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Subj: Ultram side effects
Date: 7/19/2007
If you have never taken Ultram, please do not! As I was prescribed this stuff 2 years back and have went through pure hell with it. Major side effect it can cause depression, headaches, etc. My worst was the depression and I had severe leg pain from quitting it … I am getting back to normal finally .. I will never take anything else now without knowing about it. My doc kept me on it for my leg pain and come to find out Ultram was causing it when I would stop taking it! Gosh my leg pain was so unbearable. I am thankful I figured out what was causing this. Ultram has sure taught me a lesson the hard way! I am taking vitamins, drinking lots of water and starting to smile again! I done this on my own and was no picnic.


Subj: A “timed release” pain pill that makes you sick?
Date: 7/20/2007
UltramER is garbage and should be banned from the earth. Do yourself a favor and Don’t even try it. What genius came up with the idea of making a “timed release” pain pill that doesn’t do a very good job reliving pain in the first place, then you have to deal with it for 24 hours if it makes you feel sick? This stuff is terrible. Despite it making me feel crappy, dizzy and in general, just ILL, I would say it is not too terrible if it relived my pain, but it didn’t. About the 10th hour I started getting a nice headache though. And what’s the deal with doctors telling people it’s not habit forming? From reading other peoples stories, it’s obvious that it is indeed habit forming. I took this one day and it will be my last. Forget this junk. I regret ever opening that bottle. Good luck


Subj: Determined to break this
Date: 7/24/2007
Ultrum is a terrific pain reliever for what I have – the old herniated discs and a fractured area in my spine. But there is a problem withdrawing from it. In all reality it is the least of all evils (opiate pain killers) I am an addictive person and this is not new to me. And I am very much concerned that withdrawing from it is getting harder in that the symptoms last longer. I ask my doctor for klonodine and take that in the beginning and after a few days gradually break the klonodine down till it’s nearly nothing and I am walking around with one in my watchpocket as a just in case. And no sooner am I off it than the pain from the injuries starts up again. Actually it never leaves me, but gets real bad to the point where I must take something. And as I said I don’t want to take anything but Tramadol/ultram is the least of the evils. So the cycle starts again.

I am determined to break this once and for all since several years ago I was taking Motrin 800 and this seemed to work but the injuries weren’t this far along. But it’s a goal. I will be going off the stuff again this Saturday coming and like I said I will work with the klonodine then go for the Motrin 800. I had used over the counter Motrin but it didn’t work as well. But don’t loose heart – just keep trying and be very honest with yourself. Have a plan, if you need to see a doctor and be prescribed something to help then do that. Set a date and just go with it and stick to your guns. It takes about 3-4 days to get past the physical symptoms then a few days more to feel yourself. I was actually totally stopping every few weeks as a progress report for myself. And as I saw it was getting harder that’s when I decided to go with the Motrin for pain. I was off it about three weeks last time on regular Motrin 200mg x3 but it worked for a while, then the pain got to be too much so I went back on the tramadol. But like I said I am concerned so it’s time to get off and find an alternate route. But it is definitely an addictive compound and should be treated as a narcotic. But don’t loose heart, try not to be scared. Just get a plan – set a date- and go for it. Good luck all.


Subj: I’ve learned
Date: 7/30/2007
I’ve had many surgeries over the years dealing with a collapsed lung and the complications thereafter. I’ve used narcotic pain meds and probably everything on the market. I found Ultram and when you take enough it can make narcotic pain meds seem like candy. Thus I’ve learned of kreepy krawlies , hallucinations, hard to urinate, sweats, very bad mood swings and terrible itching. Tramadol works well for many people I’m sure but whatever you do, stick with the dosage on the bottle…trust me.


Subj: Sexual side effects
Date: 8/11/2007
I am having sexual side effects, I’ve been single for a couple years so I did not notice this until now, I can’t get and or keep erect and I can’t climax? I don’t want to get X rated but after having this happen I tried to do it alone, just in case t was fear or performance anxiety, I could not do it alone/solo either! I take 8 – 50mg pills a day? As far as for the pain it is great!


Subj: Narcotics to help with withdrawal symptoms?
Date: 8/11/2007
I have been taking Ultram for five years for back problems. It has been a lifesaver. But one time this year I realized how devastating not taking this drug can be. I ran out and decided to not get a refill because my back was finally feeling better than it was. Worst mistake of my life. I would not wish this withdrawal on my worst enemy. I felt as if I died. I had insomnia, vomiting, migraine, intense pain, restless legs and severe depression immediately after my first missed dose. I do not abuse tramadol and I have consistently taken 100 mgs twice a day for five years. I did not know that was enough to cause addiction. I took less than was prescribed for me. In fact, I cannot take more than 200mgs daily because I will become violently ill. It’s a catch 22 once you become dependent on this medication. You’re pain free but dependent/addicted. For now I continue to take it as another writer wrote, “like a vitamin” and I am still relatively pain free. I have never been dependent on any other medication. I have taken Vicodin and Percodan and never experienced this. To stop taking Tramadol, is it okay to use one of the other narcotics to help with withdrawal symptoms? I ask because other opiate dependent individuals sometimes take a form of narcotic like methadone or subutex to get off of a stronger narcotic.


AskDocWeb: Your doctor is the best one to decide what prescription you can take to help with the withdrawal symptoms, although many doctors are unaware that there are symptoms.

Subj: I can’t stop
Date: 8/14/2007
Wow – Reading what others have gone through sounds exactly like myself. I started taking these in college, to help me ‘concentrate’ because they made me feel great. I’m now 30 years old and have taken them every day for probably 10 years now, and have probably spent close to $15,000 on them. It’s insane, ridiculous, and stupid, but I can’t stop. I’m down to 1-2 per day, thank God!! Because I’m pregnant. Baby is doing great, 100% healthy thus far, but I worry about long term affects. I recommend you DO NOT start these if you have an addictive personality, if you don’t struggle with addiction , then it’s a great drug to take ‘on occasion only’


Subj: Ultram withdrawals
Date: 8/14/2007
*All of this info about Ultram withdrawals is TRUE. I took it for 3 years for lower back pain aft. a motorcycle accident. It def. got rid of the pain but when I tried to stop taking the 8 pills per day I was taking, the pain got worse all over my body…flu-like symptoms, cold sweats, no sleep for 4 days, irritable and AGGRESSIVE!, shaking, coughing, LOTS of sneezing, very depressed, felt like crying at any moment, and the list goes on and on. I’ve since stop taking it on a regular basis for over a year. If my back pain elevates, I’ll take 1 tablet of ultram and put on a Lidocaine Patch on my lower back. I DON’T EVER WANT TO PUT MY BODY THRU THE WITHDRAWL SYMPTONS OF ULTRAM AGAIN. IT IS VERY ADDICTIVE! Paul


Subj: From a mother
Date: 8/14/2007
My son is 20 years old, has a terrible curvature of the spine and was prescribed this drug. He has been addicted for two years! He looks like a zombie when taking it, partially because the more he takes the more he needs to control the pain. When he runs out of it, he is in a great deal of pain and wants more and more of this drug. I say that this drug is extremely addictive and as a mother, I know that it is slowly going to kill my son. God only knows what it is doing to his heart and other organs. I worry myself sick over it! Please take this drug off the market!


AskDocWeb: Many pain medications are hard on the kidneys. Remember that you do have a right to change to another physician.

Subj: Taking more and more
Date: 8/23/2007
I have been on generic Tramadol for about 4 months now. An ER doc originally gave it to me for pain relating to cervical spondylosis/degenerative disc disease. After an MRI and seeing the extent of my issues by regular doc prescribed 100mg 4 times a day. Initially I was good and waited until the clock struck the next dose, essentially taking 100mg Q4 hours. However I then began to carry loose pills in my pants pocket wherever I went. I would then find myself taking one here, and two there throughout the day. I would imagine that on some days I had to be taking as many as 12+ a day. Other days, depending on what I was doing I would take less. OK now to my main issue. 🙂 I began taking Ultram in 04/07, and since then I have lost close to 50lbs. I did moderate exercise, however I was never hungry. This has to be a side effect of this drug. I am meeting with the doctor today that prescribed it…hopefully he can shed some light on things for me.


AskDocWeb: Weight loss is not a side effect of Ultram.

Subj: Intercoastal neuropathy
Date: 8/25/2007
I have been taking tramadol for about 3yrs now I have pitting adema wondered if the tramadol was the cause of. I also clench my teeth really hard when I take it especially when I take more than 50 mil. So with the clenching of my teeth I get a really bad headache. But over all this is the best med I have found for my intercoastal neuropathy.

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