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Subj: Affect on heart
Date: 4/29/2007
I have taken soma for 6 years for lower back and leg pain. At times I take more than prescribed. Does soma have any affect on the heart?


AskDocWeb: Yes, you could develop a rapid heart rate.

Subj: Huge mistake
Date: 6/3/2007
I had a anterior cervical fusion performed 5 weeks ago. I gave a detailed medical history to the surgeon’s office. Allergic to Baclofen, Fexiril, Gabatril, any drug that is a GABA antagonist. I also informed the doctor and staff that had a head injury when I was younger that caused seizures. I also had liver damage with bile duct involvement. I was prescribed Soma, 350 mg 4 times a day after my cervical fusion. Within a month I was in the emergency room unable to breathe, hives, swollen face, etc. After recovering this past week and being able to research online, I read that this medication is a GABA antagonist in the same class of other muscle relaxers that I told my doctor(s) and pharmacist I’m allergic to or have had serious side effects with. I’m wondering why I was even prescribed this drug in the first place with my history of liver problems and seizures. I’m pretty upset with my surgeon’s office not calling me back after leaving 7 messages in as many days with detailed symptoms. I am able to tolerate certain medications for a short period of time. I believe because my liver does not process some medications properly, my symptoms get worse gradually and present themselves as an overdose condition rather than an allergic reaction. Is this plausible? I never took more medication than was prescribed and most days I never even took the full amount prescribed. What I should tell my surgeon at my upcoming check up?


AskDocWeb: We would tell him that we’re angry at him for making such a huge mistake and that it did cause a terrible allergic reaction and could of lost our life.

Subj: Soma and heart
Date: 6/6/2007
Does Soma have any affect on the heart?


AskDocWeb: No, none are listed.

Subj: Soma ruined my life
Date: 6/8/2007
Hi, I’m 15 years old. My mom has been taking soma for as long as I can remember. It has ruined not only her life, but my life as well. If you are taking this medicine please, think about the others that you are effecting. Trust me. I know.


Subj: Drowsy side effect
Date: 6/10/2007
I have found this product useful for stressed out muscles, but because of the drowsy side effect, I only take it at night before bed. It is quite helpful.


Subj: Coming off Soma
Date: 6/18/2007
Dear Withdrawl from Soma Date: 4/9/2007 I have been taking Soma (1-3 pills per day, maybe 4 if muscle spasms are real bad) for about 5 years. I have come off of Soma several times cold turkey with no problems. If you have only been taking Soma 2-3 times a day (Are you being totally honest about your intake, because you mentioned rehab, if you take a lot of Soma at one time it will get you high, and dead!) I am not a doctor! It sounds to me like you are having panic attacks and Soma will relieve panic attacks. The cigarettes are going to kill you eventually if you do not stop, and I know that stopping smoking can be as difficult as stopping heroin, but it is a matter of a slow death, not a question of if it will happen. I do not know what else you are taking, but you need to be under a doctor’s care while getting off of whatever you are on.

Do you know how the term “kicking the habit” came to be? Back in the 1920’s and 1930’s the way they detoxed an alcoholic was to lock he/she into a room in a straight jacket. After the withdrawls started sometimes the alcoholic would go into seizures and because only their legs could move they would “kick” into the air in every direction. The police officers got a big laugh out of this and coined the term “kicking the habit”. Unfortunately a lot of these poor sick alcoholics (and I mean sick as in sick in the un-healthy sense) would die as a result of going cold turkey without medical supervision.

Addiction is a medical problem not a law enforcement problem and because of the drug war a lot of people do not obtain the medical help that they need. Do not let this happen to you, go to a doctor. And make sure you go to a doctor who is trained in addiction. If you do not like the doctor you are going to, there are plenty out there, find one that you feel comfortable with. Just because a doctor has that pretty degree on his office wall does not prevent him or her from suffering from the “Asshole syndrome or God complex”. There are some really good ones and most of the doctors are there to help you!


Subj: Severe shoulder accident
Date: 6/23/2007
I’ve been on soma for years, initially for migraines and then a severe shoulder accident. I have taken as many as 3-350mg. Can I just stop or do I need to taper off? Please respond. Thanks,


AskDocWeb: No withdrawal symptoms have been listed for this drug but if you have been using it for pain control then you may want to keep a few on hand until you know for sure that they are no longer needed.

Subj: After affects?
Date: 7/2/2007
How long does is take for Soma to leave the body? It has been several months since I stopped taking it with seemingly no immediate withdrawal symptoms. Now some 3 months later my vital signs have been all over the place for several days, hot-flash-like symptoms and mood swings, etc. Can it take this long to leave the CNS? Thank you for your answer.


AskDocWeb: The Soma is gone from your system within two weeks. It sounds like something else may be going on so please consult with your physician.

Subj: Compressed spinal cord
Date: 7/9/2007
I have been taking Soma off and on since 1996 due to failed back surgery and several herniated disc. I currently have a disc that is compressing my spinal cord at t-8, 9 that causes severe spasms in the middle of my back. My doc sold his business to another doc and he took me off of the soma, stating that it is addictive. I have taken it and done without it and never noticed any withdrawals from it. However it is the only muscle relaxer that helps with my spasms. I have tried all others with no help. Are there any medical studies stating that soma is addictive. If so could you please direct me to the info? Do you think it would be ok for me to get back on the soma with my condition, any info you can provide is greatly appreciated? Thank you,


AskDocWeb: There are no studies stating that soma is addictive. The caution published by the manufacturer has to do with usage with addiction prone individuals. Rather than going against your doctor’s recommendations, we suggest you check out “spinal disc decompression therapy” which is relatively new and showing promising results as an alternative to surgery.

Subj: Former prescription medication addict
Date: 7/10/2007
Coming from a former prescription medication addict. Carisoprodol is a good muscle relaxant when given on the other hand, medications which are generally referred to in a more addictive perspective than soma. I.E. Valium and clonzepam. I’ve been taking soma for quite a while. And personally I feel there is (if any) a VERY small possibility for addiction. I’ve taken MANY other prescription pills for pain, anxiety, to anywhere else you might find a pill to get hooked on…. and came to the conclusion that ALL are more addictive than somas. Like Xanax, Valium, Oxycontin, Vicodin, Percocet, Clonopin…all of em. As for overdose on carisoprodol, I have personally done that a couple times. It’s hard to determine a specific MG that overdose usually accompanies because sometimes depending on ALOT of variables like how much food is in your stomach and how long ago it was eaten… I’ve taken up to 16 before and been okay, out of it, but not overdosing. But I’ve also got to 11 and OD’d before. Its a stupid plan, and isn’t really worth it at all. But some people will do their own thing and never learn. 😉 ~Yes…I’m 17 years old.~


Subj: Soma abuse
Date: 7/10/2007
I have abused Soma for 8 days now. I take 20 a day. Am I going to die? My Dr has prescribed this for me for 3 years. I get 360 at a time and they are gone in 25 days. Today is my 8th day and I need help, but there is no one here to help. Is there any signs I should be looking for? In the beginning 4 did the job, but now I know I am addicted. Do I wean myself off or just continue to take the rest? Can’t stop the urge that I have to take this drug. Today, I have taken 14.


AskDocWeb: Please seek help from a “pain management specialist” in your area right away. Look in the Yellow Pages under Physicians, sub heading Pain Management. And tell them your whole story, they really can help.

Subj: Back spasms
Date: 7/10/2007
Can soma cause back spasms to be worse, after they effect wears off? Thanks,


AskDocWeb: No soma will not make back spasms worse. Remember that many medications only cover up the symptoms and when they wear off the symptoms return.

Subj: Speech problem
Date: 7/11/2007
I am allowed 4 somas each day. I begin to have a speech problem and a friend said she timed me once and I had trouble within minutes after taken my noon dose. The doctor says it is seizures but my test for that was negative. I cut down to one pill when pain is severe and do have a few minutes of speech problems at times. Could this be the Soma?


AskDocWeb: It’s not listed as a side effect, sounds like you need more tests to find out what is going on.

Subj: Disappointed and confused
Date: 7/13/2007
I have been taking Soma off and on for 20 years due to muscle spasms in my back after 4 car accidents over the years where I was rear ended. I have never had any adverse reactions and take only 2 or 3 per day. My current doctor has just informed me that he is weaning all his patients off of Soma and will not prescribe it anymore to anyone. I am very disappointed and confused by this as it is the only med that works for me having tried several other things over the years. Also, when I have tried other things, I never had to be weaned off of the Soma. I am a 56 year old female and have never abused any drug. Are the doctors doing this because it’s becoming a recreational drug to some people? Most importantly to me, are there still doctors that will prescribe Soma?


AskDocWeb: Your doctor may not prescribe Soma but there are some that still do. And yes, there have been a few reports about the use of Soma as a recreational drug. Read more feedback about Soma. Soma report91011Page 1213141516Last Page 44

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