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If you’ve used Soma, please help others by adding your feedback. What would you tell your best friend about this product? Please remember that we do not give medical advice. That is for your local health care provider, who is familiar with your medical history.

Subj: When is enough enough?
Date: 10/6/2005
Hello. I can tell you that SOMA is a bad pill to be addicted to. My mother has taken them for well over 10 years and is highly addicted to them. She will get a months supply about 180 pills and take all of them within a 4-5day period. She will be completely lethargic, shaky, falls, can’t walk, sleeps, can’t talk, and so on. I have tried to let her doctors know but they would just kick her out of the practice and she would find another doctor. It has come to a point where there is no help for her. I am not sure what to do. Please advise!


AskDocWeb: One suggestion is to call the pharmacies where she has her prescriptions filled to put a stop to her filling any soma prescriptions. The word will pass from pharmacy to pharmacy. I wish you luck in this, I know how heartbreaking it is to see someone you love in this condition.

Subj: Soma carisoprodol
Date: 10/14/2004
My wife started using somas and the generic version carisoprodol 14 years ago prescribed by a doctor for shoulder pain from an auto accident. AVOID this product. She became totally and irreversibly addicted. Her tolerance got to a point that she was taking a full bottle of 100 every 2 days. She was totally high and wasted 24/7. We couldn’t even go to restaurants anymore because she would go to the bathroom at the restaurant, take a handful. By the time she would start to eat, she would pass out, her face buried in the food on her plate. She would order them on the Internet and have them sent to a P.O. Box number. I couldn’t stop her. And I tried. I watched this progression for 14 years until we separated 2 years ago. After 25 years of marriage, she chose the pills. IT TOTALLY TOOK HER OVER. Don’t think for a minute that you can control this drug or that you’re different. In time,(and not a long time)your will power will be gone forever. Her family won’t have anything to do with her now. Don’t believe your Dr. if he tells you not to worry. WORRY!


Subj: Soma in college
Date: 11/5/2005
I thoroughly enjoy abusing somas. I generally take 5-6 before each one of my classes in college. It gets me hella weak. I have not had any side effects other than getting weak. Somas are legit. I would personally avoid taking more than 12 at a time, or more than 40 in a 24 hour period. Too legit, too legit to quit.


AskDocWeb: We sincerely hope you have your will made out.

Subj: Soma high
Date: 11/25/2005
I have just started taking Soma and I have to tell you it helps quite a bit with muscle tension and spasms. I also get quite high off of it which concerns me because I really like the feeling and THAT is not a reason to be using it. Any feedback?


AskDocWeb: Sounds like you should talk to your doctor about adjusting your dosage or what alternatives would work for you.

Subj: Addicted to Soma?
Date: 11/30/2005
How long would it take to become addicted to Soma?


AskDocWeb: The amount of time it takes to become addicted to this Soma varies with the individual. Abuse has been rare but addictive prone individuals should use this drug with caution.

Subj: Sleep too much
Date: 11/30/2005
I have been taking soma now for 2 months and it really seems to help with the pain I have herniated discs and sciatica pinched nerve. But I would strongly caution against this because of depression and sleepiness all the time. I am afraid to tell my doctor of the sleepiness because nothing helps as much as soma and I know they will probably take me off of it. I sleep way too much and am starting to get lazy and depressed. I’m getting a medial branch block to deaden some nerves to see if it helps my pain. I hope it does so I can get off of the pain meds.


Subj: Soma medicine
Date: 12/2/2005
I have been taking SOMA for over 5 years now due to a car accident. My C5 and C6 disks were a bit messed up and I have the “degenerative” negative effect from it. Along with this I have had some lower back pain. However I can go about my life like I normally do. When the pain from the inflammation comes on SOMA has done the trick. I really have not built up an immunity to it which is good in a way and I have always used the med the right way. I do not take it daily, usually once every 3rd day my pain will be significant enough for a use. I was first prescribed SOMA and Tylenol 3 which is codeine. I told my doc that I no longer needed the Tylenol 3 and I think the SOMA is fine on its own. I have no addiction to it, since I have gone longer then a month or two at times without and never had a need or craving.

I do not see any “long term” effects of the medication physically or mentally. I think if this medicine is treated correctly and used properly you will be fine. If you take 5 of just about anything you aren’t going to feel right… to comment on the posts above.


Subj: Soma and liver problems
Date: 12/12/2005
I am having major trouble with my liver, kidneys, pancreas and gallbladder. Do you think my long term usage of Soma has anything to do with it? I am taking 10+ pill a day.


AskDocWeb: Soma is metabolized by the liver so you may be facing some serious problems. The standard dosage is one 350 mg pill, three times a day and at bedtime. By taking over twice the recommended number, you are overdosing yourself. That can produce stupor, coma, shock, respiratory depression, and in some cases, death.

Subj: Soma advice
Date: 12/31/2005
I took somas for two months because I injured my knee, but I never knew that the somas could be addictive and hard on my body. I been an athlete my entire life and trying to get off was not easy but very mental challenging. My advice to anyone who takes this or any painkiller drug, only do so if you really need to otherwise there is nothing, I mean nothing in this world better than being healthy, in shape and feeling like your body doesn’t need any of these drugs to survive. Painkillers are definitely not a way of life. They can only bring you down in the long run.


Subj: Taking 3 and a half pills
Date: 1/3/2006
I have been prescribed soma since I was diagnosed with a bulged disc in my back 3 years ago (I am 27 years old) I do not take it everyday. I may take it once or twice a week. Sometimes I go a week or two without it. The initial reason I was on it was for pain. Now the only reason I take it is to help me fall asleep, as my doctor instructed me to. I started off 3 taking 1 pill before I go to bed. Now I have to take 3 and a half pills in order for it to take effect. Should I be concerned about being addicted because I have to take 3 pills instead of 1, even though I don’t use this medication on a daily basis but rather a weekly basis?


AskDocWeb: Yes, you should be concerned anytime you find yourself increasing the number of pills to get the same effect. That is the behavior pattern that leads to addiction. Think about it, how high does that number have to go before you realize you have a problem? Please talk to your doctor about this.

Subj: Soma for fibromyalgia
Date: 1/4/2006
Soma has been a great drug for me, it was prescribed to me to treat the severe pain of fibromyalgia, probably three years ago. I have never abused it. The most I have ever taken is 1 1/2 350 mg pills. My doctor put me on Soma after trying flexeril, after trying zanaflex. Flexeril made me nervous, and zanaflex made me hallucinate. There was another one that hurt my stomach. And another one that I had abused in a previous life.

Which brings me to the reason I wanted to post this. I see a lot of people reporting an inability to stop using this drug, not just using it, but abusing it. The message here on this board has not been clear. I am a recovered addict who can now safely use a drug for pain, when needed. This is after 4 years in a 12 step program. If you can’t stop, and you want to, get help. Go to a detox, your doctor can help you, and then go to a 12 step program, they can help.

As for me, soma helps when the pain gets too bad. I hope the pain does not hang out for the rest of my life though.


Subj: Addicted to Soma
Date: 1/12/2006
Can somas kill you? I read one guy saying that it almost killed there friend by the heart stopping but then a couple guys later stated that somas don’t effect your heart. I have a girlfriend she eats 200 somas a week if I give them to her. Its been about two years now and she didn’t start that high but that’s alot considering she’s only awake for about 8 hours of the day and the rest is sleep. Is she going to end up dying? One guy in here said that his friend died while sleeping from somas. Was there actual proof it was the somas or was she 99 years old also? Anyway there are withdrawals for a fact. I know this because it has been three days and she wants somas. I say no and if she didn’t love me I think she would try to kill me. Is that withdrawal or addiction or both? Anyway give us some websites for this stuff to look up I would go to the doctor and ask but then I might be arrested for drug trafficking. hmmm help thanks


AskDocWeb: It is true that there have been some deaths caused by an overdose. It sounds like your friend is addicted to this drug. Have her seek help for drug intervention.

Subj: Gastric problems?
Date: 1/31/2006
I took 4-5 350mg Somas for my back pain for about 3 years. I too felt I had become somewhat addicted to them. They not only helped with my lower back pain, but also helped greatly with my anxiety. However, I stopped taking them and 2 weeks later I had a severe pain in my upper back (just under my right shoulder blade) which persisted for 3 days. Then, it turned into pain, just under my ribs on my right side. It seems that if I take the soma, it makes it worse. But, I have been off of them for over a month now and this pain in my upper right chest is still there. Could taking Soma for so long given me lasting gastric problems?


AskDocWeb: It doesn’t sound likely because of the location of the pain. We suggest you make an appointment with your physician to have this checked out further.

Subj: Took 10 somas
Date: 2/1/2006
I have been taking Somas for a couple of years now to go to sleep. I just break them in half and drink them with lots of water to aid faster absorbtion. I just took ten and I am feeling a little drwosy.


AskDocWeb: We hope you had someone to call an ambulance. Some people would consider that attempted suicide!

Subj: Soma for degenerative disk disease
Date: 2/7/2006
I have been taking Soma for a few years due to degenerative disk disease. I had 4 CERVICAL fusions so the stiffness gets very bad and pain is very bad possibility of a 5th fusion but soma has been a great help for me.


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