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If you have used Tenuate, please help others by adding your feedback. What would you tell your best friend about using this weight loss medication?

Any suggestions?
Date: 10/9/2013
Hi I am 158 cm and 56 kg and 25 yrs old. My friend suggested me to take the pill. yesterday I took 1 pill and I lost 0.7 kg :O :O . I am fascinated with the result and so happy to continue. Do you have any suggestion for supplementary pills like vitamins that I should take with tenuate. Thanks,

AskDocWeb: Your 158 cm equals our 5′ 2″ and your 56kg equals 123 pounds. According to our BMI your Body Mass Index is 22, which is the ideal, healthy amount of body fat, which is associated with living longest, and the lowest incidence of serious illness and health problems. This ratio is what many individuals perceive to be the most attractive. Losing weight when you don’t need to lose it is not recommended. If your physical shape is not attractive then you may want to explore body building exercises.

Just started Tenuate
Date: 1/17/2014
I have been taking the pill for almost a week now, it’s really good you just don’t get hungry at all! I’ve been taking it with Symfona Orlistat 120mg, I take Tenaute under the name of Neobes it’s the same thing. Well I take it in the morning before breakfast and then I take Symfona 30 minutes before lunch and 30 minutes before dinner. I have not weighed myself yet but a week ago I weighed 265 and the weight loss so far is small but visual. I will post again with more of my story in a week. 🙂


Jenna back to update
Date: 1/30/2914
I have now been using neobes (Tenaute) for 2 weeks and 3 days. I can truly recommend this medication if you are serious about weight loss and have struggled trying to lose it. I haven’t had any real bad side effects, my menstrual period just shifted around a little it was a week late but nothing too bad. My friends and family say that the weight loss is visible already, I started my jurney 1/13/2014 and I want to weight myself exactly a month later. So I will post my results 2/13/14.


AskDocWeb: Thanks Jenna. That sounds like a really positive experience. Keep up the good work!

Taking half a Tenuate
Date: 2/13/2014
I am taking Tenuate 75 mg. I have begun to break it in half and am slowly going off it as I increase my calories as I am 8 lbs from my goal weight. How does the time release work? Is a half pill working for only half the time or is it half the dose for the whole 14 hours? Thanks,


AskDocWeb: A half pill is still time released over the whole 14 hours but it has a little less than half the dosage. The reason for this is that breaking the pill in half exposes the center of the pill which allows it to dissolve slightly faster. Any change in your treatment with a prescription drug should be discussed with your doctor.

Update from Jenna
Date: 2/20/2014
Hey guys! I know I said I would post on the 13th of this month but I got a little caught up in things. Well it’s been officially just over a month since I’ve started using Tenaute and I’ve lost 10 POUNDS!! Hurray!! It’s really good, I feel great but I still have a long way to go! I do have to say though that I’ve had some difficulty falling asleep at night. If it persist I will seek medical attention but other than that it seems to be working just fine.


AskDocWeb: Thanks Jenna, keep up the good work!

Red eyes but positive
Date: 2/21/2014
I started Tenuate 2/8/14 almost two weeks ago and already feel the difference in my body. I have had no side effects other than red eyes. I take it at 6:00am when I wake up and at 1:00pm to help with lunch and dinner. I am very pleased with how I feel taking them. I do not feel “drugged” like I have with puente phentermine which I took a few years ago. Phen made me feel angry and very on edge. After taking it for a month I found myself unable to focus or control my anger. I immediately stopped the phen and felt like myself again. Tenuate is a God send and I hope I can lose the 60lbs I need to lose. Will keep you posted on my progress! Good luck to all 🙂


Pregnancy after Tenuate?
Date: 2/25/2014
i want to know how long after taking the last pill of tenuate it is safe to get pregnant?


AskDocWeb: It may take your body up to 30 hours to completely clear Tenuate from your system. However, talk to your doctor if you decide to get pregnant while on a weight loss program.

Expired Tenuate Retard
Date: 3/2/2014
Hi i found one of my old bottle of tenuate retard but unfortunately the date of the bottle has expired since 6 month, can i still take them? I have take 25 kg in 2 years and unfortunately the country where i am leaving took off tenuate retard from the market. Thanks for your help and sorry for my English writing mistakes


AskDocWeb: Unfortunately in many countries this has become a legal question rather than a medical one. If the country in which you live takes any drug off the market then you should check with the appropriate agency in your government to find out if taking it is against the law or not.

Currently there doesn’t seem to be any way to determine whether the pharmaceutical company bases their expiration date on the effectiveness of the medication or a desire to sell more product.

Drug interaction?
Date: 3/29/2014
Hi. thnx for your helpful page. its been 3 months that I’m taking fluvoxamine since I had social phobia and depression but it had made my appetite increase and I gain some weights. A friend of mine suggested me to buy Tenuate Retad in order to reduce my appetite! But I heard that this pill affects the hypothalamus in brain so that you don’t feel hungry anymore! and at the same time I’m taking fluvoxamine which affects the absorption of serotonin in brain to make me feel more relaxed! plz tell me if it is dangerous to take both pills at the same time??? eager to hearing from you


AskDocWeb: We didn’t find any drug interactions listed for using fluvoxamine with Tenuate however, you would need to consult your local medical healthcare provider to find out if it would be safe for your condition. Tenuate report 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16Page 17 18Last Page 19