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Subj: Recommend this product
Date: 4/29/2009
I have been taking tenuate for 3 weeks now and have lost 20 lbs, I would recommend this product if you are trying to lose weight, it works. I would also like to know since it’s not recommended to just stop taking the medicine how do you recommend I whin my self off of it?


AskDocWeb: The concern about discontinuing only arises if you have been taking this drug longer than 12 weeks or you find it psychologically addictive, in which case you should discuss this with your doctor.

Subj: Developed yeast and bacterial infections
Date: 5/6/2009
I have been using Tenuate for the past 3 months and have successfully lost 20 lbs! I have added a healthy diet with smaller portions and I walk 2-3 times a weeks. The only question I have is that I have developed yeast and bacterial infections (Yuk!) monthly for the past 3 months. Could this be related to the Tenuate.


AskDocWeb: Neither one is listed as a side effect of Tenuate. If you don’t shower and change clothes right after your walks you might try that.

Subj: Buy tenuate, no prescription?
Date: 5/21/2009
I buy tenuate 75ml but I dont have a prescription. Could you just help me?


AskDocWeb: The help you really need is at your doctor’s office. The reason you have to have a prescription in order to buy tenuate is for your protection. There are serious dangers involved with prescription drugs and in some cases could be life threatening. Taking Tenuate with some pre-exiting health conditions may produce a number of problems such as breast development in males, chest pain, constipation, depression, diarrhea, difficulty with voluntary movements, hair loss, hives, impotence, irregular heartbeat, muscle pain, painful urination, or increased seizures in epileptics. Please consult with your health care provider to find out if it would be safe for you to take Tenuate.

Subj: Effect on dental procedures?
Date: 5/31/2009
About 2 weeks ago I had some dental work done (2 deep fillings were taken out & refilled), and a few days after that, I started taking tenuate. I went back to my dentist last week because I am still having significant pain in the 2 teeth he filled, but he could not see anything wrong (as of yet). I am just wondering if the Tenuate could effect how my teeth are healing or could it be contributing to the pain? Also, could Tenuate have an effect on any future dental procedures I may have done? Thank you,


AskDocWeb: There is a note in the instructions that says before you have any medical or dental treatments, emergency care, or surgery, tell the doctor or dentist that you are using this medicine. That indicates some effect but what that might be is unclear.

Subj: I recommend this medication
Date: 6/3/2009
I took this product a few years ago and lost 30lbs. I also changed my diet and exercised too. My BP was lowered. Dry mouth was the only side effect I had. I took tenuate at 11 am and it lasted to dinner. I never had trouble during the night. I kept the weight off for two years after taking the medication. I did stop working out and started to eat poorly again and the weight came back. I recommend this medication with MD monitoring you. I am going back to my primary Dr for a new presciption.


Subj: Nettle sting rash
Date: 6/9/2009
I have been taking tenate dospan for about three weeks now and I keep coming out in an itchy rash like a nettle sting rash every time I take them. Is this normal or should I stop taking them? Also are they safe to take whilst trying for a baby? Thanks,


AskDocWeb: A rash is listed among the less common possible side effects of Tenuate but you should check with your doctor to make sure it is not an allergic reaction. If you plan on trying for a pregnancy then you should first discuss the benefits and risks of using Tenuate with your doctor.

Subj: Any stories of heart attacks?
Date: 6/19/2009
I was prescribed phen but was switched to tenuate by my Dr as I couldn’t sleep and got anxiety and chest pain. I’m to take 1-3 x 25mg daily but so far don’t get passed taking more than half a 25mg tablet as that alone seems to keep my appetite away for hours. However, I still get very jittery and my chest feels heavy and I’m worried about this even on this low dose. Am I just very sensitive to these drugs do you think? Are these chest pains serious, my Dr didn’t seem worried but my father died at 56 of heart desease so I worry about this family history. Does anyone know of any stories of actual heart attacks etc?


AskDocWeb: There was one report that chest pains caused by Tenuate were significant enough that the patient thought she was having a heart attack and went to the ER.

Subj: Order Tenuate online?
Date: 7/2/2009
Is it ok 2 order Tenuate online?


AskDocWeb: No, because of recent changes in the law and new politics we recommend you don’t buy Tenuate online, buy Tenuate at your local pharmacy.

Subj: Tenuate and Wellbutrin together?
Date: 7/12/2009
I have been prescribed tenuate 75 mg for weight loss by my family doctor. My psychiatrist separately switched me from Cymbalta 60 mg to Wellbutrin 300 mg for depression. I didn’t tell my psychiatrist about the tenaute because I didn’t think about it at the time, now I am too embarrassed. Then I read online that these two medications are have almost identical molecular structures and that got me very worried — Should I be afraid to take these two medications together?


AskDocWeb: You will not die of embarrassment but withholding information from your doctor could be lethal. There is a major Drug-Drug interaction listed for Tenuate and Wellbutrin. Both Tenuate and Wellbutrin have a stimulant effect on the central nervous system and taking them together increases the chances of having a seizure. The estimated incidence of seizures is approximately 0.1% at dosages up to 300mg a day and 0.4% at dosages between 300 to 450mg a day, but increases almost tenfold between 450 mg and 600 mg/day. Those taking both drugs together need to be monitored closely. These drugs are often individually epileptogenic and may have additive effects when combined.

Extreme caution is advised if Wellbutrin is administered with any substance that can increase the possibility of seizures, particularly in the elderly and in patients with a history of seizures or other risk factors for seizures such as:

  • addiction to opiates, cocaine, or stimulants
  • brain tumor
  • CNS infections
  • diabetes treated with oral hypoglycemic agents or insulin
  • excessive use of alcohol
  • excessive use of sedatives
  • head trauma
  • metabolic disorders
  • severe hepatic cirrhosis

Subj: Tenuate dospan
Date: 7/26/2009
I took tenuate dospans about 13 years ago. Just one tablet in the morning lost 14 pounds in 2 weeks. I found that one tablet was too strong as I could not sleep at night so I broke them in half and had no side effects whats so ever. Just curious to know they were banned from the market for EU so could you tell me is tenuate retard a legal form of tenuate dospan as I have also seen them advertised on a German website with no prescription needed. Regards,


AskDocWeb: Sorry Jo, our focus is on side effects. There are too many variations in laws from one country to the next to keep track. Be sure to check your local laws before trying to import any drug. In some places it is a federal offense to do that.

Subj: Now I’m worry
Date: 7/29/2009
I have been on tenuate 75 mg and I have no side effects. I was expecting it act like phentermine giving energys etc. Now I’m worry that I might not lose weight. I have been on it for a couple of days. I also have built tolerance from phentermine. Do you think is why I don’t feel the side effects on tenuate? Please let me know.


AskDocWeb: No, although your goal in taking them may be the same, these are different drugs and they can have difference side effects. Two days is not enough time to judge results.

Subj: Headaches
Date: 7/30/2009
I have been on Tenuate for three days and have had a headache every day. I will discuss it with my doctor next week when I see him. Will the headaches go away after I am on it for a while longer? Does it take a while for your system to get use to it? Thanks,


AskDocWeb: It does take awhile for your body to get used to it but the headaches may or may not go away with continued use.

Subj: Is it a safe medication?
Date: 8/1/2009
I am 24 years old and I’m wearing 128 lbs, I am 157 cm tall. I have just started to take tenuate. How long does it take for me to lose about 22 lbs? Is it a safe medication for my situation?


AskDocWeb: Your doctor has to consider your medical history and current condition before deciding if Tenuate is safe for you or not.

Subj: Burning sensation in hands
Date: 8/7/2009
I started Tenuate Dospan 4 days ago, love them. I do cut the tablet into 4 and space them out 2 before lunch and two after. I am having good results with little side-effect issues. I do seem to have mid-back pain that I did not before. I am also receiving Myoden/b12 injections, I have noticed that my feet and hands feel like they are burning, but they are cold to the touch. I would like to know if either of the side-effects I mentioned can be attributed to the Tenuate, also is it ok to cut the tablet as I am doing?


AskDocWeb: The burning sensation in your hands is not listed as a side effects of this drug. Tenuate Dospan is the controlled release formulation and according to the manufacturer should be swallowed whole and the tablets should not crushed or chewed.

Subj: Mitral and tricuspid regurgitation
Date: 9/13/2009
I have just been diagnose with mild mitral and tricuspid regurgitation after using tenuate for 10 months and loosing 15 pounds.


Subj: Exercise?
Date: 9/18/2009
I’ve been taking tenuate for 1 month now and I’ve lost 10pds so far without exercising. I really don’t have time to excerise do you like I would lose more weight if I did exercise?


AskDocWeb: Yes, you can lose more weight by increasing the amount of exercise you get but it doesn’t have to be just exercise. Any increase in your activity level would help. That includes fun things like dancing, swimming, hiking, bowling, or just walking with friends.

Subj: Cholesterol
Date: 10/20/2009
I have been taking Tenuate for ~12 wks. Have lost some wt and don’t seem to have any side effects from it. However, My cholesterol has gone up. My good has gone up 6 pts but my bad and my total have also gone up. Any relation to the Tenuate? Part of the reason of taking it was to drop ~5 pts on my LDL. Thanks!


AskDocWeb: While Tenuate hasn’t been linked to changes in cholesterol levels, we did find three weight loss drugs that have some effect on cholesterol; Meridia (Sibutramine), Xenical (Orlistat), and Acomplia (Rimonabant). Acomplia has not yet been approved in the USA. Read more feedback about Tenuate. Tenuate report 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9Page 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18Last Page 19