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Subj: I’m done taking this drug
Date: 8/13/2008
I have been takeing somas since I was 17 I am 26 now, I was takeing them for bad neck kinks and menstral cramps. I have abused them on and off for the last five years but the last few months have been horible, everytime after I take them I have the worst headaches ever for a couple days and I have horrible heartburn and my left eyelid wont stop twitching, so yesterday I took 4 and it did nothing but give me really bad diareah, I’m done taking this drug lots of side effects and it is very addictive.


Subj: Soma for pulled muscles/strains
Date: 8/17/2008
My doctor prescribed soma the last time I saw him for pulled muscles/strains in my back…I was taking Skelaxin before which worked Ok but he said this was better. I also took Ultram with it…this combo was great but I found that when I stopped taking the soma, I was very restless at night. With the soma at bedtime, I slept like a baby. Now I am wondering if I stop taking the soma, if my sleep will not be that good. I always thought I got a good night’s sleep, but soma was the best sleep I ever got. One other side effect I noticed was a lack of desire for sex. This could have been the ultram but those pills are ER and one per day. I only take 2-3 soma pills a day at the most and one of those is at bedtime. Is it possible that there is a similar pill that will make me sleep so well at night or should I just tell my dr. to prescribe this medication to sleep better and use it just for that?…thanks,


AskDocWeb: It would be better to tell your doctor about the whole situation and let him decide what you should do.

Subj: Countries where Soma is available?
Date: 8/18/2008
Hello all, I have been suffering from chronic muscle stiffness/pain for over a year with no relief at all. I’ve been to a lot of doctors in different fields and some say its fibromyalgia, but most of them seem to think its anxiety. Anxiety is probable because the stiffness and pain jumps from one side of the body to another. It’s never on both sides at the same time. Anyhow, the pain is annoying and brings on a terrible depression to the extent that I cannot function properly anymore. I have been on SSRI’s and they have helped with the depression, but not the muscle pains. I was looking over the internet for muscle medication and I came across SOMA. I would like to try it. I am not worried about addiction because I don’t have an addictive personality. The problem is that I live in Lebanon (the middle east) and the drug is not available here. Can anybody help me find out where I can get this drug from other than online pharmacies? A list of countries where it’s available would be great.


Date: 8/22/2008
I think SOMA SUCKS! I’ve never taken it but I work as a nurse in the local jail and I see a TON of people addicted to Soma & Lortab. They are getting a “legal high” and the Dr’s are letting them. It’s getting out of control. We’ve seen several former inmates after release die from overdosing on both medications. Something should be done!!!!


Subj: Can’t remember doing things
Date: 8/28/2008
My husband is on Soma and has been since I met him in ’04. Back pain and spasms. I am really, really concerned about his memory-like “No Name” of 5-5-04. He repeats himself, forgets conversations, forgets what people say and can’t remember doing things. He thinks I am making these incidents up, but I’m clear as a bell and always have facts to back up my clear recollections. Has Soma been NOW recognized by others as causing these symptoms?


AskDocWeb: Maybe not officially but a few others have reported memory problems here.

Subj: Soma question
Date: 8/30/2008
Well I have been taking the (WW 176) I wanted to know how much is dangerous for a person 180lb to be taking … tell me my limits.

Soma question

AskDocWeb: Your limits are printed on the prescription bottle. In other words, follow your doctor’s instructions and take it only as prescribed.

Subj: Build up a tolerance
Date: 8/30/2008
I haven’t been taking Soma for as long as some of you guys and girls but long enough to build up a tolerance. The first couple of pills hit me like freight train, definitely a strong initial reaction. However, like anything else that makes you feel good you need more and more to produce a similar effect. I suppose the drug works well if taken as prescribed but what fun is that? Anyway, I went through hell to get off Xanax years ago and Soma has been a walk in the park compared to that and I was popping 10 pills or more a day.


Subj: Liver problems?
Date: 8/31/2008
I have been taking soma off and on for a couple years. I take it more when I’m stressed and working too much cause I find it does take a huge edge off. However, I build a tolorence to it after only a few days. I have to take more for the same affect. Plus it seems to have a very short half life. My biggest concern though is the affects on the liver. Could this be causing some liver problems???


AskDocWeb: If your liver is healthy to begin with then you should be okay. It’s only when there are liver problems to begin with that may cause complications. Soma hasn’t been known to cause any problems with a healthy liver.

Subj: Addicted to Somas
Date: 9/10/2008
I have a daughter who is 33 years old. She is been addicted to Somas. She buys them off the streets by the bag. It has cause me and my family so much pain. She takes 10 or more a day at a time. She can’t stand or talk, has gotten in so many car accidents she has gone by ambulance so many times. She says she loves the feeling. She will not admit she is addicted. I heard that her kidneys will sooner or later start to shut down. I don’t know if it’s true but I would hate to see that day. This has been going on for 3 years now and she has taken everyone down with her. She now has no friends who will help her anymore. Somas can be addictive if not used correctly.


Subj: Not a good idea
Date: 9/10/2008
Well I’ve used somas before but I was only taking one pill like every 8 hours… and one day I thought I would take 2. and trust me its not a good idea… I became dehydrated, I couldn’t walk, stand, or see. I dont think I could talk either, and I had to stay home from school… I ended up sleeping the entire day… I was out cold for about 21 hours.. and the effects afterward are weird.. like now I feel like my body is shaking but its not.. I feel like I just want to sleep even more… I feel like I’m going to just fall at no notice what so ever… I feel like I’m going to black out… and my right hand is swollen, but going down… I’ve learned never to up the dosage of any kind of prescription drug… I could of O.D. so if any one thinks it would be goog to get high on… think again my friends… its a horrible feeling…


Subj: Fibromyalgia symptoms
Date: 9/22/2008
Am currently taking soma darvacet and klonopin. Recently saw a Dr who said that because of the perscriptions I am taking that they are causing fibromyyalgia or symptoms of it. I am taking the medication soma and darvacet for back problems which I have been taking for over a year. I take one of each on good days. The klonopin I take for aniexty and sleep which I have been taking for 15yrs. I had a neck fusion in February of 07. This Dr says this medication is causing my symptoms to worsen and I should not take them. Could this cause me to get fibromyalgia? Thank you,


AskDocWeb: Some would not cause you to get fibromyalgia but some of the side effects may be the same as the symptoms of fibromyalgia. Soma has been reported to cause severe muscle pains in a few people. On the other hand many of those with fibromyalgia say that Soma is a great drug to help with the pain. Soma seems to be one of those drugs that people respond to in a wide range of responses.

Subj: Can be habit forming
Date: 9/23/2008
I really like Soma’s. I have back and neck issues from a car accident about a year ago. It really helps me feel relaxed and I do not abuse the drug. I think it can be habit forming, but only for those who cannot take it as it is prescribed. The most I have ever taken in one day is 2.


Subj: Sleepy, dizzy, forgetful, and confused
Date: 9/23/2008
I have degenerative disc, fibromyalgia, muscle spasms- mostly in my lower back. I’ve been taking soma for over 5 years now. I notice side effects-I don’t drive if I have just taken it, I get sleepy and a little dizzy at times, even a little forgetful and confused. I have to plan my day around my pain level. My doctor says I am one of the only patients she has left on soma. I keep to my dosage prescribed. Just talk to your doctor about going off this medication. It should be done gradually. To the person writing about her husband-a normal dose of soma shouldn’t cause dementia-type behavior, but everyone is different, and you and he should consult his doctor right away!


Subj: Taking it to get off of Methadone
Date: 10/6/2008
I’ve been taking Soma for a couple years and need to stop. I started taking it to get off of Methadone, which worked great. I mixed Soma with Valium and didn’t get barely any methadone withdrawls, now I fear I’m addicted to both Soma and Valium. I have to take Soma about 4 times a day, which renders me useless, and 50 to 80 mgs of valium twice a day. I don’t have a Dr. to go to since I mail order the stuff. Sleeping is weird and doing anything is impossible. At least I’m off the methadone, which I was taking for chronic kidney stones, I drink lemonade everday and they stopped.


Subj: We go for alternative medicine
Date: 10/8/2008
I’m a typical Filipina mostly of us really dont take or used prescription drugs even if it is prescribed by a physician. If we can have an alternative medicine for the pains then we go for it. I’m very lucky that we really dont depend on medications that’s why I feel pity with those people who are already dependent with these drugs. I’ll be praying for them. While you can still avoid it, avoid…


Subj: Soma and Valium
Date: 10/13/2008
My son, Trey, died 4 months ago this week after falling asleep face down on his couch after taking Soma and Valium. He Suffocated. I do not know how long he had been taking this drug. He was 36 and did have back problems.


Subj: My Soma story
Date: 10/19/2008
Did I ever tell you about my wife? She was this magnificent creature that could captivate a room with her smile. She froze me the first time I saw it, come to think of it, my heart would race whenever she walked into a room. I loved her like a blind person would love to see a rainbow, like a deaf person would love to hear a symphony. Something bad happen about 4 years ago after a car accident, she fell out of love with me after 20 years of marriage and fell in love with Soma. A nurse, a wonderful wife and mother reduced to a slurring, staggering zombie. I divorced her 2 years ago and my heart is still broken. She just turned 40, lost her license to practice nursing, wrecked two cars, got arrested for a DWI, and is about to be evicted and claim bankruptcy! All for Soma, guess what, I went to check on her this morning and saw an internet receipt for Soma and an empty bottle. She got 90 pills less than 48 hours ago, and they were all gone. She didn’t even recognize me when I walked in. So my question for Askdocweb is this, How do you say goodbye to an addict, how do you grieve and bury someone that’s still alive? I need some bedside manner please. If you see my wife tell her how lucky I felt to be her husband, how grateful I am to have fathered her children, and most of all what a privilege it was to lay beside her for over 20 years. Please tell her I love her. You’ll recognize her, she’ll be the most beautiful person in the room…she’ll also be high.


AskDocWeb: She may be high right now but you know that won’t last forever. The woman you fell in love with may still be in there underneath the addiction and may yet emerge when she runs out of the resources to get more. It is a sad fact that many people have to hit bottom before they can start rebuilding their life. However tragic it may seem right now, know that others have worked their way out of such situations and she too may be able to do that in time. We shun the behavior and cherish the person. Read more feedback about Soma. Soma report171819Page 20212223Last Page 47

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