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Subj: Soma addiction
Date: 8/30/2010
I abused Soma for about two years, and would not recommend it to anyone! This drug is extremely addictive, and because it is so readily available via the internet, I am pretty sure it is not safe. If you are prescribed this drug, I would take it only as directed, because you will get hooked.


Subj: Scariest thing to happened to me
Date: 9/8/2010
I just OD on soma last night. Have a script been taking for about year. Took 2 pills and wasnt helping so took 1 more. Next thing I knew I was waking up in the ER had no idea how I got there or what happened, had fell in kitchen hit my head. This is the scariest thing that has ever happened to me. It’s not like I took a handful of pills or something I took 3 and this is what can happen. So just a word to the wise please be careful what you do. Any amount can have side effects even if you have taken before.


Subj: SOMA overdose
Date: 9/10/2010
My 31 year old stepdaughter died April 17th from an overdose of SOMA.


AskDocWeb: We are sorry to hear about your loss Anita. You have our sincere condolences.

Subj: It’s just not right!
Date: 9/10/2010
I’ve been in four car accidents and suffered nerve damage as well as the herniated discs and one bulging. I was prescribed vicoden to take one four times a day 10/325. I recently relocated to Boston and have had he’ll with the doctors here. They did an MRI and said I was fine. They said, “yes you have the bulging discs and herniated discs but that’s pretty normal” so you just need physical therapy and no meds!” I was livid. My pain gets so bad that if I don’t have meds I can’t get out of bed. When I do I can function perfectly. They treat me like a drug addict and I am not. They are prescribing me tramadol and soma and said they don’t want to prescribe percocet because it’s addictive and bad for my liver. I can’t take anti inflamitories because I have ulcers. The tramadol and soma make me throw up and they don’t care! I am so angry that because people have abused scripts so much all doctors are reluctant to give pain meds. The stupid part is that tramadol is habit forming and has now been classified as a narcotic so WTF?? They keep giving me muscle relaxers but I hate them because I feel like a slug! Anyway, wanted to vent:) I’m now taking 8 somas a day and 15 tramadol just to curb the pain and they only give me 20 at a time so I have to go back every two days. They look down on me and treat me like an addict… I wish I could get a lawyer. It’s just not right!


Subj: Soma is very addictive
Date: 9/15/2010
Okay so I was put on Soma for severe muscle spasms in my lower back. Some was the only thing that worked. but I became very tolerant to it. I had to take three just to get any relief. And eventually it was an addiction. it can be dangerous. it was very hard for me to come off of. Especially since I was put on it while in high school. and now its been a couple years later and my back is going into spasms again. I was put back on it because it is the only kind that works for me. I’m really nervous the same thing will happen again. But I cant stop taking it because my back is so bad. When I’m not on it, I’m just in tears and cant move. but I’m taking it the right way, and I can still take care of my son with no side effects. Although taking these pills again is not helping my weight loss. its become stalled. and its very frustrating. But I guess what I’m saying is that teenagers should not take these. it is very addictive and yes you can get a kind of high. Wont last long but it makes you want to take more. So just beware. But does anyone know if soma effects the metabolism?


Subj: Drug interactions?
Date: 9/17/2010
Hi AskDocWeb, I wanted to know if you should mix the following meds. My father was put on warfarin but also takes oxycodone, xanax and soma. Are there any side effects by mixing these all together? Please let me know thanks.

AskDocWeb: The side effects of mixing drugs together is referred to as drug interactions of which there are several here. When Xanax (alprazolam) and oxycodone are used together there is the possibility of increased depression of the central nervous system and/or respiratory system, especially in elderly or debilitated patients. Using Xanax with Soma (carisoprodol) can produce the same effect. Using oxycodone with Soma can also produce the same effect. Using all three together, well, hopefully he is being monitored very closely for excessive or prolonged CNS and respiratory depression.

Subj: Drug test?
Date: 9/23/2010
If I took a half of Soma 2 days ago, will it show up in my drug test 5 days later???

AskDocWeb: If your drug test is a drug screen for drugs of abuse, Soma by itself will not show up on a drug screen. However, if the Soma was prescribed with codeine then it will normally show up for about 3 days after discontinuing. As long as you have a prescription for it there shouldn’t be a problem.

Subj: Drug screen
Date: 9/30/2010
will soma show up on a drug screen(urine)..and what class of drug is it in?

AskDocWeb: Soma is in the class of drugs called skeletal muscle relaxants. Standard urine drug tests do not screen specifically for Soma (Carisoprodol) however, according to the University of Maryland Counseling Center, Soma may show up as a false positive for Morphine.

Subj: Soma works
Date: 10/2/2010
Soma, love it & hate it. It works for me at bedtime, but it stays with me all next day, even sleeping most of the day if possible. Even though it does that to me I still use it cause it works.


Subj: Violent muscle jerks and spasms
Date: 10/8/2010
I took 4 350mgs of soma last night because 2 doesn’t do a thing. I had violent muscle jerks and spasms for hours, I could not sit, lie down or barely walk. I was jerking so violently, did OD?


AskDocWeb: It certainly sounds like it. One of the symptoms of an overdose on Soma is uncontrollable muscle contractions. That is time to call for emergency medical attention.

Subj: These horror stories
Date: 10/26/2010
These horror stories must be responsible for me having to endure the unrelenting muscle pain from years of fibro and finally the effects of lifelong scollisis, spondiosis, defective spinal canal which compresses the entire spinal cord. The pain became so bad that I sat constantly in a self-made bed of pillows so long that I lost the use of my feet — all the time having meds switched around to avoid soma that I had taken successfully for more than a decade. Until something else comes along, the TIENS unit, biofeedback, massage, and other such NONSENSE when you must live in a single chair, complelely disabled to the point of being in a wheelchair for 14 months, being tried on methadone (which in my case should never have been prescribed – I can’t even use caffiene without my heart racing!) and finally, the original common meds used for fibro being reinstated with enormous improvement after adding less than 5 mg of morphine in the late afternoon to keep my other meds effective at that dose was all it took.

1. EVERYONE IS NOT THE SAME. I was finally put on inderal for heart palpitations and on it for years, scared to walk up a flight of stairs (when I had No Pain med for severe neck and vascular headaches for twenty years after an early hysterectomy.)

2. If you take more than the recommended dose, then other meds need to be gently added.

3. Doctors are supposed to listen to their patients not the government and prescribe based on the need to NOT LIVE IN PAIN everyday of your life. I have a RIGHT to a life with the lowest level of pain possible. Now I know why I’m “not allowed” – or at least it seems impossible to maintain once I get there: People like those here who are either abusing perfectly good drugs (those how anybody can get High soma, I can’t imagine), or they should NOT be taking it and report unusual side effects and try something else. Patients whose whole lives revolve around trying to just endure the pain and cannot take other muscle relaxers should be allow to take three or four tablets a day. I do at least stay asleep, but cannot imagine the RIGHT dosage making me the slightest bit sleepy. Also, it doesn’t completely stop the body-wide, but makes it bearable. I must stay out of this chair and not loose my feet because OTHERS abuse soma and vicodine.


Subj: Can Soma cause depression
Date: 11/12/2010
I have been taking Soma for none months. I had shoulder surgery three years ago and have chronic pain. I take 2 350mg a day. I had a tumor and my right ovary removed in April. I now need a hysterectomy. I can’t afford the surgery. I stoped taking my Soma for sometime after surgery and had no problems. I started taking them again about three weeks after surgery. My hormones are causing me to be an emotional roller coaster. I feel like I am crazy. Someone told me today told me Soma can cause depression. Can Soma cause depression and mess my hormones up more?


AskDocWeb: Yes, depression is listed as one of the possible side effects of Soma that should be reported to your doctor. Soma has no effect on hormones. Read more feedback about Soma. Soma report303132Page 33343536Last Page 47

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