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Subj: I could not take Soma properly
Date: 2/16/2011
I went through detox last april (2010) and as part of the detox you have counciling sessions with a psychiatrist. I have had problems for years taking Soma. I hurt my back in the mid 80’s and first experienced problems. I could not take it properly even though I never had problems with other drugs. I have taken oxycontin, methadone morphine and others during the course of the last 15 years. I got hurt by a horse in late 90’s so had problems with soma all over again. My neck was fractured and didn’t heal properly as the injury was missed. Also had to have back surgery twice, 8 broken ribs, broken leg and toren shoulder all from the 90’s accident.
I found out during detox that 20% of the patients that take soma have a problem called “compulsive intake disorder”. You are unable to control your impulses on taking Soma. I was told by the psychiatrist that it is the only drug classified as such. If you have problems taking it get help, do not try to get yourself off of soma as 980% relapse and wind up taking again sometimes years later. If you take soma it can also cause psycosis, which is basically psycotic behavior and only treatment is to dose you with more soma. Please inform your doctor if he proscribes Soma to give you flexaril or one of the other muscle relaxers or even valiun can be used in this reguard.
This info has come to me from the doctor that treated me. I reread my reports before posting this. So please talk to your doctor about soma before taking. If you have problems taking it get off it with help. There are new programs setting up in most larger communities to help with Soma addiction. It is one of the oldest yet misunderstood of all the medications on the market.


Subj: My heart hurts
Date: 2/21/2011
PLEASE READ!!! I have been taking pain medicine and somas for years. I’ve never had any problems. I’am currently taking 30ml oxycodone and somas. I’ve been taking these particular medications for a little over a year with no problems. But recently, I’ve had heart pain for the past 11 days. From the second I wake up, until the moment I go to bed, my heart hurts. The pain has not gone away for even a minute for these past 11 days. Could this be caused by taking somas and the oxycodone’s, or just by taking the somas alone? And if so, what could be the problem specifically? i take around 6 somas a day. And I take them for pain, not to get high. because of my tolerance, I barely feel anything anyways. So im not all messed up when I’ve been having this heart pain. Its just constant pain for 11 days now. Someone please let me know if this can be caused by my meds, and why…….coz im FREAKING OUT!!!!!!!


AskDocWeb: Chest pain or any pain near the heart should be reported to your doctor as soon as possible as this is a symptom of a heart attack. Chest pain and arrhythmia are also listed as rare side effects that are possible when using Oxycodone.

Subj: Weight gain
Date: 2/22/2011
I have been taking soma for about 1 year. I have noticed weight gain. Is there any known side effect of weight gain on this medication? I take 350MG. Please let me know. Thanks.


AskDocWeb: Weight gain is not listed as one of the side effects of Soma. However, unusual weight gain should be discussed with your doctor as that could indicate another problem.

Subj: Severe withdrawal?
Date: 2/22/2011
will soma cause sever w/d like opana?


AskDocWeb: We have not seen a comparison of the withdrawal symptoms from those two drugs. However, you may want to find a local medical detox center. Not only can they help control the withdrawal (although still unpleasant), but they provide counseling, support groups, and intensive outpatient treatment afterward.

Subj: Severe muscle weakness
Date: 3/4/2011
I took a soma last night before I went to bed and this morning I woke up to severe muscle weakness and my muscles on the backside of my thighs and butt area are really really sore. What would cause this?


AskDocWeb: Muscle weakness is not listed as a side effect of Soma however, high doses of Soma are known to cause extreme muscle weakness, fast heartbeat, and paralysis so talk to your doctor.

Subj: The pharmacia recommended Somacid or Somatrex
Date: 3/25/2011
While on a cruise this January, I forgot I hadn’t packed my RX sleep med (I have disc damage and clinical depression). The pharmacia recommended Somacid or Somatrex 350mg. Worked like a charm and I was alert when I woke up the next morning. So, I have since bought more bottles and take it every other night, while using my RX the other nights. My Rx makes me hung over and drowsy the next day. The Soma did not. I have been on sleep and depression meds since I was diagnosed with Clinical Depression. Didn’t talk to my Doc about it when I came home. All is working well and keeps me from paying a Doctor bill and an expensive rx. Now I’m reading these comments and I wonder if I have started taking something else that could be addictive. I also take Lisinopril, Effexor and mega vitamins. I’m in my 60’s.


Subj: Drug test
Date: 4/8/2011
I heard that soma doesn’t come up in your drug test because they don’t test for that. They just test for the most common drugs.


Subj: Soma works well for me
Date: 4/14/2011
Soma has been a great addition to my pain regimen. I have Ankylosing Spondylitis, Fibromyalgia, Degenerative Disc Disease, had an L5-S1 discectomy 2 yrs ago after a rupture and nerve impingement, have herniations at L3-4, T12-L1, 2 small herniations in cervical, severe facet arthropathy, nerve impingement in my neck that causes numbness in my hand. Soma works very well for me. It is the only muscle relaxer that is effective for severe muscle spasm in my back.

I taper off of it when my spasm improves and use Baclofen, so it will be more effective when I have bad spasm. I need some sort of relaxant all the time though because of muscle spasticity in my leg as well, that has severe nerve damage from my disc rupture and surgery. I see a pain Mgmt specialist for my very painful conditions.

I also take Oxycontin for round the clock relief and Percoset for breakthrough pain. I taper up and down my pain meds as needed. After 3 years on them, I’ve got it down to an art. I’ve even managed to taper off all my pain meds a few times for a month or two when my Spondylitis was better controlled. Stopping Soma suddenly after prolonged use is very bad. Withdrawal symptoms are unbearable, worse than opiates. I slowly spread out my dose over a few weeks and taper off it by eliminating one pill per week. It works well for me.


Subj: For anyone who is prone to abuse
Date: 4/15/2011
This drug is a slow death for anyone who is prone to abuse. I took it for years before my family intervened. Unfortunately, I had given it to a friend when she complained of back pain. She has now been using it for over 13 years. I can take one look at her and see when she has been taking it. Pale, forgetful, repeats herself, drowsy and still complains of pain. Several people in my small town have died from it and yet the doctor here who prescribes it will not stop giving it to my friend no matter how many times I’ve called the office… I’m heartbroken.

Subj: How long does Soma stay in the system?
Date: 4/16/2011
My gf took ten or so. We did call poison control and then went to er. She mixted her meds up didnt realized it until after. Er did nothing for 4 hours then after my gf told them poison control said to come asap they gave her xanax. My question is how long will it stay in her system her blood pressure is still 160/120. The drs had no answers for us.


AskDocWeb: According to the U.S. National Library of Medicine, Soma (carisoprodol) is rapidly eliminated, with a mean half-life of 99 minutes, plus or minus 46 minutes depending on the individual. That means it will take somewhere between 4½ and 12.2 hours to completely clear the system.

Subj: Something to ease the withdrawal symptoms?
Date: 4/20/2011
I have been taking soma for a little over three years. Broken back, then surgery, then fall. I am addicted. It is causing great concern with my family and I understand their concerns. I take far more than what is prescribed (buy them on the internet to supplement) I am trying to ween off of them but having a very hard time with it, especially when there are still underlying pain issues. However, at this point, I would almost rather deal with the pain than the problems it is causing at home. I was also taking percocet. The percocet was easy to stop. Haven’t had it for over a week and no withdrawal symptoms. It may be that I haven’t noticed them due to the continual use of the soma. The hard part is that if I have them, I will take them, up to 20 or so a day. However, everything I have read says to ween off of them and NEVER quit abruptly but I will not sleep without it and Unisom and the like does not work. It causes restless leg and arm syndrome because of the antihystemine (sp). Is there something out there “over the counter” that is non-addictive and will ease some of the withdrawal symptoms/insomnia that doesn’t contain antihystemines?


AskDocWeb: Over-the-counter sleep aids, multi vitamins, and charcoal tablets have been recommended by those who have gone through this. There are also several natural remedies reported to help: taking lots of hot showers, soak in a hot tub, drink a lot of Gatorade and water to help flush the system, and keeping busy. Just keep telling yourself that it won’t last forever. And let us know what you found helpful. Good luck!

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