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Subj: It was HELL
Date: 8/1/2008
I had an addiction to lortab and valium for approx. 3 years then I got off of it and it was HELL and the gloomy and doomy feeling after and not being able to think straight etc. or even doing easy tasks. Well I was off lortab for 2 years with nothing else and then it happened Rhumatoid arthritisa and when the NEW Dr. prescribed me pain pills I swore I could control it but I wound up being on ultram and now I am getting desperate. You know the ER and urgent care places, my family knows about it and I want to wean myself off but I don’t want to go through HELL again although trying to find it now isn’t Paradise…any suggestions?


AskDocWeb: Of the two alternative approaches, quitting cold turkey and weaning off, cutting down gradually on the number of pills taken daily is less traumatic but consult with your doctor first. He/she may have a plan that would minimize the withdrawal affects.

Subj: Drug test
Date: 8/2/2008
Does ultram show up on a drug test?? I need a job?


AskDocWeb: Yes, it may show up to 14 days after you discontinue it. However, employment drug tests typically don’t test for Ultram.

Subj: Great pain relief
Date: 8/6/2008
I have been taking ultram for two years for chronic back pain and neuropathy, I have had no bad side effects and great pain relief, with lortab and vicodin I experienced itching and severe nausea, with darvocet I did not get much relief. Thank goodness for ultram.


Subj: Taking Ultram since 1992
Date: 8/10/2008
I have been taking Ultran since 1992 on a daily basis. I started taking it for a falily promel with my legs. My grand mother was in a wheel chair and major most of her latter years. My mother wen on Ultram about the same time that I started. While I started taking 50 mg for pain to assist me in my sleep at nights I found that I soon needed one at night and one in the morning. Latter I needed one more just before dinner. I have found that the pill needs to be taken before the pain start. Meaning that if your pain starts normally about 6:00 PM daily you need to take it before 5:30 PM or the pain will be stronger then the pill.

When on the internet one day I noticed that they (Ultram) was releasing a 100 mg ER (extended relief). I started taking the ER pills and also needed to go from 100 mg ER’s to the 200 mg ER’s. After only a period of a year I was up to 300 mg ER’s. If I was to take the single 200 mg ER I would have a regular pain across my shoulders, and back. However, if I was to take two 100 mg ER it would almost be good enough. I leveled off with 300 mg ER’s and was pain free without any withdraw signs.

I lost my insurance coverage on the Ultram and have gone back to three 50 mg’s of regular Ultram. My mother actually got to the point of over eight single 50mg’s of Ultram a day. Her doctor got her 100% off of the Ultram by giving her Darvaset(sp) and zanax(sp). I am not looking to also become 100% Ultram free and I am recently talking to a acdtive substance doctor to be removed. The worst time that I personaly had with the drug was if I took to much I would lay in bed without any sleep the entire night. Waking up refreshed in the morning. If I stopped I would have pains in my right arm, and upper back to the point of rolling around on the floor and crying till the morning. Once I was on a business trip returning from Las Vegas my home airport was closed due to bad weather and I had to spend two nights in Chicago. I actually ran out of the Ultram and had to take a cab into the city to a hospital at 3:00 am to get a refill. Feel free to drop me a line.


Subj: I thought I had the flu
Date: 8/12/2008
I have been addicted to Ultram for 11 years. I broke my toe, not a typical break, and I was prescribed ultram. I took it everyday, and I felt no pain. Moreover, my anxiety which plagued me for years vanished. When the bottle was empty I went on with my life, and the anxiety returned. This was my early twenties, so I was drinking a bit much at the time. THEN, I went through 4 knee surgeries, and I went to a doctor and asked for Ultram. She gave it to me. Again, I quit drinking, and my anxiety was gone. I changed doctors, and he gave me a free pass to Ultram. My life changed. I went back to college at 25 and got two degrees. I thought I found my life ‘cure’. One day, I felt horrible. I thought I had the flu. An old friend called who still drank, and she said it sounded like withdrawal. I took an Ultram, and I was fine in 1 hour. I have tried to quit, but I rarely make it past 8 hours. I take 4 pills a day, and I take them at exact times. I never take more even if I feel my tolerance it increasing. I basically take the least amount I can to avoid withdrawal. I no longer feel the ‘high’, and my anxiety has returned. I can’t even stand to look at the bottle. Today I’m quitting again. I’ve made it to the 12th hour, and so far I can’t get out of bed, my body hurts, my throat is sore, I feel faint, and I suddenly go in and out of severe depression. For me, Ultram seemed like a life saver, but I ended up just an educated recluse who has few friends and living a life where everything is way too physically challenging.


Subj: Felt like I was sick
Date: 8/20/2008
I’ve been taking Ultram for a week now after a recent car accident. I only take it when my hip and back pain reaches a level 8, so I take about 100-200 mg a day. I stopped taking for about 3 days, and felt like I was sick! At this point I don’t know if it’s the Ultram, Cymbalta I stopped a month ago, or if I am in fact sick.


Subj: Never again
Date: 8/22/2008
I have taken Ultram for only two weeks now due to a fractured arm. Stopped taking it two days ago due to the nausea. I suffer from arthritis and since I stopped, my joints are extremely painful, I cannot eat and have no energy which I did have while taking the ultram. I was to take 50 mg pill every 4 to 6 hours for pain and I really did not go off that schedule but I will NEVER EVER take this stuff again even though it helped my pain.


Subj: Withdrawal symptoms
Date: 8/22/2008
Question for the doctor: First to let you know my history. I am a 57 year old male. Test results show that I’m Very healthy. I exercise regularly(in particular I ride about 80-100 miles a week on my bicycle) The medications I’ve been taking are: Nexium, Allegra, Ambian, & Ultram. I take the Nexium because of a moderate to severe case of GURD. I’ve been taking for several years with no noticable side effects. I have been taking the Allegra for about two years. This medication has helped greatly to solve my congestive problems. From a “congestive” standpoint I haven’t felt this good in years.

About two year ago I started the Ambian. I have insomnia and in addition I have sciatica that acts up when I sit too long our lay down. With the combination of insomnia and sciatica I go little sleep. The Ambian was prescribed to help me get more sleep and it did work to a certain extent, however, many times the sciatic pain was still too great to allow me to get the proper amount of sleep. I want to reemphasize that even when the sciatica is not acting up I still have problems sleeping. And that leads to the Ultram which was prescribed about a year ago to help me get relief from the sciatica. And it worked, and still works (note I never take more than the prescribed amount, many times less). However, about 6 to 8 months ago I started getting feelings of burning/pins-and-needles in my feet and somewhat in my legs. In addition I now get it in my shoulders, arms and hands as well, to the extent that I cannot perform my job without taking the Ultram. The best description of the problem I’ve seen on the web is Paresthesia.
I’ve had a complete physical, been checked for diabetes, and sent to physical therapy. I have to admit that I do feel somewhat better when I’m physically active however I can’t get the problem to go away. Taking the Ultram does relieve the symptoms but only temporarily. So it occurred to me that Ultram may be the problem because I didn’t have this issue before I started taking it. Although I’m not sure Ultram is the problem, I am trying cut myself off to see if the symptoms go away. I started by reducing the Ultram to half dose in a day for several days and I have now decided to just cut it off. I haven’t had a pill since early yesterday morning. I feel terrible. Restlessness, burning/pins-and-needles in my hands, feet, arms, legs and a to a small extent my back. I mentally would like to take a couple Ultram to get relief but I’m not giving in, I have to find out if that is the problem. If Ultram is the problem, how long will it be before I stop feeling the withdrawal side effects? Like I said, Paresthesia (or whatever it is) makes it very hard to concentrate and perform my work. I appreciate your response in advance. Thank you.


AskDocWeb: The worst of it passes in the first 3 days but some symptoms may last from 7 to 10 days maximum.

Subj: Horrendous withdrawal
Date: 9/2/2008
I took Ultram (Tramadol) for nearly a year. As it was causing severe constipation, I quit cold turkey and have had the most horrendous withdrawal symtpoms. My doctor put me back on it 1/2 pill twice a day. I have taken that dosage for 15 days, yet if I try to lower the dosage, I feel terrible and have these horrendous withdrawal symtpoms. How long does it take to get off this addictive drug? Anyone with experience please let me know. Doctors don’t know about this drug’s withdrawal symptoms.


Subj: Withdrawal set in
Date: 9/9/2008
I was put on Ultram a few months ago for severe pain from spondylolisthesis (stenosis), causing pain in my sciatic nerve running from my “glute” up to my hip, so my daily activities were greatly effected. My daily 2 mile walk, became so painful within 5 minutes, and I never stopped walking the whole 2 miles, but cried and always had to bend over at the waist every 100 yards or so, to try to tuck my back into alignment. I’ve been a walker for 20 yrs, and it was getting quite painful.

With a history of narcotics addiction (I’m 21 yrs clean/sober), I was sheepish about trying it, but pain can paralyze us, as we know. So, I took a half pill (25mg) and went up to 50 that day. Worked pretty well, but worked far better when I took both 50mg pills daily. Hardly any pain, and no side effects, no high (just extra energy at first, but that ended), and I am a migraine sufferer. I figured I was good to go on this one. Well, I take a small amount of prozac (10mg) and a small amount of neurontin for sleep (200mg), and was doing fairly well. Then, depression/anxiety deepened, so I gave up one pill/day on the ultram. Instantly, I see now, withdrawal set in, w/profuse night sweats, severe anxiety, insomnia, restlessness at night, and hostile feelings toward my husband, who is the sweetest man.

It all took me to my doc’s office today, and even he paid no attention to the ultram piece, only the prozac/neurontin piece. He’s my med doc, not the prescriber. I am going to go the rest of the way, and stay off the stuff, but yes, the pain is back, not the sciatica…yet? I am drug sensitive anyway, so only (2)50mg pills/day will affect me.

And the woman with Fibromyalgia.. you go girl.. that is one nasty ailment, with the excessive fatigue. If it works, you deserve the blessing! If my sciatic pain returns, I may restart to 50mg/day only. Quality of life is very important. Everyone must weigh it out. I’m relieved I now know why the trouble sleeping, amongst other things. And another clean, addict friend (35yrs)takes barely 12.5mg/day for her severe back condition, even after surgery, and is fine with it, so maybe I can take even less if I absolutely have to control pain.

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