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If you’ve used Shen Min, please help others by adding your feedback. What would you tell someone considering using this product? Please remember that we do not give medical advice. That is for your local health care provider, who is familiar with your medical history.

Subj: Great results
Date: 4/21/2010
I started taking Shen Min last year after I had mono, mono thinned out my very thick hair and it almost stopped growing completely. I took Shen Min for as long as one bottle of capsules last for, and I never felt any side affects from it. My hair was thicker, and it was growing again, my nails were thicker as well and my skin was far clearer than before. I haven’t taken any since then but my hair has continued to grow at its normal high speed, and it is also very thick! I want to go on it again for this summer. It must affect everyone different. But I had great results. And everyone I recommended it to, for the ones who’ve tried it have said the very same thing as I.


Subj: Wonderful results
Date: 9/29/2010
I’ve been taking oral original formula once a day for almost 2 years. I have seen wonderful results in the thickness and growth of my hair and no side effects! I recommend this product every time someone asks me about my beautiful hair. I mentioned it to my health care provider and have my liver function checked regularly.


Subj: Has anything changed?
Date: 8/4/2011
I am on lipitor, micardis and plavix and am 59 years old. a neighbor recommended Shen min for my hair. i’ve read the readers warnings to stay away but they seem to be from 10 years ago. Has anything changed or should i not even try it?


AskDocWeb: The little bit of feedback there is on this product is too mixed to make a recommendation one way or another. What is really needed is more feedback from those using it so if you try it please share your experience.

Bowel movements, stomach cramps and sleep apnea
Date: 11/14/2011
Started taking Shen Min for about a month, had more bowel movements and slight stomach cramps more often. Also have a recent case of sleep apnea (which is what brought me here). Not sure if the two are related; going to tapper off the supplement and see what gives. Before that I was taking Maxi Hair, this kept me up at nights and after I stopped taking that I slept a little better. Note: I was taking ‘Shen Min Hair Nutrient Original Formula’ 90 caps @ 3/day.


AskDocWeb: Welcome Moe and thanks for visiting. Good luck with tapering off this supplement. Let us know if that makes a difference.

Not good with other hormone remedies
Date: 3/14/2012
I started using Shen Min “Advanced Womens Formula, for hormone-driven & age related hair loss”, about a year ago. I love this product. My hair looks and feels youthful. I had NO ill side effects. However, i did notice my hotflashes disappeared completely. I learned that several of the ingredients were responsible: BlackCohosh and Cayenne, Black Pepper extract (BioPerine).
Problem: it is not good with other hormone remedies. i was informed that my hot flash meds (Amberen) were less effective due to the Shen Min formula. the other concern i have is the reports of liver damage with the use of Shen Min. so now what? i love this beautiful hair and skin, no hot-flashes too! but, is this product killing my vital organs?


Severe headaches and pain in upper right abdomen
Date: 3/28/2012
Several years ago due hair thinning I visited a hair care specialist. She recommend that I use her topical products and to take Shen Min in conjuction. Within hours of taking the Shen min I develope severe headaches and pain in my upper right abdominal region which lasted as long as I took the supplement. After a week I stopped and with in a day or two the symptoms stopped and I tossed the shen min. Thinking that maybe it was just a coincident a few years later I decided to try it again, the symptoms started. So instead of tossing money down the drain, I decided to take a tablet a day, then half of a tablet with the same symptoms each time. I even went as far as to skip a day, then try again. The symptoms remain until I stopped. I know now that this product is not for me.


Stomach pain
Date: 4/30/2012
I am glad I researched this forum because I use 2 take Shen min years ago. It worked very well. I have been taking the vitamins 4 about 3 weeks and my stomach is killing me!!!! When I stopped the pain went away… What changed other than the name biotech?? Like the young lady said, my liver or healthy hair??? I choose my health!!!


Sores in mouth?
Started taking this product one week ago for hair loss and developed sores in my mouth. Have also been taking Additional biotin. Could the 2 tablets of Shen min have caused this Allergic reaction?


AskDocWeb: Of course it is possible to have an allergic reaction to anything but are you sure that’s what you have? If the sores go away when you stop the Shen min but come back when you start taking them again, that would indicate an allergic reaction. However, there are many causes for sores in the mouth so you may want to have a doctor take a look to see what’s going on.

Effect on vital organs
Date: 11/2/2013
I have never taken Shen Men but I am very interested in trying it. However, I’m concerned about people who post that they had stomach cramping and liver problems. I am a cancer survivor and suffer with mean hot flashes as a result of chemo. Can you please tell me if any studies have been done to disprove it’s effect on vital organs?

AskDocWeb: To date we have seen no clinical studies about this product. You might contact the manufacturer to see if there is anything new. Be aware that they will likely try to sell you with their latest sales pitch but who knows, it might be worth asking.

Shen min fatigue
Date: 1/12/2014
I had used Shen min for Men before and it works very well, regrows hair a little bit as a fuzz, makes it thicker and makes hair grow like 3 times faster all over even armpits and pubic hair too which might be bad. Also it make me very tired next day when I took it and I only took one tab, and took half after a while because of the fatigue, also it made my urine very dark.

I am not sure if this product is good for the liver and kidneys, its def good for the hair but not for the rest of the body. I really hated the fatigue because it made me sleepy and tired and it was hard to work out on those days. When I ran out of the Shen min fatigue went away and so did the thick nice hair with it 🙁


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