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Subj: Blacked out
Date: 9/22/2009
Be careful with somas. Taking too many will cause u to black out in a way where u will, guaranteed, wake up in the morning and feel so bad for the things u did while u were blacked out. I can’t go into details cuz the things u do vary every time it happens. Somas can be very dangers. Take only as prescribed. PLEASE!


Subj: Adverse reaction
Date: 9/29/2009
I’ve been taking Carisoprodol for about four years: 350MG tablets, 4 times a day for spasm caused the ruptured discs in my back. I always follow the instructions, however I changed pharmacies & the tablets are different than any other soma I’ve taken. The MFG is watson & they’re a lot smaller. My problem is that I woke up at five in the morning with what felt like a horrible hangover. I know when you begin to dehydrate (I didn’t drink much liquid yesterday) it feels like a hangover. I drank no alcohol & no new meds but it affected me horribly. Are there additives in certain brands of soma that would cause this adverse reaction or do you think it could be because I didn’t drink but maybe a single glass of water yesterday? Thank you!


AskDocWeb: It could be either one. There are some reports of “brain fog” and “Soma hangover” after taking Soma, sometimes even after 3 years of use.

Subj: Can’t get Soma anymore?
Date: 9/28/2009
We live in central Texas, close to Waco, Temple and Bryan/College Station. My mother, soon to be 87 y.o., has been taking Soma for several years for back pain. A few years ago her primary doctor said he could not prescribe Soma for her anymore because the medical orginzation he was associated with had dropped that medication. He had her try several pain meds but she did not find one that would help her, so he suggested she could try another doctor for Soma. The local clinic then prescribed it for her for a few years, but when she wanted a refill recently she was told they could not prescribe Soma anymore. Her primary doctor and the clinic are more than willing to give her all kinds of pain medicine, but nothing works. She has never taken more than one or two pills a day and even then only on days when she needed them. Why can’t she get Soma anymore?


AskDocWeb: As you said, the medical organization that her doctor was associated with dropped Soma. That may be the reason why her doctor suggested that she try another doctor, maybe one that was not a member of the first doctor’s organization. We suspect that the organization in question might be an insurance company. Others have reported that there are many drugs that insurance companies will not cover.

Subj: Worried about side effects
Date: 10/1/2009
My doctor prescribed two 350 mg tablets a day. I decided to try one at night to see if that would control my severe back pain because I was worried about the side effects. It has after 32 days of 350 mg a day made a big difference. I’m stopping tonight to see if my pain comes back mainly because of potential addiction. I will contact you again if I suffer a relapse…


AskDocWeb: Abruptly stopping Soma may result in insomnia, headaches, nausea, and/or abdominal cramps (NDH2009). Always talk with your doctor before discontinuing any prescription drug before the end of the prescription. Your doctor should be able to tell you how to stop taking Soma safely.

Subj: Scared me alot
Date: 10/4/2009
I’ve been taking soma for 2 years, and considering back surgery to get off soma and pain killers. I will tell you that taking too many soma with valium, like I did, made me pass out. I woke up on the floor, felt like I couldn’t get up for a minute. Not sure what happened, but it scared me alot. Though I still take both, I fear that I will not wake up one of these days. I know alot of people use soma for a recreation drug, I need to stop. My advise, is don’t use unless you really, really need them, and use as directed.


Subj: They were shocked
Date: 10/4/2009
I was in a car accident 2 years ago where I bulged a disk in my lower back. My doctor initially prescribed me 5/500 Vicodin. After about a year, I didn’t like the way it made me feel. I read about soma back then that it is great for low back pain so I switched from Vicodin to Soma. I started taking about 2-3 a day. Within 2 months I was up to probably 20 a day. You build a tolerance to this medication very fast.
After taking it for about 2 years I found that I had to take 5-6 at a time 5-6 times a day. If I took even one too many at this point it would make me feel like I was drunk. You can’t walk sometimes and just fall down. If you can walk you walk like you are drunk. You can’t speak, get part way through words and can’t finish them even though you know in your head what you are saying, you just can’t get it out. I started to cut back on them realizing this was a serious problem. I got down to about 4 at a time 5-6 times a day after about 2 months of tapering. I can tell you from experience, that this drug does cause extreme withdrawal symptoms. Anxiety, nausea, diarrhea, etc.

Then I hurt my back again in the same spot herniating the same disc this time. I upped my dose again because of the pain and went to my doctor who referred me to a back specialist, he then sent me to get cortisone shots. That helped immensely. I also knew that I needed to stop taking this medication. I asked each of the 3 doctors I saw if Soma was addictive. They all said no. I told each one of them exactly how much I was taking, and they still said it is not addicting.

A few days later, I decided this was not true and I needed to find out how to stop taking them. I finally went to a friend’s psychiatrist. They were shocked to hear how much I was taking. They also told me that if you have been taking Soma for just a few months and stop taking it, even by tapering down, you have a very high probability of having a grand mal seizure. He immediately took me off of it and prescribed me medication to detox from it, which I won’t go into here because this is so serious you need to see a doctor to do this properly or you can die. He thought I was going to have to go into an in-patient detox facility, but I was able to stop with the medication he gave me.
Keep in mind I was never using this drug to get “high” and have no history of drug or alcohol abuse. It is a very sneaky drug that will slowly grab you. I would recommend no-one ever take this drug because of all the problems it can cause, how addictive it is, and that if you don’t see a doctor and want to stop, you have a high probability of having a seizure and dying. Stay far away, and if you do have a problem, go see your doctor right now. They will not be critical of you and if you are worried about craving or seeking the drug, you won’t with what they give you. (The medication they give you doesn’t make you high either.) My quality of life went from probably 40% to 100% overnight. Good luck to you all.


Subj: 20 weeks pregnant
Date: 10/8/2009
I am pregnant and before I found out, I was taking about 8 somas a day. I have gone down to 1 soma in the morning. I am 20 weeks pregnant. Can I just stop taking it, or will I have withdrawals, and will the withdrawals hurt my baby? Please help!


AskDocWeb: Those taking only one a day are unlikely to have any withdrawal symptoms after stopping. You need to talk with your doctor about the benefits and risks of using Soma, and possible alternatives.

Subj: Blood thinning meds
Date: 10/25/2009
I am having an injection in my back and was told to not take blood thining meds., well, I ache very much and needed to know about the soma before I take it. Thank you,


AskDocWeb: Some Soma is combined with other drugs, such as Soma Compound with Codeine, and that does contain aspirin. Soma is on the list of blood thinners so talk to your doctor about an alternative. Remember that there are also herbal blood thinners such as ginkgo biloba, green tea extract, grape seed extract, lutein, and fish oil.

Subj: Knee surgery
Date: 10/27/2009
How many days should I stop taking soma’s if they are going to do a knee surgery on me? I have been on them for at least 4yrs 6-8 a day. Average. Wondering if anyone no’s of stopping before anesthetic? Thanks,


AskDocWeb: It is a good general rule to tell your doctor about all medications and supplements that you are currently taking prior to surgery. Soma frequent appears on lists of drugs that should be discontinued prior to surgery.

Subj: Parkinson’s?
Date: 11/1/2009
My mom was on Soma for over 10 years. She has a back injury for over 35 years. We went to Mayo and their pain guy said that Soma and Detrol La (urinary control med) were found to interfere with memory. Mom came off of both and we find her memory has improved a great deal. She is more with it, less in a fog. She is more her old self. But she now has been diagnosed with Parkinson’s. I kind of question whether it might be a permanent side affect of Soma based on what I’ve read here. She hurts more, but the pay off is better according to her. We agree. Good luck and God’s blessings to all of you.


Subj: Glaucoma and celiac
Date: 11/9/2009
I want to know if I can use soma if I take drops for glaucoma and also have celiac.


AskDocWeb: Please remember that this website is for sharing information about side effects. The information here is freely available but if you want medical advice then consult with your local doctor or a doctor online.

Subj: Bloated, retaining water and weight gain
Date: 11/10/2009
I recently started to take SOMA for a back injury. And I have a very low tolerance to meds and find I can cut one in half and still feel it and it does help me rest at night. The only thing I have noticed is I’m very bloated/ retaining water and weight gain. Is this a side effect of this pill? I started off with the 350’s but my doctor just gave me some samples of the 250’s because I told him the 350’s were too strong.


AskDocWeb: Soma has not been reported to cause those symptoms. The only gastrointestinal symptoms noted are nausea, vomiting, hiccups, and epigastric distress.

Subj: This answer is for Ginny
Date: 11/10/2009
I to was addicted to Soma. I took for 12 years, the last 3 years of my addiction I started to take 30 a day, weighed 100 lbs. and would constantly fall and hurt myself to the point I couldn’t remember how it would happen. I got very skinny and started vomiting everyday for a week without drinking water or any fluids. I couldn’t keep anything down. I also started hallucinating.

I stopped cold turkey and that was the biggest mistake of my life. I didn’t sleep for 10 days and the hallucinations got worse. If it wasn’t for my friend that took a chance on me I wouldn’t be sharing my experience with this VERY ADDICTIVE DRUG. I’m now 3 and a half years sober and healthy. I didn’t believe in miracles or fate but I’m living proof.

I recommend you seek professional help get dexofied go to in patient rehab and stay away from SOMA. I did it and so can you. I’m now facing a big challenge, which is CANCER, my sister has been diagnosed and she gives me the strength to keep fighting and not giving up just as she is. Ginny I offer you my email address: if you need a friend that understands that would be me. I’m here to listen!


AskDocWeb: Sorry Dee, while your offer is appreciated the policy here is to keep all email addresses confidential. Otherwise all those people (worldwide) trying to sell things would see your address and you would find your mailbox full of spam. Read more feedback about Soma. Soma report252627Page 28293031Last Page 48

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