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Subj: Hello to all
Date: 11/30/2004
I’ve been taking ultram since 1997, up to 8 pills a day most of those for two disc herniations in my neck. I was taking darvacet, it didn’t work, and Tylenol 4, but it made me itch, than vicodin, but didn’t like it. My Dr. said try Ultram it’s not addictive, I tried it and like it, well really seemed to like not only was pain better, I felt really good, pain was gone, felt happier, and had great mental clarity. Well now the bad, When I started it was only a couple than body needed more and more. When I reached the 8 limit just to feel ok, than at work I sweated, I mean sweated, couldn’t wake up in the morning at all till my ultram kicked in, I had enough. The last straw was when my 2 year old daughter handed me my pill bottle. I’m done with ultram.

I tried to get info on how to quit. My Dr. didn’t seem to want to hear this script was addictive. I called a pharmacy, the pharmacist told me to go down one pill a week till I’m down to one. I started it ok then got tough. Third week when I went down I had sleep issues, restless leg, I was wide awake and felt like a panic attack (I never had one but heard it was like this). I met and got thru to the Dr. Dr. issued me Tylenol 3 twice a day with weaning from ultram, It’s kinda tuff wanting to sleep, waking with bad hangovers, but this Tylenol 3 seems to help. As of today I’m on my second day of one pill a day, I’m making it. I woke up refreshed for first time but when I stood up my eyes couldn’t focus on things, seemed to throb in my head by moving right to left with the throbbing. I know it’s almost over.

Here are problems I’ve had with ultram, Bathroom issues, certain food triggered IBS, I don’t have it with ultram I did. Sweating, My memory was failing at first I felt that I was thinking better, but I became forgetful and couldn’t remember things as fast as I could. Sometimes you would take a ultram just because you didn’t feel right. Please be careful, I thought this pill wasn’t bad when I was on it, I made every excuse to stay on it. I’m living with my pain, being on ultram was a mistake in the long run for me.


Subj: Shocked to find Ultram is addictive
Date: 12/8/2004
I am so shocked to find that his drug is addictive. I have taken it for two months due to a serious injury (lumbar sprain, intense sciatic nerve pain) when I fell on some cement. My doc had prescribed it for a previous condition of scoliosis…2-50mg every 6 hours (4x/day) I didn’t even get the scrip filled then but I did get it filled (one of 3 for 90 tabs) when I had the fall. I want off the stuff now. Has anyone just quit? I had 150mg last night (26 hours ago) and I am ready to quit if I can. Any suggestions most welcome. How long if one just goes cold turkey? I hate the thought of dragging it on. Frankly, it just quit working. I would have to take more and more and I was really noticing the uneven emotions when I wasn’t medicated. Ick. I would rather deal with the pain with tai chi. Thank you,


AskDocWeb: According to all the feedback we have received, it is much easier to taper off gradually than it is to quit cold turkey.

Subj: Give Ultram a wide berth
Date: 12/13/2004
Give this stuff a WIDE, WIDE berth. The way it takes you when you try to stop….there are no adequate words for it. “Hell” doesn’t even get near it. Just don’t go there.


Subj: Help with withdrawal
Date: 12/14/2004
You all are not alone. I was on narcotics for over 2 years. Vicodon and the withdrawals are not fun. Just remember you can do it. All you have to do is hang in for the bad parts and I promise you will make it!!! I wanted to dedicate this out to the person who posted scared…..ask your doctor for diazepan or better known as valium, it will help with the withdrawal symptoms I have tried alot and that is the best that works. Take it like your Dr prescribes and it will help with the symptoms.

Someone who cares

Subj: Ultram and Heart Disease
Date: 12/20/2004
I have fibromyalgia and took Norco for four years. When I became pregnant, I went through horrible withdrawal symptoms and could barely function. After I had the baby, I asked my rheumatologist for something that would help my pain that was non-narcotic. He put me on Ultram and I have been on it for almost a year. When I don’t take it, I do have withdrawal symptoms, but only for a few days, and they are not that severe. I feel I am better off taking the drug, but sometimes worry about the longterm effects. Is there any link between Ultram and Heart Disease?


AskDocWeb: No there is no known connection between Ultram and any heart disease, so you’re okay.

Subj: Ultram is addictive
Date: 12/25/2004
PLEASE! If you’ve never taken Ultram, don’t! I have been taking it for almost 6 years now and I take around 20 to 30 a day! The cost is astounding and I’m about to be evicted out of my house cause I’ve used all my money to buy it. Years ago I was addicted to Vicoden, Tylenol 4, Soma and at one time meth?and the withdrawals from them were nothing like what I’ve experienced with Ultram. It is the worst thing I’ve ever experienced. I have every intention of getting off of it, I’m going to use Suboxtene so I won’t have the terrible withdrawls and then I plan on some type of therapy so I never ever go back to being addicted ever again. I hate myself. Years ago when I first started using I was told by my MD it wasn’t addictive…WRONG! Stay away from it please.


Subj: Ignorant doctor
Date: 12/28/2004
I was on ultram for about 8 months, then I switched primary care doctors, when my script ran out last week, my new doctor said she would NOT prescribe anymore for me. So I was stuck with an awful week of withdrawal, I think I had a seizure, but I can’t remember, I only remember waking up on the floor. I am so upset that she wouldn’t give me one more script so that I could wean off properly. I was on it for my back and then again for a fractured ankle. I can’t believe these people! It’s a dangerous drug to just stop cold-turkey! I wasn’t even abusing it, I was only taking it 1 or 2 every 6 hours, but the W/D is horrible!!! I am just starting to feel a little better about 6 days later. Sheesh! I will NEVER allow another doctor to prescribe that stuff again, so I don’t have to go through this W/D again!!!


AskDocWeb: Unfortunetly, many doctors seem to be unaware of the withdrawal problems of this drug.

Subj: Withdrawal symptoms from Ultram
Date: 1/25/2005
Although ultram works wonderfully. Getting away from it is kind of tough, no energy, bad twitching especially at night, bouts of bad lethargy and depression, started about 1 day after I stopped using it. And lasting for many days. I wouldn’t start taking it.


Subj: Allows me to function
Date: 2/1/2005
I have been taking Ultram daily for back pain for the past year. I had surgery on L5 S1. I realize that I am physically habituated, as I have the symptoms of withdrawl many have described when I have stopped it abruptly. The Ultram in conjunction with a very small daily dose of an SSRI allows me to function at optimum level, not previously known to me. I have weighed the pros and cons, and will continue to take it as long as I can obtain it legally.


Subj: Ultram withdrawals
Date: 2/21/2005
I started taking 1/2 dose of ultram for back pain. It worked and I felt better. The back pain went away but my dependence on ultram did not. I have weaned myself to the point where I have quit cold turkey. It is such a horrible experience. Even with a SMALL dosage there are side effects. I will get through but it will not be fun. Only use pain meds for a few days and quit. There is no quick fix.


Subj: Seizures from Ultram
Date: 11/29/2004
My addiction to these little buggers almost killed me. I took Ultram for back pain for about a year in 2003. It actually was helpful in getting me off the Vicodin that I was on, I had almost zero withdrawals when switching between the two. I had attempted to get off the vicodin before and had serious withdrawal symptoms and decided that I could not kick it. I have a legitimate problem but I wanted to live with them pain rather then be addicted to a medicine. So when Ultram came along I thought it would be a great substitute. Boy was I wrong. The ultram is more addicting than any vicodin product you could ever take. On top of that, I had a seizure – and my doctor said that it was not related to the Ultram but rather to playing a video game that caused my brain to get all messed up with the lights and such flashing around… well, I believed him and a year later I had a second seizure. This time I went to another emergency room and another doctor told me straight up that it was the Ultram that caused it. Needless to say, I have gone back to a very low dose of Vicodin now but take the bare minimum.

Side Note: My sister was addicted to it (Ultram) as well and still has urges for it. She got some after having a kid for the post birth pain because she is allergic to Vicodin. Eventually she got hooked on it and was having to buy it from online doctors but it wasn’t for pain – she took it for “energy”. Evidently to her it had a “speed” type of effect. It took the whole family having an intervention to get her off of it and over a year later she still would give anything to have that buzz one more time. Stay away from it unless you are wanting to get off of Vicodin and if you use it for that then use it for no more then a week or you will be in for worse withdrawals and long time mental problems for years to come. I had two seizures from this crap, stay away from it if you can.

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