Insomnia Cures | How to Go to Sleep

Insomnia Cures

While their may not be a cure for insomnia there are still things you can do and avoid, to help you get to sleep. This is a collection of methods people have successfully used to get to sleep and get a good night’s sleep. If you are researching sleep, please share what you find with others here.

Sex for sleep?

While there are more than a few jokes about men going to sleep after sex, it does do wonders in that area. Both men and women find it easier to go to sleep after a satisfying orgasm. Remember this the next time your partner is keeping you awake with their tossing and turning. Some couples can talk about things like this. With others, one partner just starts caressing and the other catches on. This is a great time to practice slow sex.

If you are alone, nothing can keep you awake like being up for sex and having no partner. That would be an appropriate time to masturbation. And don’t worry, in moderate amounts, it is good for you.

Do’s and Don’t for Sleep

Reducing your caffeine intake helps with insomnia. This includes coffee, soda and many kinds of tea.

Some scents, like lavender, placed on your pillow works well.

Take a warm bath by candlelight.

Avoid taking naps.

Limit your use of the bed to sleep and sex.

Don’t read or watch TV in bed.

Don’t eat within three hours of going to bed.

Eat a turkey sandwich, the turkey will make you sleepy.

Drink a glass of warm milk.

Drink a warm cup of sleepy time tea like chamomile. Just make sure it has no caffeine in it.

Count backword from 100 very slowly, works like counting sheep.

Pay attention to the sound of your inner voice so that whatever you are saying to yourself in your head is said slowly and calmly.

What you are saying to yourself can also keep you awake. Make sure the subject of your inner dialog is something peaceful or ralaxing.

Go to bed at the same time every day. You can set your biological clock so that you are ready for it.