.

Subj: Astringent with salicylic acid?
Date: 7/28/2010
Hi, can I use astringent with salicylic acid then apply the retin-a? or what cleanser should I use if I’m using retin-a because mild soap dont totally clean the dirt from the face, do you have suggestion how to clean the face before applying the retin-a? Thank you.

AskDocWeb: The patient information for Retin-A has a caution about the use of astringents while using this product. When in doubt, do not use any other treatments together with Retin-A without the consent of your dermatologist.

Subj: Constant bloody sores
Date: 7/29/2010
I have been using this product for 6 months. I am discouraged. My face has become extremely oily and I have constant bloody sores. Will this stop? I am ready to give up on this.

AskDocWeb: It sounds like you need a professional opinion from a dermatologist in order to come up with a treatment plan specifically for your condition.

Subj: Expired medication
Date: 7/29/2010
i have retin a 0,05 expired june 2009 nd iam using it its nuw july 2010 …it doesnt smell or lokks funny is still gonna work?

AskDocWeb: There is no way to predict what effect it will have on your skin. The use of any prescription medication that has expired is NOT recommended.

Subj: 40 years of Retin-A
Date: 7/30/2010
I’ve used Retin-A since I was about 15 when I experienced the usual skin problems of a teenager. I have used it for more than 40 years now, and I’m very pleased with my facial skin’s condition. It is smooth, with very few wrinkles. The few wrinkles are under the eye area where Retin-A cannot be used because the thin skin located there will not tolerate it. I feel quite fortunate to have discovered it early in my life. I recommend it highly, and if your skin becomes a little red, then discontinue it until it recovers, then begin again. The redness may occur because of the type of skin you have or just because of the skin’s natural reaction to the product. Use it responsibly and you will be rewarded with fine skin as you go through life.

AskDocWeb: Thanks for sharing Leigh. 40 years is quite a success story. I’m sure many would appreciate hearing what you do to care for your skin and what moisturizer you use, etc. would be helpful to know.

Subj: Reaction to Retin-A
Date: 8/3/2010
I do not recommend retin-a I used it for 2 weeks and I woke up yesterday with my right face swollen and a size of a quater on my face I called the skin doctor and told me I had a reaction to Renin-a. Today face is still swollen I go in to see her today her recepirst sounded upset cause I called back It is my face not hers.


Subj: Birth defects
Date: 8/3/2010
I used Retin-A occasionally about 13 years ago. I became pregnant and don’t remember if I told my doctor about the cream or not. Now, 13 years later, I find out that it could be the cause of my son’s heart defect. My son had an AV canal defect at birth & had to have open heart surgery at 8mths. I’m completely devastated about this. All this time, I had no idea it was all my fault. I don’t know what to do now or if I should notify someone. Shouldn’t there have been a warning on the container? My son now has a leaking valve even after his surgery. Who can I contact to make sure other future moms know?

AskDocWeb: MedWatch is the Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) program for reporting serious problems with drugs. When problems with FDA-regulated products occur, the agency wants to know about them and has several ways for the public to make reports. Timely reporting by consumers allows the agency to take prompt action. The agency evaluates each report to determine how serious the problem is, and, if necessary, may request additional information from the person who filed the report before taking action. You can report serious problems directly to the FDA by phone at 1-800-332-1088.

A certain amount of vitamin A is necessary for the healthy development of a baby. Both vitamin A in excess and a deficiency of vitamin A are known to cause birth defects. During fetal development, retinoic acid functions in limb development and formation of the heart, eyes, and ears. (Source: Solomons NW. Vitamin A and carotenoids. In: Bowman BA, Russell RM, eds. Present Knowledge in Nutrition. 8th ed. Washington, D.C.: ILSI Press; 2001:127-145.)

Subj: Mild acne
Date: 8/5/2010
I have mild acne, it was in the moderate region but I went on the pill and have always been good about using cleansers and moisturizers however, I cannot get rid of whiteheads on my chin or the sebum in the pores on my nose. I have just started to become clear and I asked my doctor for some sort of medication to clear my pores and she prescribed retin a .025 percent. However I keep reading that most ppl break out worse, I am wondering what my chances are of this if my skin is already pretty clear? I cant go back to the skin I had but I’d like to clear up my scaring/ uneven skin tone. Is there a safer option than retin a or should I try it?

AskDocWeb: The chances of breaking out worse are a lot less when the milder formula (0.025%) is used, especially if you use it every other day. Retin-A comes in 0.025%, 0.05%, and the strongest is 0.1% so yours is the mildest formula with the least chance of problems.

Subj: Want suggestions for moisturizer
Date: 8/6/2010
I’ve used the prescription .1% retinoin cream for 2 years. My skin itches. What is the best moisturizer to use for this? My Dr just said to use max strength hydrocortizone cream. Does anyone use anything less medicinal? I’d like something I can use on my whole face & neck. Thanks!


Subj: No redness or soreness
Date: 8/8/2010
I am in my 50’s with skin that is not too bad. I still get an occasional breakout but also have some fine lines…nothing too bad as yet. I started to use Retino A which is made by J & J 3 days ago. I was expecting to feel and look awful but so far so good. I don’t have any redness or soreness. I have washed with Dermalogica Essential cleansing solution and then left it for 30 mins to dry. I then apply the retino and after about an hour, just befor bed, I apply a dermalogica moisturiser. Should I be feeling some effect after a short time and could it be that it isn’t going to work for me. Thank you,

AskDocWeb: Three days is just not enough time to know what effect it is going to have on you. The product information says that you should begin to notice results after 2 to 3 weeks of treatment. More than 6 or 7 weeks of treatment may be needed before consistent beneficial effects appear. During the early weeks of treatment, a worsening of the condition may occur but that doesn’t happen to everyone and it is not an indication of how well the product is working.

Subj: My skin is thinned
Date: 8/8/2010
I have been using retin-a micro .04% w great success in treating my acne. However my skin seems fragile. If I get a hormonal blemish it typically takes 2 weeks for the abrasion to really begin to heal. I feel my skin is thinned and I have accidently scratched my face in my sleep leaving a small scratch that can take about 2 weeks to heal. Any insight on this would be helpful! (Also for those of you needing cleansers/moisturisers try Cetaphil to balance instead of drying ur skin w alcohols)


Subj: Severe burning, redness, and peeling
Date: 8/11/2010
hi, I was using retin-a micro .1% for about 4 months, I had to discontinue because of severe burning/redness/peeling, even though I only used it twice a week. Now it’s been about two months since I stopped and my face looks worse than ever. It looks like it’s scarred, uneven, rough, bumpy, all of a sudden I have hundreds of whiteheads, and my pores enlarged more than ever, a lot of clogged pores, a lot of black heads. the tone of skin has darkened as well (even though I stay away from the sun and use sunscreen when exposed). Also, overall the skin became very very thin and dry. will this ever improve or is this damage permanent?

AskDocWeb: In order to find out you would have to consult with a dermatologist.

Subj: African American skin
Date: 8/14/2010
My daughter used Retin A at least 5 years ago as treatment for acne. It scarred her jaws and now the pigment is permanently discolored on both cheeks. She is a pretty lady, but this is very noticeable. She was so upset she tries to put it out of her mind. Is chemical peel safe for African American skin especially people who was excema? Thank you for your advise.

AskDocWeb: We leave the advice to Dermatologists but there are a few things to keep in mind. When possible African Americans should seek a dermatologist who is skilled in working with dark skin tones, because they are more likely to have experience in successfully treating patients with your condition. The appropriate treatment often depends on how deep the discoloration extends into the skin. Chemical peels come in different strengths and care must be taken due to the sensitivity of African American skin. Deep chemical peels can damage African American skin. A series of light peels over a period of time is much safer than trying to hit it hard with one peel. During treatment if expectations are kept low then disappointment can be avoided, which might lead to quitting in the middle of the treatment process. Small changes over time are often more successful, and safer, than fast solutions.

Subj: How long does it take to get out of your system?
Date: 8/17/2010

AskDocWeb: It gets out your system pretty fast. The elimination half-life ranges from .05 to 2 hours. In general once a drug is discontinued, it will have no effect after a period of time equal to 5 times its half-life.

Subj: Is it working?
Date: 8/17/2010
I have been using tretinoin for 3 weeks and it makes my skin dry but does not make it peel at all. Is it working?

AskDocWeb: The lack of peeling is NOT an indication that the product is not working. If it is making your sky dry then it is working. Not everyone has that peeling effect. Remember that more than 6 or 7 weeks of treatment may be needed before consistent beneficial effects appear.

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