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If you’ve used Soma, please help others by sharing your experience with side effects. What would you tell your best friend about this product? Please remember that we do not give medical advice. That is for your local health care provider, who is familiar with your medical history.

Soma being taken off the market in US and Canada?
Date: 2/23/2012
I never thought to research Soma or Carisoprodol which is what was given me for back pain after my surgery in 1978 I have been on it three times a day since then. I have never had a problem with it. It helps me sleep at night and prevents the muscle spasms which is a result of a fused spine at 65 degree curve. I tried other drugs and I had reactions to them. I have never had a doctor question the usage of it after they see my x rays. I hear it is being taken off the market in US and Canada. I had no idea it was additive. I find that if I use it when I start a migraine it stops the migraine immediately. I concluded that the migraines were stress related. No doctor has ever questioned me about it. I use it now only for sleeping at night. I appreciate reading all the comments that were written. I am 81.


AskDocWeb: Soma has already been removed from the market in Sweden and Norway due to abuse and side effects. However, the rumor that it is being taken off the market in the USA has been going around since 2007. If it ever is taken off the market you might ask your doctor about Tizanidine, Cyclobenzaprine, or Baclofen as alternative muscle relaxants to try.

No withdrawals?
Date: 2/24/2012
Hi” mother” My son just turn 25. He lost his father at 15 went into depression. put on medicine for depression an suiced but later turn on at 17 to lortab, than later soma. He is addicted to for sure soma only take I thank like two lora tabs with it but take at lease 6 soma. good job can go work two month an want stay an work that long but when come back go an get drugs. It hurts to see child like this. I’ve try in past to get him help but still addicted, have od on it at lease 3 time. I dont under stand he can be off a month. He dont have withdrals. Why?


AskDocWeb: Some people who abuse Soma do not experiences withdrawal symptoms. Drug abuse affects different people in different ways.

Alternative for Soma
Date: 3/4/2012
After elbow surgery, I was given soma. The side effects were not worth the slight pain relief. I had constant stomach upset, loose and bloody stool, vomiting, and even a bit of depression and anxiety. The flector pain patches have been much more beneficial for pain relief w/no side affects so far.


AskDocWeb: Thanks Victoria, many people are looking for good alternatives to Soma. The Flector patch (Transdermal diclofenac) is used to treat short-term pain due to minor strains, sprains, and bruises. This pain patch is in a class of medications called nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs). It works by stopping the body’s production of a substance that causes pain. The most common side effects of the Flector Patch are minor burning, itching, or irritation at the application site.

Addicted to soma
Date: 3/21/2012
I have been using soma since the eightys. I am 54 now and I can take up to 20 a day its a nasty drug it starts off ok. I am truly addicted to soma and have had all the side effects almost death, after taking this drug the last time I became suicidal and depressed its not any fun any more. I feel like a rat in a cage that waits for its dose to be administered, I’ve lost my family and alot of friends because of this drug don’t start taking it ever if you want to keep the things you love.


Venting about Some
Date: 3/25/2012
Since a serious car accident approx 4 years ago, I have been prescribed soma. It is the only thing that seems to work for me. I tried flexeril but it didn’t help at all. I tried to stop taking this medicine but was in excruciating pain during that time so consequently, I went back on it. I do feel a certain dependency for this drug but I’m willing to take the risk of addiction over pain.

I certainly do hope this medication is not pulled from the market. We only have the people who are selling it and truly abusing it to blame. I know I’m not perfect, but I am taking it as prescribed and I am going to my physician monthly for him to monitor me. Thanks for letting me vent.?


I descended into hell
Date: 4/1/2012
I was taking soma for three years, I had been increasing doses all along, running out earlier. Started buying it online the last year I had found a buffet of my drug… So happily I descended into hell… I wasted away, losing 40 lbs that last year, I wasn’t fat from the start. I lied, lied, lied to everyone, my husband thought I had a disorder I kept falling asleep during the day, slurring my words. I had four car accidents, no dui’s but I am lucky as hell, I guess adrenaline made me appear normal.

My family intervened several times, they suspected drugs, but I am a straight laced girl, I have never done any drugs. They took me to the ER twice I spent a week in the hospital with a very expensive test of my brain with electrodes spackled to my head three days, obviously, they found nothing. I kept my secret! I no longer cared about anyone, anything just getting high. I was taking 30 a day popping five, six, seven, four or five times a day. I could have died at any point, my family thought I would. They eventually got wise to me gave me an ultimatum go to rehab or lose my marriage, family support. I went I treated it like a joke, got out stayed sober for a bit. Bought more online… That was it, I took like ten went over a friends house had a glass of wine, one. I don’t drink much. I climbed into my car and woke up in the hospital. I had thankfully hit a curb near my home, I got close!

The police woke my husband up took him to the scene he was scared to death, the police officer basically let me go on DUI because he felt so bad for my husband, he had explained what was going on. I ended up in rehab again in August 2011. I’ve been clean, picking up the shattered pieces since. My husband stayed. Thankfully.. Please don’t use soma ever. Thanks for reading,


Soma coma
Date: 5/3/2012
This is a rougj drug. I crushed my L1 vert and have been on Soma off and on for 2 yrs. To keep from appearing addicted, I lay off a week or so during the month so I run out on time. I can eat them like candy. The Soma coma is a terrible ordeal. The withdrawals while I’m off are unbearable at times. Stay off of it if you can.


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