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Subj: Bought ultram on-line
Date: 2/16/2009
My sister, who has extreme back issues, bought ultram on-line. They arrived after a few weeks, but she said they had a metallic taste and had a strong ammonia type smell. She is worried and has not taken them since. Her pain is bad, and therefore would like to take them, but who knows what could be in them. Any similar experiences or thoughts?


AskDocWeb: That is one of the reasons we don’t recommend an online pharmacy or buying online. When drugs come from another country, you can’t be sure of the quality of what they ship or even if your order will make it though Customs. Typically if there are any problems then you have no recourse or remedy and you just have to write it off as a loss.

Subj: Pelvic floor dysfunction
Date: 2/19/2009
I have only been taking Ultram for less than a week. I take 100 mg every 4 to 6 hours. I also take an Ativan because it seems to make the medicing more effective more quickly. I already take 1 mg ativan at night for sleep with my Bipolar meds. I have been diagnosed with Pelvic floor disfuncion, and am now working with a physical therapist. Unfortunately, before the Ultram, I tried 800mg Advil every 8 hours with 1000 mg Tylenol every 4 hours and had NO effect on my low pelvic pain. I also tried Darvocet and Norco (lower dose than I have seen on web, I think 5 mg?) The Ultram was the only thing that actually eliminated the pain, but I am also bipolar type 1 so I know I am risking an increase of mania, and now looks like the risk of addition.

I haven’t taken the Ultram every day, have alternated it with the Norco until now I am out of both. With no pain meds, after 2 days I was ready to check myself into the psych hospital – had a complete depressive psychotic episode because the pain was so severe. I am really hoping the physical therapy will be the solution, but don’t know what do to until I actually start the therapy, which will be another week (I have only gone through the evaluation and diagnosis today). I would vastly prefer a drug that doesn’t incapacitate me, and the Ultram doesn’t, but now I am very worried about taking it for any period of time, and I know my psychiatrist is really against it, probably due to my Bipolar type 1 disorder. I see my psychiatrist tomorrow, my physical therapist said she supported some type of pain medication that would allow me to function until we actually get the physical therapy started, but I am at my wits end as far as what to even ask for! Does anyone have any suggestions besides Darvocet, Norco or Ultram?

I have read that Valium has been successful with PFD, but functioning on Valium doesn’t seem very positive…I am really at the end of my rope but know I will end up in the psych hospital with a breakdown if I don’t have a way to manage the pain (9 to 10 on the pain scale after 1 1/2 days without meds or just Advil) while I am waiting for the therapy to work. I am honestly scared to death of what will happen no matter what, and know the anxiety is just making the pain harder to manage, and information would be appreciated!


AskDocWeb: You might want to reconsider Valium, low doses of Valium (2mg) typically does not make one sleepy but does help with PFD. Taking a warm bath twice a day has also been reported to help. A shower does not have the same effect; it has to be a soak in the tub to be effective. Other helpful therapies include stress relief, relaxation tapes, autosuggestion, hypnosis, Tai Chi, Biofeedback, and Yoga.

Subj: Having weird reactions
Date: 2/20/2009
I damaged my rotator cuff and was prescribed Ultram(tramadol hcl). I took it for two days and began having weird reactions to it the night of the second day I took it. My head was spinning like never before, I was very dizzy, tingling all over and extremely uncomfortable. I am not over reacting to these side effects, I have taken many drugs for pain and can handle my own. Its been 24 hours since I’ve taken any and still feel weird! Does anyone know how long it should take for me to get back to normal?? I need to take my vicodan prescription for my shoulder but when I did last night I felt like I was back on the Ultram! I hope it gets out of my system in the next 24 hours. Help?!


AskDocWeb: According to the feedback the first five days after discontinuing are the worst. After that things calm down and start improving but since you only took it a couple of day, it may take a lot less time than that for you.

Subj: Getting off of Ultram has been rough
Date: 2/26/2009
I have been taking Ultram for 6 months, this round. I have taken it before, but getting off of it this time has been rough. I have never taken more than 3 pills (50mg) in a day and that was really rare. Usually just took 2 a day. I had no more refills and assuming that my doctor would not refill my Rx, I decided to get off of them. I only took three days and cut my intake by 50% in those three days, then nothing. On the second day and third day, I had a terrible migraine and felt like ****. I had no idea that I was having withdrawal symptoms but was thinking that it may be. Feels like I’ve got the flu! My body is so heavy and I haven’t been able to cook dinner because I am so tired. Thanks for the input. I think I will go see my doctor about helping me get off this medicine. Thanks for the mental relief that I am not just terribly sick.


Date: 2/27/2009
I would like to know how to get the FDA’s attention with this phscosumatic drug. My son became a paraplagic in Jan 2008, he was perscribed Ultram for the same listed reason as others. We as parents had to modify our house for him to live in the living room. He has had horriable mood swings, sleep for days, stay awake for days, etc same as the rest of the writers, but last night Feb 25 2009 he had his little brother, and a friend at Ci Ci’s pizza and fell to the floor in a seizure. He was rushed to the ER where they ran all kinds of test one reporting that he showed a false negative reading in his urine which people that know our son he is a health nut and totally focuses on working out getting better. We had no idea him fallin in depression one week and then up beat the next had anything to do with his ultram until this horriable seizure. A few days before our son had a seizure I was researching the drug bc I work with mental patients and this drug is highly perscribed to them which made me question WHAT KIND OF DRUG IS THIS REALLY? and WOULD THE DRUG REPS TAKE OR GIVE IT TO THEIR FAMLIES? Please if anyone can let me know how to contact FDA I really want to express my concerns to protect people from false drug readings, depression, seizures and family tradgies that accompany this DRUG. Thank u in advance. KimT


AskDocWeb: Here is the link for Complaints to the FDA.

Subj: Stopping when pregnant
Date: 3/11/2009
I have a friend who has pain medication trimadol, she just recently found out that she was pregnant. My question is how do she stop taking this medication cold turkey without harming the baby. I have read serveral studies saying that trying to stop the medication cold turkey while pregnant could cause the baby to go into shock from withdrawl and the baby could die is this true? If so what should she do to get over her witdrawls as well as her baby?


AskDocWeb: This is part of the prenatal care that needs to be addressed by her doctor.

Subj: Not addictive?
Date: 3/15/2009
I have taken Ultram ER for over 3 years. My doctor at the time and my current doctor both told me that this drug is not addictive. When I would run out and not take it I would feel so sick that I would have to run out and fill a prescription immediately. Every time I’ve tried to stop taking it after about the fifth day of not sleeping, feeling sick, hot sweats, colds sweats, I give in and take some. I’ve never made it past 5 days. How long do the withdrawals last? I am also prescribed percocet and I have never experienced any withdrawals or trouble stopping taking that. This is opposite of what the general assumption is and what even my doctors told me. Why do people think this is not addictive when it so clearly is. It is hell to stop taking Ultram and it is not worth it. There are other drugs that can help you without so much to risk.


AskDocWeb: According to those who have quit taking this so-called non-addictive drug, withdrawal symptoms may last from 7 to 10 days.

Subj: I just stopped taking tramadol
Date: 3/19/2009
Hello to everyone. I’m 70 year old. I have been taking tramadol four three years. I had in 2006 severe acute pancretites nearly died touch and go for 7 month. I just stopped taking them 3 days ago, my head does not feel right along with other things. I came off them on my own accord. How long will this feeling last? Thanks,


AskDocWeb: The worst of it should be gone within a week.

Subj: Tramadol effects on the kidney?
Date: 3/26/2009
I have used ultram for about 6 years now. I take anywhere from 12 to 16 a day. I order them over the internet with fed ex next day delivery. In the past few days, my kidneys have been aching and I have put two and two together, only thing is I can’t really find info about effects it has on you kidney or liver. In fact, everything I have read says it’s not really harmful to your kindney unless you have existing kidney problems already. Anyone have any info on tramadol and its effects on the kidney???


AskDocWeb: In people over 65 the kidneys sometimes have difficulty in processing tramadol.

Subj: Ultram was the perfect drug… at first
Date: 3/29/2009
I started taking ultram about a year ago… it was the perfect drug… at first. Although it gave me great energy and I felt like I could take on anything, I was up to 8 pills a day. I ran out of the medication 4 1/2 days ago and decided enough was enough. I have gone cold turkey for all those days and it has been absolute hell. The first night I had severe restless leg, but it was in my whole body (including my neck and head). I can’t sleep, today is day 4 and it’s the first time I have ate. Stomach upset and sweating are horrible. Don’t start ultram unless you REALLY have to and the pain is unbearable. So much for it being non addictive… it’s the worse feeling I have ever experienced. but I knew weaning was not for me, I didn’t have the self control if the pills were there. but there is no more prescription and the doc is closed for the weekend, so I think I’m over the worse part of it. Now I can get my life back.


Subj: Should I go to the ER?
Date: 4/11/2009
I feel like absolute sh*t. Can ultram kill your kidneys? My palms are so itchy and the bottom of my feet. I just want to rip the skin off. Should I go to the ER? I have been taking Ultram 50mg tabs 20-30 tabs a day.


AskDocWeb: Overdosing can do more than just make you feel bad. Please go the ER and tell them how many Ultram tabs you are taking. In people over 65 the kidneys sometimes have difficulty in processing Ultram.
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