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Subj: Medical information on Tenuate
Date: 8/11/2005
I have been taking Generic Tenuate for weight loss. Does it show up in a urine drug screen? I do have a prescription for it. Thanks,


AskDocWeb: Tenuate usually doesn’t show up on the standard 5 or 10-panel urine drug tests but you do need a prescription for it.

Subj: Tenuate withdrawal symptoms
Do you have any reports on the length of time of the withdrawal symptoms after discontinuing after 12 months?


AskDocWeb: Those who have stopped taking Tenuate abruptly after prolonged use have reported extreme fatigue, mental depression and sleep disturbances.

Subj: Quitting tenuate
I have been taking tenuate for about 4 months. I lost about 12lbs but now would like to stop. My doctor said I should just stop the medication. I thought you are supposed to go off it gradually. What do you think?


AskDocWeb: No, not this drug, just let it go.

Subj: Tenuate Retard
Date: 10/15/2004
I’m using Tenuate Retard once a day, in 2 months I lost about 8Kg, but its already 4 months that I’m using it but I didn’t lost weight. Do I have to stop it, or what do you recommend?


AskDocWeb: It sounds like this drug has stopped working for you. We suggest you talk to your doctor about an alternative. Remember that you do have to combine it with a diet and exercise program.

Subj: Weight loss help
Date: 10/29/2004
I’m about 20 pounds over weight and the doctor prescribed me 75mg of tenuate today.. Is this dosage to high?


AskDocWeb: No, it’s up to your doctor to know what dose will work best for you.

Subj: Tenuate and Marijuana
Date: 10/29/2004
I smoke alot of Marijuana for other health reasons… Is it okay to smoke and be on tenuate at the same time? What are the side affects?


AskDocWeb: We will publish your comments on doing this but we will not comment on mixing marijuana with any drug. There is just too little information available.

Subj: Miscarriage
Date: 11/19/2005
I used Tenuate for 20 weeks straight (from Sept. 2004 to Feb. 2005) I lost 12 Lbs. Later I found out I was pregnant in March. Unfortunately, I suffered a miscarriage in May. My ObGyn and Primary Doctor told me taking Tenuate had nothing to do with me having the miscarriage. But I would like to ask you if I should not be taking Tenuate if we decide to get pregnant again. Have you heard of this medication causing any miscarriages? Secondly, Let’s say I take Tenuate for 12 weeks straight again and have I need to loose more weight. How long should I wait before I take Tenuate again?


AskDocWeb: We have no evidence linking Tenuate with miscarriages. If you are going to have a baby, let your doctor decide if you should take it and the best time to do that. Please note: This medicine is excreted in breast milk.

Subj: Dramatic physical changes
Date: 12/14/2005
I was prescribed tenuate June 8, 2004 – I’m petite and had reached 150 lbs. I had previously attempted other over the counter meds but was not successful. After three months I was at 128lbs. The pill itself doesn’t do the work – I began to make small changes in reference to what I ate. For example: I started by not eating after 6:30 PM – then I added cutting white carbs slowly and finally eliminated fried foods. I didn’t want to be disappointed therefore didn’t weigh myself for two weeks however, I noticed my size 12 were big. This alone was the drive – I knew I was heading the right direction. I subscribed to Oxygen Magazine, which I utilized to provide me with nutritional information and exercise suggestions. I began using dumbbells at home and by the end of September I began noticing dramatic physical changes. I’m currently 116 and size 4. I’m so self conscious of what I eat. My system responds to yucky food – It doesn’t tolerate it as well. I have friends who have attempted to use Tenuate and were not successful. They continued to eat fast foods, etc…

If you are truly as determined as I was – and begin to read about nutrition and make changes slowly without a doubt you will be successful. You do not have to tell anyone what you’re on (I didn’t) they asked what was going on. Keep in mind – it’s not the pill – it’s a combination of the pill and you! Once I completed the tenuate I purchased a pill at GNC to assist near the holidays and curb my appetite. So far so good. Good Luck!


Subj: Feel great and appetite decreased
Date: 12/20/2005
I’m just starting taking Tenuate 25 mg. For the first week I take one at 8:00am and 12:00pm. My doctor also prescribed me a vitamin called Vitacon forte to take once a day. She also prescribed a potassium pill to take every other day. She said when you start losing weight you lose potassium. I feel great and my appetite has decreased.


Subj: Menstrual upsets?
Date: 1/2/2006
What types of “menstrual upsets” as mentioned above are possible? I started the Tenuate mid cycle, about a month ago, and my periods have increased in frequency. They are very normal usually. Nothing else in the daily routine has changed. Might this be the reason for the change? Thanks,


AskDocWeb: It’s possible, if this is a problem you could have your doctor find out what is causing the change.

Subj: Weaning off Tenuate?
Date: 1/16/2006
I have been using Tenuate 75mg for about six months. I feel foolish for not doing research prior to using this medication. I have not experienced any adverse effects and with the combination of diet and exercise I lost about 40lbs. I have missed doses on occasion and an entire week with no ill effects. My concern is research showing that it is for short term use and that it can be habit forming. How do I wean myself off of this medication?


AskDocWeb: Yes, prolonged use may cause dependence. Weaning off means that you gradually reduce the amount you are taking over time. The dosage is reduced to one pill a day then one every other day, etc.

Subj: Tenuate menstrual upset?
Date: 3/1/2006
I read that tenuate can cause menstrual upset. Could you elaborate on that? Have you had any reports of spotting while on tenuate. I have begun spotting 4 days before my period was due. Today my period should start but no period. Still spotting.


AskDocWeb: Yes spotting is possible, an increase in frequency of periods has also been reported.

Subj: Depressive spells
Date: 3/8/2006
I have been on Tenuate for a month now and I get these periodic depressive spells that last for 20 or 30 minutes at a time and are really intense. Could this be caused by the medication? I have never experienced this before and it is an awful feeling, but the medication does help with my diet regimen. Thanks.


AskDocWeb: Yes, this medication can cause depression. It is listed as an adverse reaction so you need to talk to your doctor about this.

Subj: Taper off Tenuate?
Date: 3/21/2006
Dear AskDocWeb, I have taken 25 mg tenuate for a couple of years. After reading this page, I think I better taper myself off of it. Is there a cut down regimen? Is there something else I could substitute for it? I have chronic fatigue syndrome and have enjoyed the few hours of the day feeling normal. I wish I could continue it, but it doesn’t sound like a good plan. Thanks,


AskDocWeb: Your plan needs to be discussed with your physician. Now sounds like a good time to give your body a break. Exercise will improve your chronic fatigue syndrome, just walk three nights a week and work up to an hour.

Subj: Recommended
Date: 3/24/2006
I have been using Tenuate once per day for one month and two days. I have lost 24 pounds so far. The only side effect I have noticed is occasional dry mouth. I find this pill gives you more energy. I have recommended it to several of my friends who have noticed my weight loss and would recommend it to anyone! For all those people out there who have tried EVERYTHING, this is the help you need!


Subj: Burning in chest
Date: 4/1/2006
I have taken Tenuate for approx. 4 months. Now I stopped because it doesn’t seem to be doing anything. I have a burning in my chest. Could it be from this?


AskDocWeb: Yes, it could cause that sensation but it could also be something serious. You should have your doctor check it out.

Subj: Tenuate is habit forming
Date: 4/6/2006
I have found Tenuate to be very helpful in my weight loss journey along with good diet and exercise. However, I do believe it to be habit forming. I feel tired when I have not taken it (sometimes). Since I guess the best thing would be to taper it off and since I am almost out, would it be wise to ask the Dr. for a small amount to take once a day. Also, I will be drug testing for a new job. I am concerned that the Tenuate may show up as amphetamines in my blood. Should I bring the bottle to the drug screen and reveal that I am taking it?
Please advise asap.


AskDocWeb: It is always a good idea to tell the people doing the test what prescription drugs you are taking and be prepared to request a GC/MS confirmation test if the results show positive for anything.

Subj: Tenuate stopped working
Date: 5/10/2006
Tenuate really worked at first, lost 15 pounds in three weeks, then nothing! It was like I was taking a different pill so I doubled and starting taking 150 mg a day, noticed a little something but it still was not the same as in the beginning and my appetite came back. very sad.


AskDocWeb: Taking double your prescription is a bad idea. Your body may have developed a tolerance for the drug and if that is the case then no amount is going to work. Talk to your doctor about an alternative.

Subj: Paxil weight gain
Date: 6/2/2006
I just got a prescription today for tenuate. I am 28 years old 5’4″ and 130 lbs. I am taking it for two months because I have gained 15 lbs in the last 4 months from taking Paxil for an anxiety disorder. I am a little concerned after reading the warnings and side effects; I do not want the drug to aggravate my anxiety. My Doctor knows my condition and felt that it would be safe as long as I do not have any heart palpitations. Is this correct?

She also said that after two months I can take Wellbutrin in conjunction with the Paxil to control my enormous appetite. Also can I expect to loose the 15 lbs that I gained in the two month period that I am taking tenuate? Thank you,


AskDocWeb: Weight gain is a common side effect of Paxil but we would get a second opinion or change doctors. In general we are against treating side effects with more drugs, which have their own side effects, which are treated with more drugs, etc.

Subj: Heart flutters
Date: 6/15/2006
Could you tell me how long Tenuate has been on the market and if it is FDA approved and their comments? I am on my second month taking them and have lost around 26lbs. Some days my heart flutters with it but I guess that is to be expected. Thanks.


AskDocWeb: Tenuate has been on the market for over 50 years. The FDA approved this drug way back in 1960. If your heart flutters, it is time to talk with your doctor. Side effects like this should not be ignored. Read more feedback about Tenuate. Tenuate reportPage 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18Last Page 19