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Subj: Microdermabrasion
Date: 9/11/2011
Hi! I just bought retin-a cream 0.025, and I’m planning to apply it later… but then I have a schedule tomorrow for microdermabration… is it ok to apply it now?.. and if not.. is it ok to apply it tomorrow night after the procedure?…thank you.


AskDocWeb: Hi Maxine, and welcome to the forum. Microdermabrasion will clean out clogged pores and open comedones but Retin-A is typically discontinued when getting that treatment. We have seen recommendations for stopping use that range from 2 to 5 days before and holding off the use of Retin-A from 2 days up to 2 weeks after getting microdermabrasion. It depends on the sensitivity of your skin.

Subj: Very dry skin is peeling
Date: 9/18/2011
I just started using atralin for two week snow, my skin has began to peel and be very dry and looking like a rash. I have been putting it very close to my mouth so i think that might be why? Is this normal? Please help!


AskDocWeb: The patient information for Atralin cautions against applying it around the eyes, paranasal creases, mouth, and mucous membranes as the skin there is especially sensitive to irritation. It also recommends reducing the amount or frequency of application if the skin becomes irritated. And yes, it is normal to have some peeling in the first few weeks of use, especially if you don’t use moisturizer or sunblock.

Subj: Face is dried out, irritated, itchy, and swelling
Date: 9/20/2011
I’ve been using retin a for over 2 years now for acne. In the first few months it did help clear my acne up a little bit, but now its causing my entire face to dry out. Even my neck where i had hardly placed any of the cream on is now irritated, itchy, and swelling. These symptoms showed up out of nowhere a few days ago and if anything seem to be spreading. I’ve completely stopped use of retin A after these symptoms appeared. I would recommend to never use this product all it does is make your skin sore. And if anybody has any idea how to reduce these symptoms it would be greatly appreciated.


AskDocWeb: If it continues to spread even after discontinuing Retin-A then it may have an unrelated cause. As always, the appropriate treatment depends on the cause. Did you change moisturizers?

Subj: Aveeno face cream
Date: 9/21/2011
I have used retin A for two years_ I wash face apply aveeno anti redness cream before adding the retin a at night. This helps with the redness and peeling associated with retin a. FYI Aveeno face cream does wonders alone, both together work fantastic.


Subj: Nasolabial folds
Date: 9/26/2011
I want to use retin-a on my nasolabial folds. They are very mild/shallow and are noticeable to myself and to others only in certain lights and upon close inspection. Could retin-a help, even just a little bit?


AskDocWeb: The product information for Retin-A says to keep it away from your eyes, mouth, nose, and mucous membranes. Those area are too sensitive and the skin is likely to absorb too much of the medicine, which could cause more problems than it would benefits.

Subj: Tretinoin hydroquinone
Date: 9/27/2011
i am using tretinoin hydroquinone as know as MAXI-PEEL. My question, is that safe for pregnant women? I am 37 weeks now and, I start using that almost 2weeks ago or so. I am so worried I heard about the comments from the other people. They said its bad for the pregnant women to use that tretinoin HQ. Please give me some respond. Thank you!


AskDocWeb: The short answer is, nobody knows. According to the US National Library of Medicine, tretinion has clearly caused birth defects in animal studies. However, there have been no studies conducted that have established the safety of Tretinoin in pregnant women. The manufacturer gives the unsatisfying answer, “Tretinoin should be used during pregnancy only if the potential benefit justifies the potential risk to the fetus.” Tretinoin can be absorbed through the skin and could possibly affect the fetus during pregnancy. For this reason, many sources say that it is best to avoid tretinoin if you are pregnant or plan on becoming pregnant.

The lack of data for Hydroquinone is even more frustrating. The FDA has assigned the topical form of hydroquinone to pregnancy category C. Animal studies have not even been reported and of course there is no controlled data about its use during human pregnancy. The manufacturer of Hydroquinone also says that it is only recommended for use during pregnancy when benefits outweigh the risk.

Now we get to a product that combines the two above drugs, Maxi-Peel. Is it any wonder that the website for Maxi-Peel says that they discourage the use of their product on pregnant women? Whenever possible always error on the side of safety.

Subj: My skin got worse!
Date: 9/29/2011
I had chemical peel and microdermabrasion 5/4 months ago! Didnt take care of my skin, didnt use sunblock and use harsh products, results; hyperpigmentation, scars, open pores, acne my doctor gave me atralin gel 0.05. What can i expect? I use it for just two nights and my skin is cover in more acne! Im been depress since then! Im about to quit everything, because i use financea for 12 weeks and my skin got worse! What to do?


AskDocWeb: It sounds like you need the help of someone who specializes in skin conditions. If your doctor is not a dermatologist then you may want to ask for a referral.

Subj: Alcohol and rosacea
Date: 10/6/2011
My doctor prescribed the retin a gel along with clindamycin topical pledget and doxycyclone antobiotic for rosacea. With using the clindamycin in seems to make my face much more red, and I was not sure if I should be using that sence it has alcohol in it in which I read that u should stay away from products with alcohol in it cause it irritates roscea worst. THANKS FOR THE INFO.


AskDocWeb: According to the National Rosacea Society, products containing alcohol, witch hazel, menthol and eucalyptus oil are not recommended and can exacerbate the symptoms of rosacea. This is often true for using alcohol internally as well as externally. Many patients find that drinking alcohol triggers rosacea flare-ups.

Subj: I have been told
Date: 10/7/2011
I have used the Retin A cream for approximatey 13 years and although it does not “do” as much as it used to, I have also been told by a number of people that I don’t look my age. In the beginning, I do remember irritation and redness, but not to a great degree. I think some people think “more” is better and obviously, that is not the case.


AskDocWeb: Welcome Carmella. What is obvious to you often comes as an unpleasant surprise to those who are new to this product. And yes, it is very important to follow the directions.

Subj: Pigmentation red spots
Date: 10/8/2011
I had a series of photo facials, an alpha beta peel and a tca peel..all which actually gave me pigmentation and some reddish spots. I finally went to a dermatologis who suggested retin to help build new skin and she though this may help with pigmentation. If my skin got worse or more pigmentented/lesioned from chemical peels is it possible that retin a may also make my skin worse? Could it actually create more pigementation/red spots?


AskDocWeb: The track record of Retin-A on dark spots is mixed. Retin-A is often prescribed because it typically normalizes skin pigmentation and evens it out. However, it has less success, but still some, on pigmentation changes caused by chemicals. A few people have reported that it made their brown spots worse but most say that it reduces discoloration. Several people have reported that their brown spots turned bright red before disappearing. If your skin is especially sensitive to sunlight, you may need a strong sunblock to prevent increasing the dark spots caused by sunlight.

Subj: Retin-A price
Date: 10/14/2011
Concerning Retin-A, what % do you sell and what is the price plus shipping? I am now using 0.1% and feel it isn’t strong enough.


AskDocWeb: Hello Pauline. The forum here is for discussing the side effects and results of Retin-A. We don’t sell it but rather suggest you get it from your local pharmacy. Since it is a prescription drug, you need a doctor to evaluate the condition of your skin in order to determine what strength would be most appropriate for you.

Subj: Applying Retino
Date: 10/14/2011
After masaz with retino at night..then can i wash my face with water to remove retino.cream If no then tell me????


AskDocWeb: Typically Retin-A is left on the skin overnight and washed off the next morning. In some cases your dermatologist may recommend “short contact therapy” where you leave it on for a certain amount of time and then wash it off. However, the correct application varies with the individual so make sure you understand the directions from the dermatologist before using it.

Subj: Red cracking rash by nose and mouth
Date: 10/15/2011
I am 22 years old, clear skin my whole life except for the past 6 months I have been struggling with perioral dermatitis according to my derm. I have been using retin-a in combination with cleocin lotion and elidel cream. I don’t know if it makes a difference but I am Korean and have pretty pale delicate skin. Two days ago I got a horrible tingly patches that turned into a red cracking rash on the side of my mouth and the sides of my nose. No, it is not cold sores (I asked the doctor already). It is really dry patches, however by my nose there are some reddish more exposed dry areas almost like a few individual pores. No blisters that I know of. I went to the doctor and he gave me bactroban ointment to be used in combination with aquaphor… It’s still really gross, raw, red, painful, weeping and the cracks have begun to bleed. Anything else I can do? He said it might be due to the retin-a use, I use the pump 0.1%.


AskDocWeb: The skin around the nose and mouth appear to be too sensitive to the effects of Retin-A for it to be used in those areas. That is why the directions say to keep it away from the mouth, nose, eyes, and mucous membranes.

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