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If you have used Tenuate, please help others by adding your feedback. What would you tell your best friend about using this weight loss medication?

Subj: Drinking with Tenuate
Date: 6/21/2006
I was prescribed 75 mg and have been taking them about a week. They seem to be helping and the side effects I noticed the first day or two have stopped (restlessness, difficulty sleeping, nervousness, and dry mouth). I wanted to know what the danger was if I drank alcohol while taking the pills? Not on an everyday basis, but possibly a large amount over the weekends.


AskDocWeb: The package insert says that you are to avoid drinking alcohol completely while taking Tenuate, it is not worth a trip to the hospital.

Subj: Tenuate worked wonderfully
Date: 7/2/2006
I used tenuate dospan years ago when I was having trouble with fatigue and weight gain (like 24 years ago!) … it worked wonderfully, as I lost nearly 15lbs in 2 months and kept it off. I took it around 8am and it kept my energy up and my appetite down till at least 10pm, when I would go to bed. My question now is that I am on prednisone for polymyalgia rheumatica … I’ve gained nearly 20lbs in 4 months. I want to use tenuate as an appetite suppressant again, but haven’t seen a lot of feedback about others in similar situations. I’ve talked to a couple of diet centers and they’ve said there’d be no guarantee of weight loss as long as I’m on prednisone, but is that because it raises the appetite level so much, or because it changes body chemistry, so as not to let one lose the weight?


AskDocWeb: Prednisone does increase your appetite and they are correct, it won’t guarantee that you will lose the weight you want to lose. Your prednisone should be at a very low dose for polymyalgia, so yes, it’s worth asking your doctor about using the Tenuate.

Subj: Thyroid problem
Date: 7/6/2006
Yeah I have used tenuate too, but mine was given to me by a doctor that also gave me Phentermine(35 mg), some type of water pill(hydro something) a thyroid pill which is just called “Thyroid”, and Phendimetrazine. Those are supposed to all be taken in the same day(at various times) for weight loss. I’m not sure of any dosage size except the Phentermine.

I had a baby in Jan 2006 and was on that combo(minus Tenuate & Phendimetrazine) in 2004. I lost approx. 60 pounds that year.

Now I’m having major difficulty getting this weight off but I stopped taking the Thyroid pill he gives me. I have gone back and forth with the phentermine, water pill and Tenuate/Phendimetrazine(I don’t take both those together, only either or with the Phenter & H20 pill) and the weight will not come off. I spend lots of time in the gym and changed my eating habits.

I’d like to know if this is a dangerous combo to be taking so I can stop it all together. I’m not addicted but I got back on the pills because they helped me a great deal in 2004. I’m also hoping I haven’t done any long-term damage to my body that will cause me problems in my future. Please let me know if you have any information to pass on. Thank you.


AskDocWeb: It sounds like you may be headed for trouble. The fact that you stopped taking your thyroid medication is a major concern. Your thyroid regulates your metabolism, which has a great deal of influence over your weight. We suggest you have an honest talk to your doctor about this.

The brand name of Phendimetrazine is Bontril.

Subj: Is Tenuate for me?
Date: 7/24/2006
I’m 65 pounds overweight, is tenuate for me? How fast can I see results?


AskDocWeb: Your doctor is the only one who can say if it is for you or net. Your BMI is suppose to be over 30 to qualify for Tenuate usage and it’s for short-term use only.

Subj: No weight loss
Date: 8/3/2006
How long does it take tenuate to start working? I am in my second week taking it as prescribed and have not noticed any weight loss.


AskDocWeb: Tenuate is only one part of a three part treatment. You also have to exercise and diet along with taking the pills or it won’t work.

Subj: Tenuate stopped working
Date: 8/6/2006
I have been on and off tenuate for years. I think it has stopped working for me as this last time I started taking it … I have only gained weight. I do have a fairly good work out plan however I am an emotional eater. I recently lost my mother to lung disease this has been an emotional time. It makes me sadder when I look at the weight I have gained and it makes me want to eat something really bad. My most recent Rx for Tenuate came to me via the internet as ‘Retard 75’ from a German pharmacy. Is that legal? Is there such a name as Retard 75 for tenuate in Germany?


AskDocWeb: There may be a Tenuate Retard 75 sold out of Germany but that may have nothing to do with you building up a tolerance to the drug. Remember Tenuate is intended to be used short term. Looks like you will have to find something else.

Subj: Tenuate Retard
Date: 9/4/2006
Hi What is Tenuate Retard? Thanks,


AskDocWeb: It’s a brand name for the drug, Diethylpropion HCI, made by Aventis. It’s for short term management of obesity.

Subj: Lost 15lbs
Date: 9/6/2006
I have been taking tenuate for about 4 weeks now and have lost about 15lbs. It is working very well for me. I love the increased energy and I am SO much more productive now than ever before.


Subj: Tenuate retard with Levotiroxin?
Date: 9/8/2006
Hi, I use Levotiroxin. Would you tell me that I can use teuate retard or not. Thanx,

AskDocWeb: That’s a question only your doctor can answer.

Subj: Tenuate and drug testing
Date: 9/11/2006
How long after discontinuing the use of Tenuate can it be traced in your system by a drug test? Or in other words, how long would I have to wait until I would be tested negative?


AskDocWeb: The drug is completely eliminated from the body within 72 hours. However, Tenuate doesn’t show up on the standard 5 or 10-panel urine drug tests. To see a list of substances that do show up on drug tests click here.

Subj: Abdominal pains with Tenuate Dospan
Date: 9/29/2006
I’m on tenuate dospan 75mg so far been taking them for about a week I have had a kidney infection in the mean time and also on penicillin for that, but now I am having bad windy stomach pains and sore internal muscles in my abdomen. I wonder if this is a side effect of tenuate.


AskDocWeb: Yes it can. The symptoms you describe are called GI disturbances and it is considered an adverse reaction. Please talk to your doctor about this.

Subj: Is it safe?
Date: 10/4/2006
I been on tenuate for 3 months I lost 20 lbs and I tried to stop it but I get really tired. Is it safe to keep taking it? The Dr I’m going to said it was ok, what do you think?


AskDocWeb: We think that Tenuate can be used as a crutch to help people learn to control their weight with diet and exercise but it is for short term use. If users don’t make lifestyle changes in the amount of physical activity they get and their diet then they are wasting their time and money.

Subj: Tenuate
Date: 10/10/2006
I am concerned about pulmonary HTN and Heart valve disease. Does this always happen with this medication? What are percentages? Is phentermine or bontril a better choice. I am given a prescription for 2 weeks and then must way in. Was last on phentermine, but kind of made me feel blah. Thanks,


AskDocWeb: There doesn’t seem to be any published percentages as to how many people develop heart problems with this med. We know that it doesn’t always happen but not how frequently it does happen. Both Phentermine and Bontril have side effects too, just beware and read the fine print.

Subj: Tenuate side effects
Date: 11/30/2006
I have been on Tenuate 25 mg for the past month and a half taking it three times a day-yes it has completely knocked out my food cravings,(I’ve lost 18 lbs.) but I am suffering many of the side affects. I have blurred vision, chest pain, and my back aches for no reason, and at some points severe lower abdominal pain. While this has greatly helped me to lose weight, I am going to try to take it only twice a day instead of three to try to ween myself off. For those on 75mg, do you only take it once a day?


Subj: Stopping Armour Thyroid cold turkey?
Date: 12/13/2006
Hi, I have no thyroid and my doctor has asked me to stop taking my Armour Thyroid, cold turkey, for the next 4 weeks. She wants to do tests. I told her that was opposite of the instructions given by the endocrine doctor who treated me for 3 years after its removal. How can I protect my health? I don’t think this doctor has my best interest at heart.


AskDocWeb: Ideally your endocrine doctor should be advised of what tests this new doctor wants to do and what she has requested you to do regarding the thyroid medication. If possible, have one of them call the other.

Subj: Tenuate and surgery
Date: 1/4/2007
I just started Tenuate and so far haven’t noticed it is particularly effective for me. But, I am also having surgery with general anesthesia in less than 3 weeks…should I discontinue usage until after surgery or what?


AskDocWeb: You should advise your physician that you are taking Tenuate before the surgery in your pre-op appointment. I don’t believe Tenuate would be a problem with surgery, but without knowing what type of surgery you are having, can’t say yes or no, sorry. Read more feedback about Tenuate. Tenuate report 2Page 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18Last Page 19