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Subj: I was Ultram’s biggest fan
Date: 6/24/2009
I have been using Ultram for almost two months now. Five months ago I was diagnosed with Lupas and due to the overwhelming number of people who has become addicted to prescription drugs that contain narcotics, I specifically asked my doctor for something else. I was given ultram with the understanding that I would not have any problems with addiction or withdrawals. After the first week I started to notice that all the aches and pains I had been suffering with for years had all dissapeared. I felt happy everyday and had more energy than I had the last ten years. This was great!

During week two I began feeling the need to increase my dose because the 200 mg a day was not producing the same pain free happy go lucky affect. Now I am two months in and up to 600 or more mg a day. I have inquired to my doctor(hypothetically of course) about the dangers of taking too much and was told that taking too much Ultram can cause seizures. Two days ago I had to quit cold turkey not because of fear but out of necesity. My doctor cut me off. She found out that I had gone to another doctor to obtain an additional script.

Since quitting I have been in my bed with severe withdrawal symptoms including: hot and cold spells, sweating, the worst headache I have ever had, joint and muscle pain, bouts of crying for no reason, runny nose, coughing and worst of all if I even walk five steps I’m out of breath and gasping for air. My advice is don’t do it. I am very aware of the causes and effects of prescription drug abuse and attempted to prevent this from becoming my fate. Doctors who prescribe Ultram need to be honest about all of the possible side effects of this drug. In the begining I was Ultram’s biggest fan. I wouldn’t wish the pain that I am currently going through on my worst enemy.


Subj: Withdrawals bring me to tears
Date: 6/24/2009
Tramadol/Ultram is the devil’s drug! I suppose since it is synthetic opiate based that makes it worse? I have taken tramadol for a little over a year now. I would take two 50mg tablets in the morning and two 50mg tablets in the late afternoon. I never abused this drug and only took it when needed for my lower back and joint pain. My script allowed me to actually take two 50mg tablets 4 times daily if I needed. I started weaning myself off of this wretched drug about 3 weeks ago and once I got to half a tablet it was as if my body would have nothing of it…my body went into withdrawal if I didn’t take over 25mg. I took my last 3/4 of a pill 5 days ago and I feel fine during the day but have horrible withdrawals at night! I fall asleep then wake up flailing and feeling as if I HAVE to tense all my muscles in my body and feel like many have said restless leg syndrome all over my body!!! This is leaving me exhausted during the day and I have to push myself to do anything productive. The withdrawals bring me to tears each night because it is taking such a tole on my spirit and body.

Is there any herb or vitamin that could ease the withdrawal at night or help me detox? My big plan is to treat many of my ailments as naturally as possible… All in all, doctors need to educate themselves better…assuring the patient that something is non-addictive and non-narcotic then it turning out to be is a huge problem. My doctor recently said that Missouri is making this a controlled substance…it is just sad that it came too late for the folks who are trying to rid themselves of toxic crap!!! I’m hoping my nightime withdrawal stops soon, when can I expect this to stop? It is putting a damper on my family and life. I am now an advocate against Tramadol/Ultram…what a horrible idea! Help please. Thank you.


Subj: Anaphylactic reactions to EVERYTHING
Date: 6/25/2009
I took ultram for 8 years on and off. Withdrawawals were so bad the first time (4 months of use (1,3x/day), I went on suboxone for 3 years. I came off suboxone (most painful withdrawal, or so I thought). Had to go on ultram again for chronic ovarian cysts, got off, and now my body is in auto-immune response (anaphylactic reactions to EVERYTHING). My immune system may be messed up for life now. It’s scary when you touch a green bean to your lip and it swells. Put it in your mouth and it swells completely. You know you have to spit it out or there’s a good chance it will be fatal.


Subj: Not addictive?
Date: 7/9/2009
When I went on Ultram, I was told 10 years ago that it is not addictive. Only a couple of days after going on a pain patch and dropping the Ultram, I am having extreme anxiety, flopping like a clam in the bed and tension/spasms in the muscles = especially in the legs. You would think that the doctors have figured out that they are wrong by now to tell patients that Ultram is not addictive.


Subj: Beware!
Date: 7/9/2009
I have been taking Ultram ER 300 for 3 months now. I have just recently gotten off Oxycontin 30 mg 3 times a day. It was very addicting coming from someone who had past drug abuse issues. I have been off of it for 7 weeks and am doing well. I got on the Ultram to replace it for chronic lower back pain. I was told that I needed to get off of it too because it acted like an opiate in the brain. Well it has been two days now and I feel terrible. It is the same feelings I had when I went through withdrawl from the Oxy!! OH BOY!! BEWARE!!! I am taking Seroquel at night and it has not helped the past 2 nights! It usually knocks me out…


Subj: Withdrawal from the Ultram
Date: 7/11/2009
I started taking Ultram two years ago – for a back problem. Ultram proved effective for the pain, however, it really affected my appetite in that I felt just a little nauseaus especialy in the AM when I woke up and most days did not eat anything till noon. I lost 40 pounds and since the doctor could not account for the weight loss took a number of tests which showed nothing. Two days ago I told my doctor I wanted to get off Ultram and try pain patches and he prescribed Darvocet. Yesterday I was really sick and thought I had the flu, ran a temp of l00.l, aching, coughing, etc. At 2 PM this morning I was still awake and sick so it occurred to me it was withdrawal from the Ultram, took a pill and in a while went to sleep and today the flu symptoms are gone. So – I will wean myself off Ultram the way others advise and I look forward to the nausea and mild depression being gone and feeling good again. Time will tell about the Darvocet and pain patches. I hope this helps someone else.


Subj: Dirty medication
Date: 7/18/2009
I take Ultram as needed. I have to say that it has not only helped with pain but it does give me the energy that I sometimes need to just make it through the day.. which is a plus for someone with CF. However, it is dirty medication… that is the only way I can describe it. I take one to two pills maybe 2 times a week. IF I have to take it for more days than that… then my Kidneys really have a hard time handling it. I can see blood in my urine. It smells infectious.. and the pain that it cause practically throws my bladder into overdrive. If I don’t pee every 10 minutes the spasms are so bad it is unreal. I have to take Vicodin to make that pain go away because the Ultram is what cause it. It is hard. I have RA and I take Ultram for the pain associated with that along with Anti-Inflammatory medication.


Subj: Ultram overdose
Date: 7/25/2009
I am really scared. I took 1000mg of ultram today not remembering I can only take 200mg once!


AskDocWeb: Please contact your local doctor, ER, or poison control center. An overdose may result in skin rash, itching, hallucinations, or seizures.

Subj: Because of Ultram
Date: 7/28/2009
I was a Counselor inside a juvenile correctional institution. I reported a co-worker who confessed to crimes against children. I started getting the crap beat out of me, gang members put in the same unit, children manipulated and abused to the point that I had to cut them down from nooses. Severe retaliation that led to a herniated dissected disk at L5. Working with addicts I requested a non- addicting non-narcotic. After heavy doses of Ultram the doctor left on vacation and left me without a prescription. I went cold turkey. The doctors at the psychiatric facility documented a psychotic episode and eventually listed me as Bi-polar. Over the years the man I reported has been indicted three times. The last that I read about in the papers were accusations from his niece. Because of Ultram I have been discredited and a few have gotten away with horrible crimes. Ultram hurts more than the ones that have taken this drug.


Subj: Non narcotic?
Date: 7/28/2009
Why do you LIE and say it is a non narcotic, 9 years now of saying this. IT IS! MU1 only but it binds to opiate receptors.


AskDocWeb: Sorry Louis, it is the United States Government that says Ultram is non narcotic. We set up these pages on Ultram to that everyone who has experience with this drug can tell the real story.

Subj: Sick in the stomach
Date: 7/29/2009
I have been taking Ultram 50 mg for a few days now with my Suboxone Treatment and have noticed it can make me a little sick in the stomach. Is this because of the Ultram alone or from mixing the 2 together?


AskDocWeb: Nausea is listed as one of the possible side effects of Ultram that may go away with continued use. If it continues or becomes bothersome, check with your doctor.

Subj: Sweats, pain, fatigue, exhaustion
Date: 7/30/2009
I have had connective tissue disease, arthritis, and valley fever. This drug did wonders for me, it made me able to function. Of course most good things come with a price. The longer you are on it, the more your body builds up a tolerence to it. What once took only 1 pill per day, now takes 3, and if I miss a dose I feel completely lousy and unable to function. Sweats, pain, fatigue, exhaustion. Of course some of these symptoms are also due to my illnesses, but I think it’s safe to say that my body is dependant upon Ultram now. As soon as I get it in my system, all of these symptoms go away. As for my doctors, I have one which swears Ultram is not addictive and has no withdrawls, and my other doctor says even though it is non-narcotic, it definitely is addicting.


Subj: How can the doctors be so ignorant?
Date: 8/3/2009
I’ve been on Tramadol for nearly 2 years now for severe fibromyalgia. As a mother with 3 kids and an active life, I couldnt’ function without it. It really helped. But if I even went a day without it I had the WORST symptoms of my life. Shakes, anxiety, a creepy crawly feeling all over my body, restless legs, flu-like symptoms, hot and cold flashes, sleeplessness and exhuaustion and this sense of needing to crawl out of my skin. As soon as I’d take tramadol, it would all go away. I thought these were symptoms of my condition, I have several other health problems as well. I talked to my doctor about it, who said I could be on this drug forever and it wouldn’t hurt and wasn’t addictive, and he couldn’t figure out why tramadol “helped” with these symptoms. Even a neurologist was stumped. It didn’t occur to me to search the internet until tonight, my last night on Tramadol. I have a new doctor who had successfully helped me recover enough from my health conditions that I no longer need a pain med to manage them. But now I’m TERRIFIED. I thought that those symptoms were part of my health problem and would be gone, now I’m about to face the worst withdrawl ever. But I have to get off this drug. It’s dangerous. How can the doctors be so ignorant about the damages and dangers of this medication? Does anyone have any advice for getting through this? Or how long it will take before I feel better? Thanks.

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