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Subj: Effexor
Date: 6/22/2007
Through your experience if we catch this horrible noise through prescription pills such as effexor will the noise soon rid itself or is tinnitus here to stay? I took a trial pack and did not like the way it made me feel so I stopped after 2 weeks. Is that long enough to be critical or is it like anything can happen?


AskDocWeb: The ringing should stop once you stop the pill that is causing it, it is not permanent.

Subj: Drug: Losartan
Date: 9/11/2007
I feel at times this Tinnitus is about to drive me out of my head – leaving it there to take over! At night there are moments when it waits me up. After talking to a number of Physicians, where I usually get a shrug, I have changed over to Lisinopril but promptly moved back to Losartan. Is there anything that I can do, take, eat that will minimize this racket in my head? Obviously I cannot stop taking the script.


AskDocWeb: An ear nose and throat specialist may be able to help you with the Tinnitus.

Subj: Permanent issues?
Date: 10/5/2007
I just started Lamictal for depression, but I hope it also help my current tinnitus. I noted tinnitus as side effect, but are they’re any accounts of it causing permanent issues?


AskDocWeb: There are no accounts of anything permanent from Lamictal.

Subj: Omeprazole the same as Nexium?
Date: 11/9/2007
Is omeprazole the same as Nexium? I am assuming this is a partial list and analogues can cause tinnitus especially if you take a combination of drugs, which individually can cause this condition. I’ve had it for several months now, and it hasn’t gone away!


AskDocWeb: Since Nexium is derived from Prilosec (omeprazole) we would expect about the same side effects.

Subj: Zonegran for migraines
Date: 12/20/2007
I take zonegran for migraines, I have a weird noise in my left ear, could this drug be causing this noise? it sounds like a crushing/crunching noise when I am in a quiet room. Is this dangerous? please advise.


AskDocWeb: Have your ear examined by your physician, it could be a couple of things but it needs to be looked at first to determine what it is. Tinnitus is not listed as a side effect of Zonegran.

Subj: Tinnitus crickets
Date: 12/28/2007
I took topamax for 18mos, also was on naprosen (changed to mobic), welbutrin, thyroid, prilosec, singular, xanax, melatonin, and began tinnitus in both ears. It is with the heartbeat, and after stopping naprosen, then topamax, stopped in the right ear and lessened in the left. I tried to restart topamax after 6 weeks, but the sound returned overnight. I continue with the sounds, I call crickets, mostly in the left ear. I also swim the back stroke 2x week for 30 min. I now read that almost everything I take has tinnitus as a side effect. What else can I try since I need some of these meds to have a good lifestyle or sleep. Thanks.


AskDocWeb: You will have to consult with your doctor for something that specific.

Subj: High pitched buzzing
Date: 12/31/2007
Hi, I was taking Lamictal in the sample pack for clinical depression. I noticed a really high pitched buzzing in my ear on the second day of dosing. I told my doctor and he said take it for a few more days to see if the symptoms subside. The sounds got worse and night sweats started. I took it for 15 days total. It has been 5 days and the buzzing is driving me crazy! How long will this take to go away? I am going crazy. It sounds like I have a constant buzz, hum and rattle. I also still have the night sweats. I would not that my dreaming is immensely vivid in depth as I wake up soaked. Neither were problems before Lamictal. Is there anything that I can take at this time.


AskDocWeb: That high-pitched buzzing sound may or may not go away with continued use. As for alternative drugs, that is best left up to your doctor.

Subj: Vancomycin HCL
Date: 1/9/2008
I was prescribed Vancomycin HCL for cellulitis. I was having a drug reaction to another antibiotic, so was given this. I have had tinnitus condition for a number of years, but this medication seems to have increased the volume a bit. I stopped taking it after 5 days. Q. Will this higher volume of tinnitis quiet down or do I have this permanently?


AskDocWeb: It should quiet down. When discontinued, some ototoxic medications (such as Vancomycin), result in complete recovery of hearing and cessation of associated symptoms such as tinnitus.

Subj: Nexium
Date: 3/4/2008
I think I have narrowed down my tinnitus/head noise to starting Nexium. I took Omeprazole before and had no problems (other than it didn’t work as well), but is anyone else having this problem with Nexium???


Subj: Diclofenac Sodium and Tinnitus
Date: 7/26/2008
I was prescribed Diclofenac Sodium for pain in the ankle/socket of the leg. I have Tinnitus before I took Diclofenac Sodium. Before after taking it, the volume of the ringing sound increases a lot until I have problem of getting into sleep. Will this increase in volume of the ringing sound be permanent or temporary? Will the volume be lower if I stop taking Diclofenac Sodium?


AskDocWeb: We’ve seen nothing that would indicate that the tinnitus might be permanent. The volume should gradually decrease completely over time once the NSAID is discontinued but talk to your doctor first.

Subj: Tinnitus
Date: 12/11/2008
I got severe tinnitus after 6 weeks of Nexium, there is definitely a connection. I discontinued a few days ago and I’m hoping to see the volume decrease at least – it has been absolutely horrible for 2 weeks. Has anyone had symptoms decrease or disappear after discontinuing Nexium?


Subj: Lamictal?
Date: 3/27/2009
I have been taking Wellbutrin for about 2 months. I deleveloped tinnitus and waited to see if it would lessen over time. I needed to increase my dose to 300mg daily and of course the tinnitus worsened. I stopped taking Wellbutrin 2 weeks ago and switched to Lamictal. I still have tinnitus and wonder if it has caused permanent damage or will go away. I am taking a very small dose of Lamictal to start out and will increase this over the next few weeks. Is tinnitus a side effect with Lamictal also?


AskDocWeb: Yes, tinnitus is a possible side effect of Lamictal (lamotrigine).

Subj: Aspartane
Date: 5/3/2009
I have been suffering with tinnitus for about 5 months and I recently discovered that aspartane can cause this or make it worse. Since last summer I have been using drink packs to flavor my water and it was soon after that I started having a swishing noise and ringing noise in my ear. It got so bad that I thought I was going to go crazy. Well I came upon an article about aspartane and I stopped using anything that had it in it and now my noises have decreased tremendously. I hope it eventually goes away totally.


AskDocWeb: Aspartane is a common misspelling of aspartame. You can find more information about aspartame here.

Subj: Mirtazapine
Date: 8/8/2009
I have had tinnitus for about two years, I am 63 and one day my ears started ringing. My doctor says I have one of the most severe cases he has ever seen. I have tried everything. What works for me is a pill called Mirtazapine, it’s the only drug on the market that does not exacerbate Tinnitus. It’s for anxiety but it does help me sleep better.


Subj: Hyzaar, baby aspirin, advil, diet soda and coffee
Date: 9/3/2009
I hear my heartbeat in my left ear. I am trying to avoid taking an expensive MRI and 2 MRAs to determine problem. I started taking Norvasc about l7 months ago, and I would say roughly seven months after starting drug I seemed to notice this sound in my ears. I believe back then it might have been both ears, but now it seems to be just the left. I also had a root canal in that seventh month. In addition, I take Hyzaar and a baby aspirin everyday, take a good amount of advil for back pain, and drink too much diet soda and coffee. With all this together – can this cause a pulsatile tinnitus? Please let me know what you think by responding to this e-mail. thank you!!!!


AskDocWeb: Others have reported tinnitus when taking each of these drugs; Norvasc, Hyzaar, Advil, and aspirin. If your diet soda contains aspartame that may also be a contributing factor but just hearing your heartbeat is not necessarily tinnitus. This could also be an objective sound caused by a vascular problem. It is possible to hyperextend the neck tearing the carotid artery. Neck pain is characteristic of such an injury, as is pulsatile tinnitus. If so, you may need an angiogram to reveal the problem. Such an injury increases your chance of having a stroke so please get this check out.

Subj: Diuretics and tinnitus
Date: 11/17/2009
I have just started to notice an onset of high pitched ringing in my ears. It’s in both, but worse in my right ear. There’s also an additional different pitched ringing in that same right ear. I have decreased hearing in that same ear from fireworks several years back. I’m on hydrochlorothiazide for my BP which is only slightly elevated. Could this be the cause? I’ve read that diuretics can sometimes cause tinnitus. I also have a history of TMJ, but haven’t noticed any flares recently. Can the ringing be from that, even though I’m not experiencing any other symptoms. I also recently found out that taking higher doses of Vitamin D when taking a thiazide medication can cause hypercalcemia. I have started taking around 1,400 IU daily of vitamin d on advice of a nurse who gave me a flu shot. Could this also be part of the problem? I can also hear my hearbeat whoosing in my right ear when I put my head in certain angles, but my doctor has said this is nothing in the past. Should I believe that? Thanks!


AskDocWeb: In some case diuretics can cause tinnitus and in other cases it relieves tinnitus. Diuretics affect the salt regulating hormones and fluid levels in the body and this can affect the fluids in your ears as well. Hydrochlorothiazide is one of the possible causes of tinnitus.

The whoosing sound in your right ear could have several possible causes. If an artery is pressing against your seventh cranial nerve, that could cause a pulsing tinnitus. That sound could also indicate a partially blocked carotid artery, high blood pressure, blocked sinuses, or even something called dural arteriovenous malformation, an abnormal formation of blood vessels. It the sound is caused by malformed blood vessels, you may want to consult with a specialist called interventional neuroradiologist. Read more feedback on Tinnitus.
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