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Subj: Trying to come off tramadol
Date: 7/9/2010
Hi, I have been on tramadol for over 2 years and I am now trying to come off them I have been to see my doctor and she said stop taking them and go on paracetamol I have tried this over the last three days and it has been absolute hell. Symptoms are headache, flu, dizzy, burning all over my body, restless legs and no appetite, cannot sleep feel really ill. So I tried to see my doctor this morning but she is away so I have seen a new doctor who has told me that you have to tapper off tramadol by lowering the dosage slowly and that I have had withdrawal symptoms, so I am now back on them and he has told me to lower my dosage by one tablet a day for two weeks and I am seeing him again then to lower dosage again. How can two doctors at the same practice have such different ideas about tramadol. I want to get off tramadol as I now feel it is causing me more pain than I had befor I started. Is anyone else in a similar position. My advice to anyone now thinking about taking this drug is do not.


Subj: Could not kick ultram
Date: 7/10/2010
I was so hooked on painkillers ultram was the worst I was taking 50 a day for 5 yrs. I also was a heroin addict I kicked the heroin on my own but could not kick ultram. I am now on my 6th year of methadone 300mg every day. It all started with ultram.


Subj: Horrible withdrawal symptoms
Date: 7/14/2010
I have been taking Ultram for 5 years for a shoulder problem. I began with only 1 or 2 50mg pills a day and then got up to 8-10 a day. I cannot stop taking the drug because I have horrible withdrawal symptoms that put me out and I need to go to work everyday and do not have the 1-2 weeks I need to get better. I want nothing more to be off this drug for good. I never ever thought I would have an addiction problem and now here I am. I am scared, especially since I have anxiety/panic disorder I cannot go through the increased anxiety that comes with withdrawal. My doctor will not help me. I am afraid I will be out in a few days and I don’t know what to do, b/c I cannot miss work.


AskDocWeb: If you doctor will not help then it may be time to change doctors. Some doctors do not believe a patient’s claims about withdrawal symptoms.

Subj: Grateful for Ultram
Date: 7/16/2010
I started to take Ultram 7 months ago because of hip pain. It covered the pain…4 pills a day. Then after a hip replacement, I developed symptoms of UTI, but it wasn’t one, but identical pain due to cathatar roughness, which necessitated visit to ER. This drug, just two a day and eventually one, split in half, covered all the pain. I am just taking a crumb a day now to withdraw gradually. My only symptom all those months was itchiness, but it sure was better than pain. (nothing else covered it) That symptom is gone now. I am so grateful for this drug.


Subj: How to handle the withdrawal symptoms
Date: 7/17/2010
I have used Ultram for about 2 years now and find myself needing to take more and more of it each day to get the relief I need for my pain from headaches. It’s to the point now I end up running short on what my doctor allows me every 2 weeks. Then I start the withdrawal effects. I am just tired of this and want to get off it but don’t know how to handle the withdrawal symptoms. Is there anything I can take that will help with them besides the Ultram?


AskDocWeb: There are several things that can help with the withdrawal symptoms but you will need to talk to your doctor to find out what might work best for you. Remember that some doctors are not aware of the withdrawal symptoms reported by Ultram users.

Subj: Depression, restless legs, knee pain, fatigue, anxiety rage
Date: 7/19/2010
Hi there I LIVE IN PERTH W.A IM NOW 47, a doctor prescribed me tramadol (ultram) in 2006, for pain relief for undiagnosed spondylitis at the time of hips and low back (sacroilitis). Yes like most people say there is sum pain relief but the wellbeing pick up for 2-3 hrs is great… 1 or 2 50mg on fri /sat nite with a COUPLE OF DRINKS PAIN GONE AND PARTY MOOD HELLOO, i was aware that you could get hooked on pain killers so i would only take tram for 2 or 3 days then stop, but a year or 2 into doing this.. took its toll without me knowing.. i used to feel really down and tired sum days like a big jack daniels hangova.. i thought i was just unlucky and was stricken with sum sort of depresion not related to tramadol, as i had sum other issues to deal with… but the facts were i was withdawing on the days i didnt take tram, my body started crying for it.. you knew though 2/3 days later wen u took it again that it would pick you up and life seemed easy again.. BOTTOM LINE IS I was on this stuff for 3 yrs, not that heavy 3/4 days aweek 2/3 50 mg pills a day, in the last 6/12 mths my use realy started to go up,.. i took 100 and 200 mg slow release tabs and sum 50 mg instant.. THE MORE YOU USE TRAMADOL THE MORE YOU NEED, i stoped tramadol b4 i knew it was so addictive and felt like crawling into a box, YOU CAN HAVE A CRUSHING TYPE DEPRESION, restless legs, knee pain, extreme tiredness, anxiety rage, you go to bed but cant fall asleep, lucky if you get 2 hrs a nite for 3 nites till your so exhausted u fall asleep about the 4th nite.

I rang my doctor to ask, is it the tramadol doing IT to me.. he said there was no discontinuation syndrome, BIG WORDS FOR THE DOCTOR AND VERY UNEDUCATED AND WRONG! EVENTUALLY i found OUT FROM 1 OF THESE SITES ABOUT THE DREADFULL WITHDRAWL effects TRAMADOL/ULTRAM HAS AND how it impacted on my life.. making stupid decisions on the days i wasnt taking it and feeling like sh*t.. and wanting to throw in the towel on projects when your not on it and zooming along all enthusiastic when your on it… i ended up going cold turkey.. not a pleasant 5/6 1st days but then youll improve although if your taking a big dossage i would ween yourself ova weeks then stop.. i eased the pain with a few panadene forte sum nites, and a peace pipe, but dont get stuck on them either iv also stoped forte/codeine now after yrs, no real heavy withdrawl but i think its leaving a dullness after 7/8 yrs of taking them, i hardley take pain killers, i may have 2 tramadol 1 nite a month or fortnite for a relief nite.. but i shiver at the thought of it getting hold of me again…

People that are in real constant pain and need sumthing, i spose theres no choice, its pick your poison. I SYMPATHISE WITH YOU.. iv still got to take damn anti imflamitorys,.. although im having a brake from the lot after 5/6 yrs of doing them, i hope this article can enlighten you to my experience with tramadol, and it seems what i read is true.. it can make you feel like sh*t when you stop it… take care.. iv learnt to live with a bit of pain and aching, what happens in years to come.. WHO KNOWS, TRY AND LIVE FOR PEACE AND HAPPINESS TODAY, AND DEAL WITH 2MOROW WEN IT ARIVES.


Subj: Experience with Ultram
Date: 8/3/2010
My experience with Ultram is entirely different from those reported here. I was initially given Tramadol (50ml) by my dentist after a root canal procedure. I took one and noticed that it also did wonders for minimizing lower back pain, brought about by a very active lifestyle (primarily cycling). I now take and have been taking one 50ml Ultram every day I ride, which is about 5 days a week. I have been doing this for the past two years. During this time I have NEVER wanted or needed to increase the dosage or frequency nor have I had any difficulty on the days I don’t take the pill. For me, this drug has had no side effects and has created no dependency.


Subj: Hooked on Ultram
Date: 8/4/2010
Hi my name is Angela. I have a herniated disk in my spine I am only 26 years old, I have pain every day. I went to the doctor and asked to be put on something none addictive she gave me ultram I take about 2 a day for the last year now. Every time I try to go a day without it I get sick like the flu achy cant sleep I feel like I want to die this is not what I asked for. This medicine should be labeled as a narcotic I do not know what to do at this point. I am in pain and hooked to this drug. I want to have kids one day so I know when I cross that bridge it will be hell getting off this medicine. Dont take this drug!!!!!!!


Subj: Addicted to Ultram
Date: 8/14/2010
So glad I found this site. Where do I start! After becoming addicted to & completely dependant upon Norco for 5 years (for Fibromyalgia) I checked myself into a rehab. It was horrifying. I see a new doctor now who put me on Ultram. I’d heard about it but was given mixed responses from pharmacist’s/dr’s on its addictive potential. I told EACH & EVERY ONE OF THEM that I was severely dependant upon Norco & NEVER WANTED TO GO THRU THAT HELL AGAIN.

Well, here I am now. Pissed off because I AM addicted to it. I take up to 200 mgs. a day but just started cutting it to about 150. It’s only been 3 days & I feel suicidal, numb, achy beyond belief, my HAIR HURTS! Goosebumps, chills, night sweats. Typical w/drawals. I’d LOVE TO KNOW HOW TO CUT THIS DRUG COMPLETELY OUT OF MY LIFE? How do I begin to taper off? Thanks so much for all your stories/advice!


Subj: Ultram is a blessing
Date: 8/20/2010
I have been taking Ultram for almost a year now, and all that I can say is that it is such a blessing for myself and my family. I have had hip pain for 5 long years and the doctors still don’t have a diagnosis for my pain.

Before I started taking Ultram, I was so much pain that there would be days that I did not want to see another day because of the extreme pain that I was experiencing. I tried Tylenol, Aspirin, Motrin, Advil, Naproxen, Aleve if it relieved pain, I tried it except narcotics. I must say that I have been able to function normally once again from taking one pill in the morning and it lasts me all day long!

The worst symptom that I have is that when my period is about to begin, I get a headache and that is easily relieved with an Advil and a large glass of water. I also found that pill works even better when you are well hydrated. I am so grateful to have this pain reliever around. Good Luck to all who are reading this in hopes of finding a good pain reliever and also those who are commenting.


Subj: Tramadol withdrawal
Date: 8/26/2010
I have been on Tramadol for about a month for severe lower back pain. Until then I have been on codiene with aspirn for 8 years. My Dr. thought I should try something new as the aspirin was affecting my stomach. I was suppose to take Two tramadol a day but ended up taking three for the first two weeks. When it came time to refill my prescription they would not until the time period caught up which meant I had to wait five days to fill my prescription.

The withdrawls are unlike anything I have ever gone through. Weakness, body ache, sneezing, headache, sweats, and just plain feeling depressed and ugly. When I was on tramadol, the world was a great place. It did not take my back pain completetly away, but it dulled it enough and made my mood so much better that I felt normal. I suppose if I wanted to live on them for the rest of my life they would be great. I am not ready to throw in the towel of total life addiction at 54, but that is what my life has been since my motorcycle le accident eight years before. It is depressing to have to live on drugs to get by every day, but it is just as depressing not being able to go to any functions and enjoy a simple movie because you can not sit corrcectly any period of time without pain.

I guess my next option will be back surgery, but most doctors seem to think this could make things worse. Caught between a rock and a hard pan. I would suggest that coming off vicodene, or percocet, is much eaiser than what happened to me with Tramadol, but in all fairness, the pharmacy should have contacted my Dr. and let them know what had happened so that I could have weaned myself down, instead of cold turkey. The answer is to wean your self off slowly by cutting back the amount you take until you are taking so little you do not need it. They claim you can go under anesthiesa to remove the withdrawl symptoms also.

Good luck, but be careful when thinking about taking this drug, it is a nightmare to get off. My brain has al ways been stronger than the addictive powers drugs offer, but my brain also is weak to the aggrevation pain causes. In the end, it is pain that causes us to want to stop living, so, be kind to yourself when trying to figure out how to manage with the will to control pain, allowing you to extend your life not wanting to die early trying to control it. Good luck, Ps, I found that taking benedril or something to stop the sneezing and flu symptoms, help dull some of the withdrawl.


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