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Subj: Living hell
Date: 7/7/2006
I just came off percocet four days ago. I was on percocet for a broken leg and a crushed ankle due to a motorcycle accident. Percocet worked like a champ, and is the best narcotic pain pill I’ve ever experienced. But man! Watch out when the cut you off, because two months of pain-free living, only to go cold turkey, is a living hell. I couldn’t sleep, my nerves were crazy, my pain has tripled, and now everyday is better when I’m sleeping. So, my doctor put me on Ultram. What do I think? This medication SUCKS! Sure, it’s great for easing pain, but the side effects are nasty! Heartburn, acid reflux, nausea, hot flashes, and dizziness! All these are side effects experienced with Ultram. No wonder why so many people on here hate taking this medication! I tried getting back on percocet, but because of addiction concerns, they refused, and instead gave me this garbage! I’ve always been disappointed and doctors being more concerned about drug addiction than someone’s pain. After all, my ankle is still broke with two plates, 12 screws, and a pin all inside my ankle. Yet, they’re more concerned about drug addiction. I’d have to say the losers that steal this medication and abuse it are making life hell on those of us that actually need it. Doctors should first worry about pain, then worry about addiction! Not the other way around!


Subj: Ultram story
Date: 7/8/2006
I’m a 50 year old lady and I’ve been taking Ultram for several years now. My doctor started me off for several different kinds of pains, & I agree with the others that it is been a blessing for me. I don’t take it every day, only when the pain gets too strong. I have 18 medical problems. But I have not let Ultram control my life, I fight the pain, and only take it when I feel I need to. It helps me sleep better at night than my Ambiem, which I don’t like to take, because it leaves me sleepy for two days & I’m take the lowest dose of it. People react differently to all things. So my advise to anyone is to find the way it works best for yourself while trying to use as little as possible. Don’t get me wrong, I would be in way too much pain if I didn’t use it. But some days are better than others & those are the days that I don’t even take it like my doctor says to. I do believe that the body will get addictive to any type of drug, if it produces a better mental & physical result on the body. You just need to teach your body to endure as much as the mind & body will allow. God Bless you all.


Subj: Found a miracle
Date: 7/10/2006
First off, I have a history of atypical depression. I noticed that all I could do was eat, sleep, eat, sleep… I did not think I had depression because of the excess sleeping. I went to the doctor to see what I could be put on for energy boost. I have tried Wellbutrin and Lexapro and stopped after receiving no benefit after 8 months each. I then had to have surgery and was put on Ultram for post-op pain control and I thought I find my miracle. I did not expect the side effects I did. Ultram not only helped with the pain, but I feel happy. I felt like my usual self. I continue to be on it (5 months). I only take 1 50-mg tablet a day and I am good to go. I tried not taking it, but it was terrible. I want to try the next Extended Release tablet.


Subj: Worst three days of my life
Date: 7/13/2006
I have taken Ultram four days now for headaches and I have had the worst three days of my life. I was woozy and sick at my stomach all day the first day. The second day I had an anxiety attack that I had never had before in my life. The third day I had a terrible feeling of dread and fear of another anxiety attack all day. Then the fourth day, today, I have been very lightheaded, dizzy, sick at my stomach, and I have a terrible feeling of dread. I wouldn’t recommend anyone take this pill. I wish I had read these comments before taking this pill.


Subj: No one told her
Date: 7/15/2006
I have only taken Ultram for two months (2 every six hours) for trigeminal neuralgia. I stopped taking them 3 days ago, and now I have profound insomnia and unbearable RLS. No one told me that I needed to taper off after such a short period of time. I feel awful, but am thankful for the information found here.


Subj: Ultram for Energy?
Date: 7/19/2006
I was wondering about the ability to take Ultram for Energy…I was prescribed it for a broken hand and it really gave me the energy I need to take care of my 9 year old. I have depression and anxiety and am currently on Buspar 15 mg a day and Effexor XR 75 mg a day. I know many people in my life who have been and are addicted to drugs and I don’t want to be like that EVER….I know I only need 2 (30)mg pills a day for the energy, but I also know if this drug is not for energy and it is repeatedly taken…? Is there a chance to need more in the long run and also maybe any aches and pains from addiction after a while? I just know some of the acquaintances that I am speaking of who take Lortabs, who have raised doses and can’t stop taking them because of the need to take it again because of the pain it causes when they don’t have any to take. Thank you SO much.


AskDocWeb: The danger of addiction may be more real than people think. Those who take it for energy may find a need for more and more each week until they are addicted.

Subj: Don’t take it!
Date: 7/23/2006
When I first started taking this drug it was wonderful, gave me energy, helped with breakthrough pain. I’ve been on it for almost 2 years, and I am down to my last 3 pills with a week before I can see my doctor (and I am having surgery in 2 days), so do I go in having surgery feeling so ill from not taking this drug or what. All day I have felt ill because I have only taken a couple of pills this morning. If anyone says this isn’t addicting, they are wrong, it’s very addicting. I am thinking of calling me doc and telling him I need more so I can ween off them, after reading all this, I want off this horrible drug.


Subj: Two things about Ultram
Date: 7/25/2006
I have taken Ultram off and on for 10 years for a bad disc in my back. There are two things that I have learned: (1) Ultram is addictive but not as much as some of the narcotics. (2) Ultram has withdrawal symptoms. Go off of Ultram very slowly over a period of two to three weeks and you will be ok.


Subj: Don’t understand
Date: 7/27/2006
I am very concerned now about taking this medication. My doctor prescribed it today and I had asked for vicoden but she said Ultram was safer for the body and not addictive. I don’t understand why this drug is being prescribed if it is so addictive and something you have to take every day. Please advise.


AskDocWeb: Unfortunately doctors are informed of drug side effects by the pharmaceutical companies who make these drugs. The FDA is suppose to be our watchdog but it doesn’t always work.

Subj: Addicted to ultram
Date: 7/27/2006
Hi I have been addicted to ultram for 2 years. I am so scared because I tried to get off of it and I started to sweat and sweat and then came the sleepless nights. I am 17 and I’m not sure how to tell my parents that I am addicted to this. I got started on ultram because I went through I thought was a depressed stage so I looked for pills to take and my grampa had ultram for his broken back and so I stole some and I couldn’t stop taking them it was so great and it mad me happy and care free so I started to take more and more. Then one day I decided to get off of them and when I did I noticed that a was sweating so bad and couldn’t be around anyone with out taking so of those pills and now I cant stop because I am scared if I do I will go crazy. Every time I don’t take them I find my self searching for them uncontrollably. This is so scary to be like this because I really don’t have anyone who understands but myself. I want to stop so if anyone reads this please, please help me please. Thank you for reading this.


AskDocWeb: You made a mistake, Ultram is not meant to help with depression. If you continue to take them, you may find your situation only gets worse. Please talk to your doctor about your depression and get that resolved, it will help.

Subj: Ultram is addictive
Date: 8/1/2006
To the addictive person it is just another problem drug to avoid. I have taken ultram for back disks and fractures of vertebra. I am no fool but it was the lesser of the evils. I just tell the doctor up front that it’s my nature to be addictive and /or request short supplies or another med. that’s non-opioid. This time it had to be ultram and I have had to go on and off as a precaution every few weeks for several months. You should also do this every few days and see at the end of 27 hours how you feel. And if you have to take it for a longer time I just requested the klonipen for a few days to get over the hump week when I stop the ultram. You cut it off and take the klonipen in small amounts just to stay functional.(don’t bullsh*t yourself either klonipen is addictive as well if you don’t watch it) I go threw some symptoms anyway and they are a bitch. But I just take the klonipen and cut it down daily.
Eventually I am walking around with two pills then one then I just don’t take them. Like I said about a week. It depends on the person. After I am safely back on Motrin 800 mg. and Tylenol P.M. I chuck the klonipen and hack the pain the best I can. This has happened to me about 4-5 times in the past 6 years. I do construction so I may be looking at a career change as well, now here as I am older. I don’t like it at all and count my blessings since I am not as bad as some. I use the chiro a lot. But I would be hard pressed to be a poor soul who has to take this or something stronger in spite of what you feel. That’s a misery, I lived once. Then the doc had me on an anti depressant to counter act the depression. It was 2001 and I was miserable. I went cold turkey and went to the chiro daily and ate Motrin. Eventually the disks subsided. Now they are worse but I try to be more aware.

I am concerned about how many people toss the doctor up as a cover. Not all. But some come off that way. The doctor -pill- victim cycle. Listen this ultram works like a dream- I feel twenty years younger and no pain at all. But at what cost? If it jacks you up on the end don’t take it.

But that’s just the way I do it. It is not for everyone. And I sense a lot of people are worried that if they tell the doc about the trouble stopping he/she will look at them like they are addicts. Fact is with anything you take you run that risk. I have had varying reactions from approval to hostile distrust. But the fact remains you can carry it on for a very long time or get healthy with yourself and be open and honest and try other approaches. My good luck and prayers to you all who are suffering.


Subj: Ultram side effects
Date: 8/3/2006
Only took 75 mg total in 2 days and this is the worst I have felt in my life. I had all the side effects- sweating, nausea, headache, rash, dizziness, difficulty breathing, and inability to focus.

It also made my face numb and made me feel generally incoherent for 2 days. One pill left me feeling this way for over 12 hours. I think I may have an allergy to it.

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