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Subj: Feels like shear death
Date: 1/29/2009
I began taking 1-2 50mg ultrams in 1998, The dose quickly escalated to 20-30 pills per day…Taken for chronic back. Yes, I had chronic back pain and had taken various narcotics and my doctor was going to start me on oxycontin but I opted to try Ultram. Probably a blessing in a perverted way. However, the drug has taken everything from me. I was a professional person with a family and a real life and am now hanging by a mere thread. All of the money is gone. My health is horrific. The pain is worse than ever and there are horrible tremors that come with these large doses.

I have tried to quit but it feels like shear death after a half of a day without it. I would rather had chopped off my own arm instead of putting this poison in my system. If you are thinking about it…DON’T I WAS A TOP-FLIGHT, CHRISTIAN, HARD WORKING GUY AND WOULD NEVER HAVE GUESSED THIS WOULD HAVE HAPPENED. Sorry for those of you who have fooled yourself into thinking this stuff works but wait until you are taking 40 per day with scripts from 3 different pharmacies and hundreds of internet orders for $125.00 per 180. It is sick.

One more thing, if you are taking this stuff and you happen to get hurt then forget any real pain relief. I recently broke an arm and had 2 morhine shots on the way to the hospital and 1 more when I got to the hospital and I was still in terrible pain and was not fazed. The doctor then order a shot of dilaudid, IV, and it was almost useless but it did take some edge away. Finally, I had to be given ativan IV and one more dilaudid IV before I was anywhere near being free of pain. They were going to set the bone and had to put me to sleep in order to do it. The doctor asked me if I used herion or oxycontin as he had never seen anyone not be shaken at all after the amount of drugs I was given. Just something else to think about. If you need pain meds just take the real vicodins and if you cannot quit after your pain is gone then go thru u.r.a.d, which will not work for ultram! This is the pure truth, I swear on everyone in my own life that every word I speak is the gospel truth, Speaking of, the only reason I have not intentionally overdosed is because I believe it is sin which can not be forgiven. So, I am in this for the long haul or until my liver stops working.


Subj: Ultram not worth the side effects
Date: 1/31/2009
I’m begging anyone that will read this to PLEASE STOP TAKING THIS MEDICATION!! It has been poorly researched and has lead me to attempt suicide. I took Ultram for my chronic back pain and even though the pain stopped completely it is NOT WORTH THE SIDE EFFECTS. I was totally depressed and felt like the worse thing on Earth. The Ultram made me have horrible nightmares, thoughts of killing myself, and manic episodes. After 2 weeks of horrible flu-like illness, I was off of the Ultram totally. I ask everyone who is taking this to stop, there are other pain alternatives, this medication needs to be studied more thoroughly.


Subj: Feel like bugs crawling all over
Date: 2/4/2009
I started taking Tramadol a year ago without too many side effects, recently however I’ve noticed that after every dose, I feel like I’ve got bugs crawling all over me. I’m still at the same dose 50mg 3x daily. At first I had nausea, couldn’t sleep, that lasted a few weeks, then I was fine till now. Anyone know what to do? I don’t have a rash, or any other reaction. Please help!

Victoria, Texas

AskDocWeb: Please report this to your doctor.

Subj: Hooked on Ultram
Date: 2/3/2009
Admittedly, I too am hooked on Ultram along with Butalbital. Fortunately, I had a wisdom tooth removed last week, Tuesday, and I used the opportunity of the 18 prescribed Vicoden ES 750MG’s to kick the Ultram. Now, exactly a week later I am suffering from a constant headache and diarrhea. I’m not sure if both these symptoms apply (to withdrawal) as the antibiotics may be causing the diarrhea. I am however, resolved to “tough it out” and not take anymore of either. I was taking from 2 – 4 pills a day of each for over a year ++. I would not describe my withdrawal symptons as “flu like” nor am I experiencing “depression”, but I am really lethargic, lazy, not sleeping through the night, RLS increase, using aspirin and caffeine, to no avail. Nothing normal is helping. I can deal with not sleeping by taking “cat naps” but the headaches are difficult. Can you offer any suggestions over what would help? Information on how long the (withdrawal) symptoms may or could last would be appreciated! Please offer advise. Thank You.


AskDocWeb: Sorry Les, the discussion here is limited to side effects, not medical advice. According to the feedback the withdrawal symptoms of this “non-narcotic” last from 4 to 7 days.

Subj: The most hellish four days of my life
Date: 2/7/2009
I started this drug a month and a half ago. I quit taking it four days ago and it was the most hellish four days of my life. I had depression (wanting to die), pain, extreme irritability, tremors, sweats, sleeplessness, nightmares when I could sleep and anxiety. The worst of these was the depression. I’m not a recreational drug user and usually consider myself to be a logical and intelligent person. I was unaware of the effects of this drug and quitting it. I have taken Vicodin for pain and had no problem stopping. This was a whole other animal. It’s wicked and affects not only your body, but your mind.


Subj: Not sure what to think
Date: 2/7/2009
Reading these reviews is troubling indeed… I just started this pill 2 weeks ago. The ER put me on 1 pill per day for pain and sent me to my doctor. My doctor bumped the does up to 8 per day. I do feel much better but have started to notice that my mind knows when it’s time for another dose. In the last 24 hrs I’ve only taken 1 pill as even though it does help I suspected that I was hooked on it. Strange though as after 52 surgeries you’d think one of the meds I’ve been on would have been more addictive that this ‘safe’ med. Well around 4 am had the most horrible case heaves ever in my life. Terrible cramps. Just as a test I took one pill. Within 45 mins or so I was fine, totally fine. Then started searching on the web to see what these docs had given me and found this site. Not sure what to think… it’s the only med I can ever recall that helped with the chronic pain…


Subj: Sick of this
Date: 2/8/2009
I’ve read most of the comments here and I’m in the same boat. But here’s the problem and I don’t see a way around it. I have nerve damage in my neck and back…I’ve had it for years. This is a constant pain I deal with every day. I’ve been on and off of pain meds since I can remember. I’ve exhausted any and all efforts to get this problem fixed – I’ve had cortazone shots, physical therapy, acupuncture treatments, you name it…I’ve gone through all the steps I possibly can to fix this constant pain I’m always in. The doctor’s cannot do any more than they’ve done. Surgery is not even an option because it’s not anything they can fix surgically. So what else is there…? Of course, the doctors put me on pain meds…now here’s the problem with those – I can get a prescription for vicoden or tramydol or Ultram and I start taking them as prescribed (one to two pills every 4 hours). Okay, so after a day or two of that, they don’t help as good so I start taking more. After about a week, I’m up to 10 pills a day, then 15, then I’m out. If I try to get more the doctor, he either gives me a good tongue lashing or he’ll prescribe more if I come up with a good excuse (I usually lie about being out like “Half my pills fell into the dishwater”, etc..), but then I continue on with my abuse of these things.

The funny thing is, is this abuse or is it that I get caught in this quagmire of being in pain, taking meds, getting immune to the dosages, and then getting to the point where I go through these withdrawal symptoms (and man, are they horrible…) and even when I get off of them and I’m over the horrible withdrawals, I’m still in the same spot I was in before…?

I’m aware that I get abusive with them and I try not to get all caught up in that but even knowing I might be out of meds before I can get more doesn’t seem to phase me. I’ve just finished up my Tramydol and won’t be able to get more for another 5 days. This means that the witdrawal symptoms will hit me like a ton of bricks (they’ve already started…) and I’m so sick of going through this endless cycle everytime…what do I do…?


AskDocWeb: Since this has been going on for a number of years there is nothing they can do about the condition, the only thing we can think of is to learn to cope with the pain as best you can. That would mean consulting with a pain management specialist. Check your local Yellow Pages in the Physicians section for listings under Pain Control.

Subj: Cold turkey after tapering down
Date: 2/10/2009
I’m on day 3 of cold turkey after tapering down for about 2 weeks. I’ve been very moody, my vision is blurred (similar to a migraine), I’m restless at night, but it is manageable at this time. The weirdest thing are the brain electric twitches. I wish someone would shed some light on what is causing that. It’s very agrivating. I’m also having to deal with this while at work in a very busy, detail oriented job. Lots of fun, I tell you! But, I believe that God alone is going to help me get through this. I have an addictive past and this is my last remaining hurdle. I’m active in my church and with a recovery support group. I’m trying to hanlde this correctly and thoroughly, but this last little hurdle is very tough. Under no circumstances will I allow myself to call my DR for another prescription. I dug myself into this hole and I deserve to pay the consequences. Good luck to all!


Subj: Sick of being controlled
Date: 2/10/2009
I started with the ultram 18 months ago. The energy it gave me was great. But now it seems my life revolves around getting this stuff. I’m so sick of being controlled by this substance, I want my life back. I’m gonna try c/t this weekend, I just hope I can do it. Ultram is a very addictive drug, don’t let anyone tell differently. I’m so disgusted with myself for becoming dependant on this substance. It was not worth it! Wish me luck.


AskDocWeb: We do wish you good luck Todd but hope you consult with your doctor before taking any action.

Subj: Cried all night
Date: 2/14/2009
I went off Ultram due to having a case of the stomach flu. I decided not to take my next dose which would have been in the evening (50mg 2x a day). I couldn’t sleep, took an Ambien, became hallucogenic, cried all night and most of the next day. Here it is 2:00 AM – I went to bed and woke drenched in sweat, my body not able to be still. I don’t know what to do – should I just take one pill now and try to wean myself off gradually – i.e. one pill once a day, then 1/2 pill once a day, etc. Anyone with any suggestions – please let me know.


AskDocWeb: Please do not stop taking Ultram before talking with your doctor first. If you read the consumer feedback through the posts here it is obvious that the affects of stopping abruptly can be very unpleasant.
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