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Subj: Ultram and Ambien?
Date: 11/28/2010
I have just started to take Ultram because of fibromyalgia pain. I have also been taking Ambien, 1 at night. Is that a no-no?


AskDocWeb: Our database lists a moderately severe possible drug interaction if Ambien is taken while using Ultram. Using these drugs together may synergistically increase the depressant effects on the central nervous system and breathing. Please discuss this with your doctor.

Subj: No withdrawals?
Date: 11/30/2010
I am on ultrams for fractured spine, slipped discs, and neck issues. Well, to make a long story short I cannot stop taking these stupid pills. I told my pain management doc that I can’t stop, and that I am addicted to them. He told me that I was not, and there are no withdrawals. I would like to give him a nice dose for a year and then tell him to stop cold turkey, and take a nap.

The only problem with withdraws for me are-insomnia, restless leg syndrome, and being plain exhausted. I can’t handle the leg issues and the sleep issues. I even took doxopine(sp?) to sleep, and couldn’t, just makes me more tired. I don’t want to be on these. I only have 8 pills left till refill time next week. I cut them in half, but, am afraid that I will still be addicted. I don’t know what to do. I don’t want to be on these things anymore. I have been on oxy’s, hydro’s, and never had a withdrawl symptom. This is like living in a hell of pharmaceuticals.


Subj: Ringing in ears
Date: 12/3/2010
Does ultram cause this ringing in my ears. And if I quit taking it will the ringing stop?


AskDocWeb: It is possible, Ultram is one of the drugs that is known to cause tinnitus. The ringing may fade away once the drug is discontinued although that could take some time. If it doesn’t then you may want to consult with an audiologist.

Subj: Happy with Ultram
Date: 12/8/2010
I’ve been taking Ultram for about 5 months for Fibromyalgia pain. It does an adequate job of relieving the pain. Takes at least an hour to work and doesn’t give long lasting relief. Maybe the slow release would. I also notice that I have alot more energy. Thought it was a coincidence, but I’m learning more as I research that it can help with fatigue symptoms as well. Overall, I’m pretty happy with it and plan to use it for as long as I can.


Subj: Lingering side effects
Date: 12/16/2010
I have been taking ultram for about 4 weeks, 100mg, time release medication for lower back pain. The medications did not help the pain and I decided to stop. For the past several days my back pain has subsided and I feel better but I am having trouble sleeping and some depression. Did not associate the symptoms with withdrawal from the Ultram until I read other reader comments. The doctor has recommended that I take ultram as needed but am concerned about lingering side effects.


Subj: Addicted
Date: 12/20/2010
I have been on Ultram 50 mgs for about 2 years for lower back pain, this is the worst drug to get on. In the past month I have weaned myself to 2-3 a day until I ran out. I’m on day 3 without and I feel like crap. restless legs like allover my body, nauseas, depressed and so on. I’m feeling better as the days pass, but it’s very hard. My advice to you guys is wean off very slowly and when you run out you have to have a strong mind. Good luck!


Subj: Restless Leg Syndrome
Date: 12/24/2010
I have been on Tramadol for two months. Just two pills at night. I cut down to 1 pill a night last week, then went to 1/2 a pill this week. I am now off all together and I have really bad RLS (Restless Leg Syndrome). I haven’t slept in two days. Does anyone know how long I can expect this side effect to linger on?


AskDocWeb: The worst of it passes in the first 3 or 4 days but some symptoms have been reported to last up to two weeks maximum.

Subj: Seizure
Date: 1/20/2011
I took this med. Ultram and it caused me to have a seizure.


Subj: Ultram withdrawal
Date: 1/26/2011
Withdrawal usually only lasts 7 days, if you can make it through the seven days you should be fine, use immodium for diarrhea, usually a doctor can give you compazine for nausea(7 day supply), a muscle relaxer for spasms(7 day supply), something like clonodine-common withdrawal use(7 day supply) and take ibuprofen for pain if not contraindicated, and lorazepam -7 day supply for anxiety/nerves, you should be over the withdrawals by the time your 7 day supply of withdrawal meds are gone


Subj: Ultram while pregnant
Date: 1/28/2011
I am prescribed ultram for my shoulder and take 4 50mg a day. I found out I was pregnant yesterday and IMMEDIATLY stopped taking the medicine. Is there any possibility of harming my baby due to the 2 weeks or so I was still taking it before i knew I was pregnant?


AskDocWeb: Research shows that babies born after repeated use of Ultram are more likely to have seizure disorders and heart problems. Please discuss this with your doctor as he or she will likely want to monitor the baby while you are pregnant.

Subj: Withdrawal symptoms
Date: 2/4/2011
My DR. offered me tramadol for a severe lower back injury after I had tried nearly every type of pain medication on the market. Tramadol seemed like a miracle drug; very little side effects compared to the stuff I was taking and supposedly it was non-addictive. After taking tramadol for 6 months I was up to six 50mg pills a day, the maximum my Dr. would allow. I decided to detox as I usually do with any of the pain medications I have to take regularly.

The first day I stopped there was no problems until about 6 PM that evening. I went through a sweating shivering hell that lasted all night with not a wink of sleep. I had never experienced withdrawal symptoms this intense before or since. I took my 100 mg dose the next morning and I immediately felt better. I talked to my Dr. and he had very little to say other that if I wanted to stop I would need to taper down or wean myself off. Well, I didn’t want to quit taking this miracle medicine but I have never experienced worse withdrawal symptoms from pain medicine and I’ve been through many many painkiller withdrawals. The only thing even close was a cold turkey withdrawal from a 5 year stint of Paxil, an SSRI antidepressant, but still it was much less intense. After going through sleepless hell a few more times I decided to stop taking tramadol. The only thing that worked was weaning myself off slowly, taking 1/4 pill increments whenever my symptoms reoccured.

I found that drinking strong coffee in the morning brought me out of my lethargy and helped me start my day. I drank a lot of water and ate salty foods to keep potassium levels up. I also drank naturally brewed ginger ale for inflammation, it caused more sweating but it was worth it. I found that St. Johns Wort helped reduce my symptoms after I had stopped but I still craved tramadol. I finally had to start taking other prescrition pain medications to stop taking tramadol completely after over 2 months of rigorous weaning. Tramadol appeared to be a non-addictive wonder drug but it ended up being one of the hardest drugs to quit with the worst side effects. My heart goes out to those who are going through tramadol hell. If you are trying to stop, don’t give up. The rewards are worth it.


Date: 2/9/2011
LOST 30 PLUS pounds since taking ULTRAM over 6 months. Consume only 50=100 per day but the weight loss has exceptional. Also sleep better since the pain has been manageable and does not wake me up through the night. AND THIS IS FROM AN ANTI-DRUG PATIENT.


Subj: Highly addictive and hard to stop
Date: 2/27/2011
I would never recommend anyone ever starting this drug (Ultram). Even lower dosage, on an as needed basis. It’s highly addictive and very hard to stop taking. Beware!


Subj: Rash from long-term use of Tramadol?
Date: 3/4/2011
I’m a 67 year old male. I have been taking 200 mg Tramadol for about 8 years now for back pain (2 collapsed discs). I had tried a number of different pain medications, but all had unacceptable side effects. I was prescribe 50 mg. every 6 hours. However, I found that 100 mg. in the morning and again in the evening works best for me. Occasionally I take only 150 mg per day, but if I’m having a real bad pain day I will take 250-300 mg (rarely).

There is no doubt I have some physical dependency on the drug. If I go without for more than 14-16 hrs. I start getting jittery and can’t sleep. I don’t get high at all from my dosage so don’t feel addiction in that sense. I’m okay with having some physical dependency because my pain is very limited and I have had no bad side effects. However, just over a year ago I developed what I thought was eczema on my hand. Docs say it is eczema and photos I’ve seen are exactly what I have.

Now after reviewing side effects again I’m wondering if this condition could be caused by the Tramadol. Has anyone here developed or know of “skin rash” from long term (or shorter) use of Tramadol. If so, what does it look like. I’ve tried all kinds of remedies including steroid topicals with no results.


AskDocWeb: A skin rash is one of the rare side effects that all individuals taking Ultram should watch out for as it can indicate a serious problem. Although rare, developing a rash most often indicates an overdose, which is not something limited to drug abusers. Sometimes people overdose simply because they accidentally take too much. For example, Tramadol makes some people tired. If you were to take your regular dose, fall asleep, and then forget when you took the last dose, you could overdose.
Long-term Tramadol users who develop a rash should report this to a doctor as soon as possible. Your doctor will decide if you need a different dose or if you need a different medication. Also your doctor will know about the best treatments for your skin rash. If that doesn’t work then you may have to consult with a dermatologist. After all, it might be something unrelated to the drug. Read more feedback on Ultram. Ultram report383940Page 41424344Last Page 46

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