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Subj: Ultram / Tramadol review
Date: 1/7/2010
I have been on Tramadol 50mg for around 8 years and have to say that ultram/Ultracuet is habit forming no matter who you are. I have tried time and time again to quit taking it , each time giving in because of the serious withdraws/Anger/Crying and Tiredness it causes not to mention the sex life it destroys. I buy my ultram online at bulk rate so I make sure I don’t run out because I am scared as hell to face the Withdraws. I have ran out several times and seems like I act like a crackhead willing to do anything to get just one pill to stop the withdraws. It’s a shame that this drug is still being sold and offered to patients with pain problems.

I visited a Pain Management Doctor after having a injury that herniated a lumbar disk. Then found out I had DDD in my back and had gone through one surgery already. I had very intense pain and so the Pain doctor did every test in the book to find problem but came up with I would be on drugs the rest of my life. Well after 8 years I don’t have pain anymore like it was and feel it is gone. I know I don’t need Ultram but My body wont let me stop taken it. I stopped going to Doctors and began buying Ultram in bulk online so I would not run out no matter what. I want to stop taken it, been wanting to for over 5 years but I cant! I do not want drug addiction against me either because of what Certs. I have but I need a way to get off it without hurting my reputation and job.

My advice is don’t start taken this drug unless you really don’t care about the rest of your life. I have tried everything, short of rehab doctors help (fear of Medical records against me) and it is a sad too. This drug was supposed to not be habit forming and was prescribed (240tabs month- 1-2 50 mg tabs every 4-6hrs)to me by Nero Doctor who did My L4 Surgery and SC Pain Management doctor Dr.Bhrant(Head Doctor In SC Pain Managment board – misspelled).I keep hoping to find a drug that will help me get off Ultram forever , help with withdraws/DT so that I can get off the darn drug and feel my real body again. Is there not place that can help but not ruin me and label me as a drug addict? I didn’t ask to be dependent on this drug, I was put on it and now cant get off it, they should be made to help people get off taken their drugs and still not have them medically marked as a Drug Addict! For what its worth, I would take vidocin, narcotics and those stronger drugs over Ultram, at least you can bear the withdraw symptoms, which are nowhere close to these. I really hope that I can get off it without damage of medical records marking me as a drug addict or I will be forced to keep buying it just to keep my life.

This drug not only screws up your body but it also affects your personality, sex life, muscle control and who knows what else. It is not uncommon to be laying in bed and my body just twitch uncontrolled besides the withdraws. This scares anyone who is sleeping in the same bed. Right away after not taken it you start getting sick like the flu, tired, cant sleep no matter what you take or how hard you try, feel like bugs crawling on your all the time, after a day of not taking it starts with your body not maintaining your temp. getting very cold then very hot, nose running, watered stool, puking, not wanting to eat or drink then when you think its gone it comes back around worse and worse. Next you start feeling depressed and wanting to cry at the stupidest things, your emotions just go bonkers, and you become sensitive to touch and not wanting anything to touch your skin, headaches and pain throughout your entire body forcing you to change your mind and just take another dose to stop it all. Low and behold 15 mins after taken a dose, it all vanishes and you feel like you never wanta stop taken it an go through that. It breaks you down and forces you to take that dose, turns your own body against you even when you KNOW and FEEL you don’t need or want it. You become mad much easier and lash out at minor issues. I am not sure it impairs vision as I never had issues other then when trying to quit taken it but sure it somehow gets itself wrapped around your visual senses also.

I haven’t ventured to let myself go that long in withdraws yet so I am not so sure about that. I have left A LOT out that you go through when you just stop taken ultram but sure you will find out if you start taken this drug! This Drug should be banned from use no matter what the injury. If you have found a way to get off it please let me know, herbs did not solve the issue for me one bit either. If I do manage to get off this drug I will never again take it, and make sure no one around me starts!!!


Subj: Tramadol review
Date: 1/9/2010
I have been on tramadol I would guess about a year now perhaps a bit over. At first I remember having that “itchy” feeling that I keep reading about. Believe it or not if I were to describe it, I would have to say that it was the best feeling in the world when you scratch when you have that feeling.(I had the same feeling with hydrocodone too)

I have fibromyalgia (just diagnosed) and have been referred to a urologist for hematuria. I have also had chronic back pain for years. I had a car accident when I was pregnant in 95 so I could not have treatment or xrays to make sure my back was ok since I was only 10 weeks. I’ve been seeing chiropractors, rheumatologists, orthopedic surgeons, my back is a bit messed up but not enough for sx (thank God) and just enough to keep me in a constant pain rhelm. I know the feeling of the pain when I miss a dose, that scares me so much I can’t begin to tell you. I cannot sleep unless I take tramadol. I did tell my Dr. this and we tried different anti-inflammatory scripts, muscle relaxers, anti-depressants. Nothing seems to do it but tramadol. The muscle relaxers make my heart race and I can’t sleep (3 different kinds did same thing).

I’m at a loss here. Do I continue on the tramadol for long term or ween myself off? And if I do ween off and am successful at it, then what do I do for the pain? I know I’m addicted, but I don’t know if its good or bad. I really don’t abuse my prescription. It calls for 2 50mg pills twice daily, and I only take 3. Only if I absolutely NEED to take that fourth one do I. There have even been times where I don’t take it at all, then I can really feel it. There are people out there with disorders that NEED medicine to survive. If insulin was “addictive” would they never give it to a IDDM patient again? Why does something that works (as long as there are no defective side effects – which I guess could be possible) need to be bad?

I will write again after I see the urologist. Seems as though there is a lot of talk about kidneys and bladder here, so we will see. Any thoughts? Is it really a bad thing for someone who has and probably always will have constant chronic pain? I’m not talkin about a quick fix for a broken toe or wrist. I’ve had hydrocodone (generic vicodin) and tylenol 3 c/codeine (both after childbirth) and I never once had a withdrawal. What the heck is it about tramadol that makes it so addictive? Am I in denial?

Meg age 33

AskDocWeb: Hopefully the FDA will someday explain why this non-narcotic has such withdrawal symptoms. Could it be that this drug was not classified correctly?

Subj: Withdrawal is worse than the pain ever was
Date: 1/9/2010
I totally agree with everything everyone else has said about withdrawal from this drug. I was on Ultram for low back pain from a car accident, and I too thought it was a miracle drug because I could take it at work (as a nurse) and not feel loopy, but it controlled my pain.

I am planning to get pregnant soon, so I wanted to be off the Ultram due to the risks it poses to a fetus, but the withdrawal is worse than the back pain ever was. I have really bad restless legs and muscle aches that I first thought was the flu. The first night I only slept about 30 minutes and then worked a 12 hour shift without ever being tired (insomnia), but was dizzy and irritable. My brain and body felt like it had an electric current running though it.

Now, 4 days later, my legs are still aching like crazy, and I have to take at least 1/2 an Ultram to function during the day. I only took about 2 a day for the last 7 months, but they told me it wasn’t addictive. I even called to ask about withdrawal and was told that you can’t withdraw from it because it’s non-narcotic and to just quit cold turkey. The doc made me feel like I was making it up or just being a baby about this very REAL withdrawal. I am a nurse myself, and felt like he didn’t believe me. He just said to take some Tylenol and a hot bath! Yeah right! DO NOT take this drug, it is deceptive, and if you are withdrawing, don’t let a doctor make you feel like you are crazy. It is very real, and all these people’s comments prove it. Good luck to you.


Subj: Feel like I have the flu times 10
Date: 1/10/2010
I started taking Ultram about a year ago for back pain. It didn’t do anything for my back so I to took 4 a day instead of the 3 a day my doctor prescribed. However it did make me feel wonder. I had energy and weigh loss but I realized one day I was up to 12 a day. I talked to my doctor and she told me it was not additive and that was not my problem. I decided to drop myself down and had no luck. I finally just cut it cold and I am having awful withdraw symptoms. It is the worst thing I have ever went through and I would tell anyone to stay away if you have any type of past addictions to anything or if addiction runs in your family. It may work for sum but it has made the 1st year of my marriage awful, I think the Lord I have a wonderful husband who helps on my awful days. I get headaches and always feel like I am about to pass out, I vomit and feel like I have the flu times 10. I would recommend it to no one. Best of luck to all trying to get off it and docs need to be much more careful with this drug.


Subj: Medical community is wrong
Date: 1/12/2010
I was on ultram for years! It is highly addictive! The withdrawl symptoms are horrible an I had to go to a medicaly monitored detox to come off it! Addiction does run in my family an I know I am an addict to opiates witch ultram is an opiate regardless of what your dr says! Going “cold turkey” can be very dangerous an can end in death! If you get energy or perc up while on ultram your body is addicted to it! This medication is dangerous an if addiction runs in your family please do not start on this pill..iv learned to get help for my problem an reach out. The medical community is wrong about this non narcotic pain reliever.


Subj: I was told it wasn’t addicting
Date: 1/16/2010
I was on Ultram for 2 years. I was told it wasn’t addicting. I used it for my TMJ pain and it worked wonders! Then I was using it for my Restless Leg Syndrome. It was a miracle! No more restless nights! I recently have been taken off Ultram and the withdrawal effects are horrible! I have had severe sweating at night, I can’t sleep, I have headaches, and I feel like I’m in a fog. I was taken 100mg a day. I had 3 pills left when my doctor took me off them. For the next 3 days I took 1 Ultram a day to wean myself off. I advise anyone not to start Ultram.


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