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Dangerously high blood pressure
Date: 7/24/2014
STAY AWAY: this product is dangerous!!! After taking this product, I developed high blood pressure. Prior to taking this med, I had no health problems, my blood pressure was at a normal level. With no warning, my blood pressure suddenly escalated to dangerously high levels and I am now on blood pressure meds. You see these kind of supplements and you even read the potential side effects, but you think, “that won’t happen to me.” You set yourself up to falsely believe you will have a fantastic outcome and suffer none of the potentially dangerous side effects. But please heed this warning, learn from my mistakes….do NOT use this product.


Serious consequences!
Date: 3/15/2015
I bought this product for my mother, who is 70, to help her fight back her thinning hair and most of all, losing hair. She was taking pills for about 4-6 weeks, twice a day, until a week ago. She said she at first experienced pain in the stomach area, only to wake up one day and experience severe hemorrhage. She panicked, thinking that she is having cancer and barely made it to her doctor. She does not take any medication or other supplements and she is normally a healthy person. Never in her life has she experienced hemorrhage. Her doctor ran all sorts of kidney, liver and blood panel tests and it all came back within normal. Also, my mom brought the box of Shen-Min pills to her doctor and she warned her of the same that the box does , though there is no mention of severe bleeding.

She stopped taking the pills the same day and bleeding went away too. Now, we are all scared that there may be some other, internal bleeding too. I would absolutely never ever recommend this suspicious “Chinese-herbs” product to anyone and I feel very bad about buying it for her. The problem is, the websites where I checked its reviews, does not have a single negative review and nor does it forewarn about such serious side-effects. How can such a product be legal to sell? Shen-Min, or any product that causes severe bleeding should be banned. Stay away from it, or not only that you will regret your thinning hair, but many more very serious consequences!


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