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Date: 12/18/2008
I was put on ULTRAM for IBS! DO NOT TAKE THIS DRUG unless you can take it at least 12 hours apart. That’s time enough for it to really wash out your system. I was on this for months, taking up to 7 a day! BIG MISTAKE! When I got off these I went COLD TURKEY! I was sooooo sick. I ran a fever, had cold sweats, aches all over my body, vomiting, cold symptoms, creepy crawly skin. I literally thought I was going out of my mind and thought I was going to die! Needless to say I am off them and the doc put me back on them later down the road for my IBS again. But this time, I didn’t take but 1 every 12 hours or so but I am currently getting off of them and having hardly NO withdrawls, just the slight tiredness. The pills give you FAKE ENERGY! GET YOUR LIFE BACK! Stay off these if you can! But they do help out for those who have really bad pain and can control their usage! GOOD LUCK TO ALL!!!


Subj: Am I abusing?
Date: 1/1/2009
I just wanted to know, I’m using tramadol 50mg for pain relief. I’m taking 4 capsules of 50mg at a time, with barely any effect. I’m also on 800mg of tegretol retard. Am I misusing or abusing? Am I putting my self at risk, through over use?


AskDocWeb: If you are getting barely any effect then it is time to check with your doctor for something more effective. Continuing to use any drug after it has stopped working is a waste of time and money.

Subj: An amazing discovery?
Date: 1/7/2009
People, I have been addicted to morphine and oxy and lortab for 4 hellish years. The withdrawal sickness will even bring a tough guy like me to my knees. It’s the worst feeling in the world. Methadone is the last thing u want to do to get off pills, it’s even more powerful an harder to get off of. I have tried many, many things to stop my $500 a week addiction. I just discovered that Ultram and Tramadol actually do mask the sickness and help with the pain. It is an amazing discovery. I am currently on my 4th day of not taking any narcotics thanks to ultram. I am hoping ultram not being a narcotic will be easy to get off and be free finally.


AskDocWeb: Please read the feedback from others who have experience with using this drug and what they went through when quitting.

Subj: When discontinuing Ultram
Date: 1/8/2009
I thought it worth highlighting their is a “light at the end of the tunnel” when discontinuing use of Ultram. I’ve been prescribed it twice for effective chronic pain relief and had to subsequently wean myself off both times. For those of you who are currently despairing over the process keep in mind that it does end and there are many common recommendations throughout the threads that help alleviate the symptoms: – Reduce gradually the dose. I found it effective to start with a refill and begin immediately. 8X50MG for 3 days, 7X50MG for 3 days, etc. – Sleep is important. I was succesful with OTC sleep aids to grab 4/5 hours per night – Force yourself to keep up the fluids – try to remain mobile (or even exercise) especially when the “jimmy legs” come calling Even a walk around the block can help – Lastly, I have rarely (if ever) seen comments by someone who could not overcome the physical symptoms with time. I personally felt better on day 3 then 4 then 5 but remember it will end!


Subj: Wonderful relief however
Date: 1/8/2009
Ultram can be a wonderful relief. However, take it from an old recovering drunk and addict(1991)and don’t believe everything you hear about ultram. Dr. originally told me that it was non addictive, and as I have lumbar spinal stenosis, I thought it would be safe. Dumb. Now I’m about to pay the price of tapering withdrawal. Have been through H and C and just about every other withdrawal possible, so can someone give me an idea re: where I stand. Thanx all, God Bless us all, and we can do it!!!


Subj: Ultram for back and leg pain
Date: 1/9/2009
I have been taking ultram for 7 months. I have develped high blood pressure and a fast pulse rate. Ultram has helped control the pain in my back and legs. When I try to cut back, the pain returns and I up my dosage.


Subj: Messing with my pain relief threshold
Date: 1/11/2009
I am an registered nurse and popped one of these things from the med cart one day when I had a headache. I loved the instant good mood and delicious relaxed feeling so I bought about 250 tabs online from a Canadian pharmacy website. They shipped from India. I now use them for a sleep aid when I have to sleep during the day for night shift. I also take them as a anxiolytic when I just want to relax. The most I’ve taken at one time is 150mg. Like clockwork I know exactly when they will kick in and exactly when they will wear off. I have a stressful boyfriend and these gems make for a necessary escape. They dont show up in drug screens so I dont have to worry when I have random job drug screening. I realize I am messing with my pain relief threshold so that one day when I actually do need analgesia, I will require higher doses but the benefits at this time in my life are worth it. I plan to wean off soon as I wean off my boyfriend.

Stan age 46

Subj: Flu like symptoms
Date: 1/12/2009
In September of 2007 I was in a car accident and had moderate back pain and was given a script for tramadol and valium. The doctor told me that he would give me vicodin but it was habit forming and told me to try the tramadol first. It worked great so I continued to take about 300mg a day. In mid December I agreed to work the overnight shift for a co-worker who went on vacation and at the same time I stopped taking the tramadol and valium. Well the first night I became very restless and sweaty so I figured it was because my change in schedule. Then that morning when I got home I couldn’t fall asleep. I was tossing and turning and I began to feel worried and anxious. I remember my sister was going to take my daughter to see the Nut Cracker about 50 miles away and stay the night and I began to worry something was going to happen like a car accident. the whole two days she was gone I was feeling worried, depressed, achey, had flu like symptoms and just could not fall asleep. I was also working double shifts while having these withdrawls so this really sucked.

When I talked to my doctor he said it was the valium that was making me feel this way so I believed him. In November of 2008 I gave birth to my third baby girl and had severe back pain after the delivery. My OBGYN gave me a script for 30 pills of vicodin and 1 refill. Once I ran out I had back pain but I had no withdrawls. A week later I went back to my primary care doctor and he gave me the tramadol again. Again I worked fine and I continued to take it but I began to have kidney pain and I couldn’t urinate. I went to the ER late at night and was admitted for three days. They ran all kinds of tests on me and I was fine so they figured it was the tramadol causing it.

In the hospital they gave me 2 norcos or morphine every 4 hours so once I was released I began to feel the withdrawls of the tramadol once again only this time worse than before. I had aches and pain, sweat, chills, insomnia, nightmares, depression, restlessness and I was in the worse mood ever. I finally got over this and I will never touch one of those little white pills again no matter how much pain I’m in.

When I was a teenager I smoked meth a few times and the withdrawls of it just don’t come to the tramadol withdrawls. Now my only concern is my baby. I was breast feeding while I took the tramadol. Did this affect my baby at all? She would cry a lot but we figured it was just the colic. I just hope I didn’t hurt my baby in any kinda way. She’s the love of my life and I would hate to think that me being a pill popper hurt her. Also I have a few methods that might help with the withdrawl. First if you get sweaty turn up the air conditoner and lay in bed with a bunch of covers and take 2 tylenol PMs (this helped me fall asleep). if your cold then turn up the heater and put on some warm socks. Take ibuprophen 800mg every 4 hrs (This helps with the aches). Drink lots of water, and take multivitamins. Good luck!


Subj: Alternative to ultram?
Date: 1/20/2009
I had taken ultram for over 2 mos. and when I stopped I was miserable. I was depressed, lack of energy, flu symptoms, and I felt like any sleep I did get was never enough. One day shortly after stopping taking it I slept for 20 hrs. with a 20 min. meal break in between. It used to give me energy and I would be pain free from my sciatica and back pain due to my ruptured disc and herniated disc. When does the side effects finally go away? I’m still kinda wishy washy with my moods and depression and I have been ultram free for a week. Should I renew my prescription to ween off more? Is there any alternative pain killer to ultram besides the vicodin, percocet, darvocet, and codeine?


AskDocWeb: Yes, there are alternatives to ultram and your doctor should be able to choose one that will work for you.

Subj: Withdrawal symptoms
Date: 1/23/2009
I just wanted to confirm that most of what I have read about withdrawal symptoms I can confirm. Been taking it for about 3 years for fibro. I have been building a tolerance and it takes more to be effective. On the other hand, without it I would not be able to hold onto my job. It allows me to work through pain, and does give me energy. I cannot take it too late in the evening or it will keep me awake. I think I start withdrawals every AM-because until I take it and it starts working I feel like I am not going to be able to function physically. Yes, it is psychologically, emotionally and physcially addictive regardless of what docs say.

My new OD told me that Ultram withdrawals increase the pain. She wants me to stop Ultram even knowing this. She had a fit when she heard my pain doc had me add Lyrica! I did change to taking Lyrica only as needed (because of side effects). Unless I could take a week off from work and go to detox I can’t imagine stopping the meds I take. Then what do I do? I started all of this medication so that I could manage pain and keep working. I also take Soma and Atavan, along with thyroid medication. I can’t take narcotic meds (or Lyrica) and do my job, so it’s either Ultram or stay in bed with pain. I feel I have no choice, have tried all sorts of herbs and take vitamins and supplements. At least reading everyone’s experiences I feel that I am not the only one who knows that this med is definitely addictive.

How do we get the drug companies to admit that? And if we are getting relief from severe pain and can actually do most daily activities while on the medications (whereas if we stop we may as well collect disability), are we addicted in a bad way? That’s a moral question, I guess. I would not tell people to stay away from it, but I would say PROCEED WITH CAUTION and truly evaluate if you can get by without it.


Subj: Cold turkey is too brutal
Date: 1/26/2009
I suffer from extensive abdominal scar tissue and have taken Tramadol/Ultram for the last 3 years. I am in the process of getting away from this pain med for ever. It has worked amazingly well for me however, the physical withdrawal symptoms sound exactly like the same withdrawal symptoms from any other opiate, like heroin or morphine. I feel like I have the flu. I cannot sleep comfortably due to the hot and cold feelings and the lower back pain & overall bodyaches. I really wish that I had “never” taken this stuff. I have a very busy & full life and I cannot afford to be “down” like this. I am trying to wean myself by cutting down my dosage gradually as “cold-turkey” is just too brutal.

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