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If you’ve used Soma, please help others by sharing your experience with side effects. What would you tell your best friend about this product? Please remember that we do not give medical advice. That is for your local health care provider, who is familiar with your medical history.

No wonder
I’ve been taking SOMA for 15yrs. 3x a day as directed. I can’t believe people are taking them in these. Amounts & they are dying! No wonder my Dr. had to wean me off of an rx that I really need & no wonder that they are now a controlled substance. Hopefully the people that are abusing them will now be stopped. Then once again, the people that take them as prescribed & need them, will be able to get them prescribed to them again. Thank you.


The truth on Ambien
They now tell you when you first get a prescription of ambien to be careful because it is known to cause memory loss and to make sure you go right to after taking it. The only problem is they say that about almost every sleep med. known to man. I am here to tell you that I used to take ambien because I suffer from severe insomnia. I first started taking it about 6yr ago and I would wake up and realize I cooked and didn’t remember. A times couple times I took another cause I forgot. The worst is I ended up taking my boyfriends keys, went out to get cigarettes and on the way back hit 4 parked cars. You get the point. If your doc. prescribes have a serious talk with him. If you are on something like Soma already then have a VERY serious talk w/your doc.(I would suggest the lowest mg. ambien)


AskDocWeb: There are many reports of sleep eating, sleep texting, sleep driving, and other activities that got people in trouble while using that sleeping pill.

Wake Up!
Please Please Doctors and scientists! WAKE THE (Censored) UP!!! Carisoprodol requires more meta-analysis. I have two loved ones addicted to this drug and do not want to lose them.


Poison pills
STUPID ASS DOCTORS STOP PRESCRIBING THESE POISONOUS PILLS! i cannot believe the side effects of a person on excessive somas. crack cocaine seems like coffee compared to this sh*t!


AskDocWeb: Hi Colleen. It sounds like you would like to do more and we can help you with that. The FDA has set up a program called MedWatch, which is a voluntary reporting system for the public to report problems with FDA regulated drugs. Here is the link to Report a Problem.

Soma works wonders
I have been on Soma for 7 years now due to a couple of car wrecks. It works wonders for my pain. If I was not prescribed it I would need extra pain meds every month. It seems it helps with my pinched nerves for some reason. I will say this, never take two in an empty stomach and eat right afterwards, it makes you buzzed as Hell. Also avoid it with another pain med and eating afterwards too. As long as I don’t eat or est before hand I don’t get a buzz.

The most I have ever taken in a day is 6. I have stopped cold turkey before when I ran out for various reasons, like when they are stolen. I have never detoxed from them. I have only detoxed from my pain meds. Why I don’t know but I have always had a higher tolerance to meds than others. It helps if you take it responsibly, but don’t get carried away with it. Also do not take it with xanax, it is a bad combo.

I used to smoke herb and do other illegal stuff when I was younger so u would think I would easily want to get high. I guess the pain keeps me in check, but I also dropped cocaine cold turkey after 4 months of heavy daily use, of course thay was in 1999. I honestly dont personally know anybody who has ever been addicted to it either Si I guess it depends, and I do know several people that take it.


High doses of Soma
I have taken Soma in serious high doses. I am not kidding or fabricating anything I’m about to say. I used to take anywhere from 20-30 350 mg of this drug a day. My tolerance was so high, that I kept taking more and more to relieve the pain. I have scars on my head from falling and busting it open. I have severe skeletal muscular pain, that I’ve never had before the use of this drug. Even when I was taking it properly for the first 2 years, when I was off it, I would get these horrible muscular/bone pains all over my body. They only got much worse with more usage. I don’t take them at all any longer but feel the horrible side effects. I’m 27 years old and feel like I’m 70. My doctors want to test for RA as they suspect that’s what it is. This drug is no joke and I learned that the hard way.


What is it that is addicting about Soma?
Recently my doctor had me start taking Soma for sciatica pain/spasm. I don’t understand what the addiction to this is about as they don’t do anything to me. I know on an empty stomach, they’ve made me feel dizzy for a couple of minutes but it passes. What is it that is addicting about Soma? I am noticing some heart palpitations and wakefulness at bedtime, but don’t know if that is caused by the Soma or the pain!


AskDocWeb: The addiction problem with Soma often arises from the drug’s interaction with other drugs. The average American takes between 7 and 13 prescription drugs every day. The drug interactions with other medications, some of which are uncontrolled substances, are used to simulate the effects of highly addictive narcotics. This has become so wide spread that many states are regulating Soma as a controlled substance, even though the federal government has yet to classify it that way.

Experience with Soma
I think if you must take something due to things like I have, fibromyalgia and bad spinal arthritis, you have to be careful. I used to take robaxin but it began to mess with my stomach too much. I take 3-4 a day also, but I do know it builds up tolerance quickly and if possible one should try and go without for a couple days. Seems to help me anyway.

A couple months ago, when our step son moved in, he stole some of mine (got a hiding place now) and I had to go about 5 days with little to none and it’s hard if you hurt just doing normal, everyday things. But when I’m reading there are ppl who take 5-7 at a time, or 20-30 a day, I think that’s outrageous. That’s clearly just to get a high and zone out. I believe that could put someone in a hospital. If I took 5 at a time, good Lord, I’d be stretched out on my bed or couch. Someone here said they use 5-6 to help sleep with at night; I realize they can make you sleepy, but that is just way too much at once. It will only lessen your tolerance and who knows what else.

You need to see a doctor about getting something to help if you are having sleep issues. No doctor would prescribe that many a day that I know of, so you must be buying off the internet, and for what you spend for those, you could pay for a doctor and go to Costco for rock bottom prices, if you have no insurance.


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