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Subj: True blessing
Date: 5/15/2010
I suffer from fibromyalgia and tension headaches and for me ultram has been a true blessing it took care of both problems. If you get the generic tramadol at some pharmacies it is covered by their 4 dollar plan so I get 90 for 4 dollars. I have nothing negative to say it has given me my life back. I have been an athlete my whole life and at 42 my joints are starting to react but with tramadol my 3 conditions are under control with adverse affects. But maybe my body chemistry is just different from those above. I don’t take a lot of meds but this one I will continue to take because it has had only benefits for me.


Subj: Ultram IS addicting
Date: 5/23/2010
I had a bicycle wreck and broke 4 ribs, a clavicle and collapsed a lung. In the acute stage morphine and demeral saved my life. I am a recovering addict with 9 1/2 years clean. This was very traumatic for me, but I have learned a lot about myself and the importance of letting the medical field help you under duress. I am very susceptible to pain killers and ultram is no different. Be careful. If you can tolerate your pain now, do so, because in the end you will be asking yourself how you have come to this.

Although ultram is non-steroidal and non-narcotic it IS addicting. The psychological addiction is always the last and the longest to go. How bad is your pain? The pain of getting off of this will always be greater than the pain you originally took it for. This is, however, a great drug. It is not meant to be taken long term. Follow the prescriptive advice of a professional and for God’s sake, do not self-medicate.


Subj: Without it I feel like I could die
Date: 5/26/2010
To whome it may concern. I have been taking Tramadol @ 50mil a pill and I take 8 a day, sometimes 12. I know I cant live a day without them, just thinking about it scares me. I have arthritus all through my spine and scoliosis. It has done so many amazing things for me. Yet without it I feel like I could die. I cant even move when I’m late on a dose. I feel great when I’m on them, like I can move, and clean, and play with my neices. without it id be a mess. I’m scared that I’m only going to get more and more ammune to it and I’m going to have to up my doses. My Doctor perscribes me 240 a month witch now I’m running out a week early. so I’m scrambling to find more. I’ve tryed many other ways to help the pain but nothing like tramadol has helped besides weed. If you are just getting on Tramadol. please ask your doctor to give you all the warnings and side effects. and long term use. I hope you all have more will power than me. Pray for me I’ll be out for 2 days for the first time in 4 yrs. I’m scared just thinking about it. Thankx


Subj: Severe headaches
Date: 5/26/2010
I just started taking Ultram after a quick trip to the ER for impossible fibromyalgia pain. I was taking 90 mg of morphine a day and have gotten it down to 15 mg a day. I was given Ultram in the ER, being told it would not affect my ulcers as the morphine had done. I don’t take it as often as the Dr. says and am still in quite a bit of pain….I just checked the bottle and am allowed up to 400 mg a day. I also have severe headaches, which my Dr. keeps telling me are related to TMJ or allergies. Maybe I ought to talk to him again.


Subj: Ultram for migraines
Date: 5/28/2010
I take it for migranes. It is a great drug and it is the only thing that works for me. Anything in moderation is my theory.


Subj: Symptoms of quitting Ultram
Date: 5/29/2010
I started on Ultram for chronic lower back pain 18 years ago when my wife loaned me one of hers for an overseas business flight. I was “hooked” immediately in the sense that it provided dramatic relief even in small amounts. I started with just two 50 mg tabs a day but after a couple years tolerance seemed to enter the picture and at one point I was up to four (200mg) a day.

After about a year I found the beneficial effects wearing off again and the side effects becoming more troublesome so I decided not to ask my doc for higher amounts. Instead, over a few weeks, I weaned myself down to 75mg daily by splitting the tabs and just taking a half tab in the morning, afternoon, and before bed. I continued like this for another 16 years and it helped me keep working a 60 hour a week job I loved, despite the back pain.

About 3 years ago my doc switched me to the generic version, Tramadol, which seemed to have exactly the same effect at the ultram. After retiring 29 days ago I decided to try to stop. I am tired of the cycle of pain, temporary relief, and pain again. I am trying to quit “cold turkey” and it has been 59 hours since I had my last half-tab. The first 12 hours were not too bad, but the next 48 have been tough!

I am a 67 year-old former Marine in better shape than most 50 year olds and just thankful for that. I find my two hour daily strength and cardio workouts since retiring are a big help to mitigate the really severe discomfort of withdrawal. My symptoms include difficulty sleeping, violent sneezing and coughing, runny nose, shortness of breath, flu-like aches all over my body, and “jumpiness.” Hard to imagine how I would feel if I had been taking a higher dose! Hard to imagine how I could have done this while working full time. I have never taken a narcotic so I have nothing to compare this to.

My advice to anyone considering starting on Ultram or Tramadol is “think twice.” If you do start, try to keep the dose far below the max theraputic, which I think is 400mg per day. And if possible don’t stay on them for more than a few weeks! It is hard for me to understand why doctors think they are not addictive.


Subj: Tramadol side effects
Date: 5/30/2010
4 months ago I was perscribed Tramadol for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and Thoracic Outlet Syndrome, I was perscribed 90 pills per refill. I noticed immediately that the drug made me feel anxious and hyper, all I would do was clean constantly and I couldnt relax in the evening and it could take me up to 3 hours to fall asleep. When I stop taking the medication, I become very lethargic and sleepy for more than a week and I also get headaches. I was only taking up to 3 per day as needed and I was perscribed 1-2 every 4 to 6 hours….I would not recommend this medication to anyone, I think that it has too many side effects. I also experienced other effects such as dry mouth, blurred vision, anxiety, abnormal amount of energy, sleep disturbance, loss of concentration, cold sweats, clammy hands and face..


Subj: Can’t stop talking Ultram
Date: 6/4/2010
I have been taking ultram for about 4 years now. I can’t stop talking it if I try not to take it I feel like death. I quit smoking and didn’t have any of this problems. What can I do to get off it? I have tried using another pain killer to kick it but it doesn’t work.


AskDocWeb: There seems to be a consensus among those who have gone through Ultram withdrawals that tapering down gradually over time helps to minimize the symptoms. The safest way to quit is with the help of your doctor. And a note of caution here: Some doctors are not aware of the withdrawal effects of Ultram.

Subj: Safer alternative?
Date: 6/9/2010
I have been taking tramadol 25~50mg pills for approximately 9 mos. Now. I take 10 to 12 pills a day. I started taking percocet and vicodin due to frequent kidney stones/infections and discovered tramadol as a “safer” alternative. I’ve recently tried stopping the drug cold turkey and by the end of the first day I feel like garbage. I am a manager at my full time job and am not able to take time off and either go to detox or detox at home. I’ve been reading about suggested taper methods. If anyone has any advice, please let me know. I’ve been taking 2-6 vicodin a day trying to ease withdrawel symptoms but they don’t help much or last very long and I still feel like crap. I’m getting more of my tramadol and I need any help I can get on how to wean off of them.


AskDocWeb: The safest way to wean off of Ultram is with the help of your doctor.

Subj: Alternative to Ultram
Date: 6/25/2010
I’ve only had 1 bottle of ultram after my frozen shoulder surgery. I still have shoulder pain. But am out of ultram. I have had 2 nights where I couldn’t sleep and have felt nervous twice like a panic attack. Could this be from stopping the pill. I did reduce gradually to 1 pill a day. What can I take in place of it? I don’t want to be addicted, but I need pain relief 1-2 times a day.


AskDocWeb: For an appropriate alternative to Ultram, contact your doctor.

Subj: Kidney pain
Date: 6/27/2010
The first time I took this stuff I had kidney pain. The 2nd time I had kidney pain again with no pain relief either time, so I didn’t take it anymore for a couple weeks. Now here we are 14 days later and I split one of the 50mg pills into 4 peices and took 1 (12.5mg). Wow! I guess you have to develop a physical exposure first before the crap works. I now have pain relief that lasted 4 hours and just took another 12.5mg piece. But wait one minute I now have kidney pain again and am having trouble spelling!


Date: 6/29/2010
Good luck if you start taking ultram. I have been taking this hell of a drug after a one year addiction to narcotic pain pills. Not an addiction by choice. I was hurt at work and was written everything from lortab 10 percocet 10 fentenyl patches and oxycontin. I will have to say I quit taking those drugs easier on my own easier than ultram. When I quit them it only lasted a couple days 4 at the most with ultram it has been at least 7 now. Don’t start on this drug it is addictive no matter what the Dr says.


Subj: Drinking with Ultram?
Date: 7/1/2010
I’ve been taking ultram about a week cuz it dont show up in piss tests for opiates and I was on the vicodin kick prior but I take 2 ultrams then 1 later in the day and it makes me feel happy talkative and pain free. I also am perscribed zannax which I keep taking 1mg a few times a day with it and I feel good tonight I felt like toppiing it off with a beer is ultrams and beer safe? I cant sleep unless im drinking or on more zannax and ultram withdraws make my whole body ache and have no energy i didnt realize how addicting the ultram would be


AskDocWeb: Taking Ultram after drinking any kind of alcohol may increase drowsiness and impair breathing. Ultram alone can impair breathing but even more so if taken with alcohol — Not a good idea.

Subj: A bad idea
Date: 7/8/2010
I take Ultram when other pain relievers don’t work. It is not my pain reliever of choice, because I was warned by a doctor that “pushing that button too many times” would be a bad idea. I didn’t know what he meant, but I took the caution seriously. Taken occasionally, Ultram has been a big help. I have Fibromyalgia (chronic pain and sleep disturbances). I’m only 35, but nearly half my life has been filled with constant pain. Ultram isn’t evil, but like many things, it can become evil, if it gets out of control.


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