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Subj: Anyone have suggestions?
Date: 8/29/2007
I have been on Tramadol for 10 months and at first only needed two half pills(25mg) a day to relieve my hip pain. Now 3 pills do not take care of the pain and I have to take nausea pills and med for constipation and nerves. I tried getting off cold turkey and it was terrible. Restless legs, pain, dizziness nausea the works. I am trying to taper off but am having a bad time, I will have to cut down a quarter of a pill for two weeks and then try another quarter of a pill. My body does not want me to go off. I can’t stand all of the side effects so I want to quit. So far the nausea is gone but stomach pain is still a big problem. If anyone has a suggestion, I would appreciate it.


Subj: Pain in kidneys
Date: 8/29/2007
Been on Ultram for 2 years for an injury. I have had no problems until about a week ago, developing pain in my kidneys. I know its not stones as I have had stones before. Anybody out there with this problem?


Subj: Tramadol?
Date: 9/6/2007
I have found Ultram ER to be the most helpful medication in handling my chronic pain. My two concerns are; 1) I’ve been on 100mg for 5 months, and still have difficulty driving…and 2) the 100 mg. no longer handles the pain. Would I be better off to use Tramadol in lower doses to wean off Ultram for a while? Thanks for any help you can offer.


AskDocWeb: That is a prescribing question that is best answered by your personal health care provider who can also instruct you in the best way for you to wean off this drug.

Subj: Successful tapering suggestions?
Date: 9/11/2007
I, like many who have taken Ultram have become physically dependent on it. Anyone have any successfully tapering suggestions?


Subj: He can not quit
Date: 9/14/2007
My husband has been on ultram for going on 3 years I think. Do not take this drug! He can not quit he has mood swings he is zombie like. He does not care about one’s feelings, it has sexual side effects. Last but not least he can’t and will not give it up. It has ruined mine and his life and maybe our marriage.

SAD Wife

Date: 9/19/2007
I recently have found out information on Ultram – a big article on a website, that is addictive and a person can/does go thru withdrawal when quitting it “cold turkey”. My own experience with quitting is just beginning. I was prescribed it by my doctor’s office for fibromyalgia symptoms- when I questioned if it was addictive was told it was not. I quickly noticed, at first, when I took my mood was elevated and my pain was relieved. I noted after awhile that I was not getting the same affect with 1 dose, so began taking 1 pill AM, 1 at night before bed.

Noticed lately that I had begun having many flu-like symptoms. At first I discounted that because I have multiple allergies and sinus issues (having surgery soon to correct a deviated septum, enlarged turbninates – I can scarcely breathe thru my nose on a “good” day). I think that the cold/flu like feelings come from beginning withdrawal as your body builds up a tolerance and needs more of the drug as well as the other symptoms, aching, anxiety, creepy/crawling RLS feelings at night except all over your body, especially the back, depression etc , etc. comes from “withdrawal” as opposed to “side effect” – your body needing more of the Ultram and starting to go thru withdrawal.

I just quit smoking 6 months ago, so I had to contend with that also. I wish these physicians would do a little better research than just listening to the drug reps before prescribing meds to their patients. Now I get to go thru this crap withdrawal. I am printing out all this info to show my new dr.’s office, as well as to my daughter who works at my old dr.’s office and who also told me that “no Ultram is not addictive – at least not like other pills”.


Subj: Feel like the end of the world
Date: 9/23/2007
I started taking ultram for a crushed vertebra last Oct, started to have terrible loud tinnitus in May. Don’t know if taking ultram caused it, started to withdraw from ultram last week, feel like the end of the world has come. Burning up, terrible depressed, anxiety, tired, absolutely feel horrible, and still have terrible tinnitus. Do you think that the ultram is the cause?


AskDocWeb: Tinnitus isn’t listed as a side effect but several people have reported flu like symptoms upon discontinuing.

Subj: Withdrawal symptoms
Date: 9/24/2007
I do not recommend that anyone abruptly stop Ultram (or Tramadol), particularly those who are currently dosing 5 to 8 tablets per day. I had left my prescription at work going into a weekend and thus spent the weekend without my prescription. It was a rather nightmarish result. The withdrawal symptoms I experienced paralleled the case studies I’ve read on Ultram (Tramadol) withdrawal. Acute dizziness, stiffness in muscle tissue, tiredness, and a lack of will to do anything with your day were my daytime symptoms. By night, I had a severe lack of sleep and heavy RLS (Restless leg Syndrome) symptoms that would not subside. I was very, very tired, a walking zombie….but the RLS does not let you sleep. I would doze off for 15 minutes and wake up sweating with no reduction of the RLS sleeplessness. I can see how some patients feel depressed, because the symptoms are so overpowering, you just want them to stop. It’s extremely hard to focus on anything but the symptoms of withdrawal. Those wishing to discontinue Ultram or Tramadol should most certainly step down the dosage over the period of a month – and I would certainly consult your doctor for medications that will ease the withdrawal process. Those who do not will be miserable. You’ve been warned.


Subj: Addicted to Ultram
Date: 9/30/2007
I have been on Ultram on and off for 4 months for pain from the herniated discs in my neck and mid back. I also have bouts of fibromyalgia. It helps my pain alot, but I have become addicted to it. When it is not in my system I suffer from insomnia and restless leg syndrome night and day and all over body pain.


Subj: Take my advice don’t take nothing
Date: 10/4/2007
Ok wow after reading some of those they kind of made me want to stop taking tramadol even more. But like everyone said withdrawals can be horrible. Well anyway I’m 21 years old and I’m a mother of 2 little girls. On top of that I have Chrones Disease, I’m Bi polar and ADHD. So things for me are pretty bad. I have had Severe Stomach problems and pains my whole life. Well it took from age 12 to 15 to finally figure out it was chrones that I was suffering from. Stupid me asks for something strong for pain. They started me off With Hydrocodone 5.500. Well I took them for a while and as I noticed things just started to hurt worse. As for me, I was stupid and went for something else. Strangely Ultram worked magically for me so here I am 16 year old mother on a constant pain killer. NOT GOOD! Well as time went on I would just start to OVERLY take this drug. And YES people it is a DRUG, don’t let anyone lie to you.

Well Lets get to Now. I’m 21 and recently I up and just QUIT on my own with taking the ultram. Another NOT so good move on my behalf because I didn’t know what I was getting myself into. Well let me tell you this. It has been 24hrs since I had my last dose of Tramadol in the ER. And I’m telling you this. From Personal experience don’t take this medication. It is a horrible drug because not only has it effected me from working but also it has effected my social life. The way I treated people, I was a very Mean and Angry person on them pills.

BTW, let me remind you on Oct 3 I was in the ER getting my last dose but before that it had been 4 days since I had it. So I have been pretty much been suffering with withdrawal symptoms for almost 1 week today. Let me tell you my withdrawal symptoms Now. I can’t sleep for nothing. I will sleep maybe 2 hrs a night or even a day but that’s that. I starve myself, as of right now I feel so hungry but eating don’t sound good to me at all. I feel like I got the FLU and it’s not the flu. I know its not. All it is, is withdrawal symptoms I have found out online all about it. But my best advice to anybody is just stay drug free don’t take any drugs for any reason unless you ABSOLUTELY have to because Becoming dependent on a narcotic isn’t a good thing especially if you have children. Take my advice don’t take nothing. LOL as hard as that sounds because I’m dying for someone just to sit and talk to about my problems but yet nobody can relate to what I’m going through. PLZ help someone talk to me. Lol


Subj: Mixed blessing
Date: 10/28/2007
I have been taking for many years {from the time of its introduction}, and it has been a mixed blessing. When I began taking ultram the main attraction was that it was non narcotic and lessened the risk of addiction. Imagine my surprise and fury when I found out that I am addicted. Here, I had refused narcotics and a morphine implant, suffering pain instead, for fear of addiction. Ultram does not take away all my pain, it just takes the edge off so that I can semi-function. Ultram has always made me sick to my stomach. I have to take it with food just so that I can keep it down. A few months ago a Dr. took a blood test and it came back with my platelet count extremely high, which could indicate liver malfunction. Now I found out that I have gall bladder problems and I can’t help but believe that this too is caused by Ultram.

To all who take this drug. Please BE CAREFULL! Have a Dr. check your liver function. Pay attention to what your body is telling you. Anything that is different, that you suspect is caused by Ultram could be a major problem and should be discussed with your Dr. This is not a safe drug, it’s not even a safer drug {as compared with other pain relievers} and it is less effective than some of the other options available. By the way, I also take flexeril, tranquilizers, cymbalta, and rozerem. I wonder how many other people are suffering with stomach problems without questioning Ultrams role in their suffering.

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